Cesar Chavez Park

When I was growing up in Berkeley, Cesar Chavez Park was a landfill. I sometimes forget that this park exists. It is often cold and windy, but always worth the magnificent views. This morning was spectacular — it was bright, clear and warm and there was no wind. The sailboats were almost motionless and the stillness in the air felt reverent  — people seemed to be speaking in lowered voices.  I spend a lot of my time thinking about how Berkeley could be a better place but this brilliant Sunday morning , as I played frisbee with my son in the best gift the city has ever given us, I only felt gratitude.

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  1. When I walk at the waterfront I remember fondly the years I went there to dump construction waste. Unlike the fairly constrained and relatively sterile transfer station, the dump was an exciting place to go with great views, seagulls screaming and bulldozers effortlessly shoving the piles around. We built that park out of our own garbage!

  2. Speaking of Cesar Chavez park, Kimplification on Twitter reported seeing a western burrowing owl there on Friday. She notes that a few regularly winter there in a fenced-off stretch of the shoreline.

  3. My son and I have been going there since he was 2-yo. We started calling it “Kite Park” and the name stuck. It’s the most reliable place to fly kites in the East Bay.

    He’s 4 now and he’s started on a bicycle with training wheels. The flat paved trail around it is just the right length for him to pedal around and the views are spectacular.

    I totally agree. It really is a nice space.