I didn’t get a chance to hear Bob Dylan play at the Greek Theater on Saturday night, but you can have some vicarious pleasure by parsing through the live set list.

Did any InBerkeley readers hear the concert and wish to comment?

Update One attendee posted a recording of Gonna Change My Way of Thinking:

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  1. Sunday was a pretty full house – we got side seats where we had an angled view of the stage – could see Bob well when he moved away from the keyboard – enthusiastic audience – very mixed age range – played a good mix of songs and went straight through for one and a half hours without a break. Then a few words before the final 3 numbers. Would have liked him to have said a few words and introduced the band earlier …

    Was nostalgic and a fun evening. The Greek is such a great venue.

  2. The Saturday show was great. We got there an hour early and basically all the general admission seats in the actual theater were gone, except for some at the far edges where it’s hard to see the stage. We opted to sit on the ‘front row’ of the grass and by showtime the grass had filled up almost entirely behind and around us.

    Dylan gave an energetic performance. Personally I don’t enjoy his current recent stuff (Together Through Life) as much as the new stuff that was out when I saw him at the Greek in 02 (Love & Theft) but as you can see the set list spans all eras nicely.

    I was aching for a Christmas song, since Dylan is supposed to have a Christmas album out this holiday season, but no such luck. Also, I wish he’d right something addressing the current political situation but I think he put that sort of stuff behind him about 40 years ago ;->