America’s Most Wanted, the Fox show that brings the glare of mass television to the task of tracking down fugitives from justice, will be filming on Allston Way between 9th and 10th Streets today (hat tip: John).

The program is in Berkeley to “recreate” to film an introduction about the gang murder that took place in May this year.

Fox put up signs on the street last Thursday, generating some heated email on the local neighborhood’s listserv. Some local residents object to the filming, and have been in touch Daryl Moore, District 2’s council member. Other residents have entered the debate, arguing that America’s Most Wanted has a strong record of finding criminals and bringing them to justice.

If anyone is at the filming, pass along a comment, photo or video to Berkeleyside.

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  1. Just an update to your America’s Most Wanted post: they are not recreating the crime that happened in May; they are filming Mr. Walsh for an introduction to the segment. There will be a small crew, no action scenes, and they anticipate being in and out of the location within 30 minutes. AMW is working in cooperation with Berkeley PD to help solve this crime and the victims’ families will be on the set during the filming. AMW is a crime victims’ advocacy program and the program’s mission is to solve crimes and bring justice to victims and their families.