Berkeley author Ayelet Waldman raised a good question yesterday evening when she, and hundreds of others like her no doubt, was pondering what to have for supper.

“Oy. It’s 5 pm, and I have no idea what to make for dinner. ‘Make.’ Ha. I wish someone would start a soup delivery service,” she tweeted. Followed by “Or you know what? ANY delivery. There’s no delivery in this godforsaken town.”

This got us thinking. Apart from the ubiquitous pizza places, which restaurants do deliver in Berkeley? We know which ones we wish would. I’ve never tried FoodYoYo, which seems to offer delivery from Indian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese restaurants in Berkeley. Any reports?

Berkeleyside would like to compile a handy list. So start sending us your ideas — both of those who do and those you wish did.

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Tracey Taylor

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  1. My recollection is that there have been at least 2 companies that have started and failed at delivering restaurant food in the past 20 years in Berkeley. These were companies that took orders for various restaurants and delivered for a service charge. I used to keep their menus on hand as a reference to see which moderately priced place in wanted to patronize. The menus are now long gone, no longer needed as almost every place has its own website.

    As usual, Calvin Trillin has some insight into this. As I recall from one of his food books, he claims that it is one of the essential differences between the West Coast and the East Coast. On the West Coast take out is the rountine. Of course what he means by the term “East Coast” is Manhattan.

    Although a lot of modest Cantonese restaurants deliver, I can’t think of many other types of food other than “Italian/pizza” that is delivered. For instance not a single Mexican or Central American place delivers.

    When I used to order out for pizza, I did find out that Nino’s Pizza will deliver Brazilian food as well as pizzas. I assume that Nino’s is still around.

  2. Tim: Ayelet didn’t mention — or exclude — pizzas. I did.

    I felt that most people are familiar with their local pizza delivery options, so wanted to focus on other types of restaurants.

    You make a good point about Berkeley’s size, but I think there would be a market for a really good restaurant delivery service.

  3. So, Ayelet, what’s wrong with pizza? Thirty thousand college students (and my two elementary school kids) can’t be wrong.

    Why so few deliveries? I’ll take a stab at it: not enough volume to make it worth while. I have no data, but Berkeley is small enough both geographically and population-wise that there’s no profit in delivery: the commercial foodie establishments are centered on major arteries (Solano, Shattuck, University, etc.) which make it easy to reach by pedestrians, commuters returning home, and favorite spots are no more than a ten minute drive away.