After suspending business today to meet with the city regarding their permit, Cupkates, Berkeley’s mobile cupcakes truck, has just posted the following on its Facebook page (and Twitter):

The City Manager and Mayor’s office assured me that they would spend time with me today to resolve my permit situation. After numerous calls and emails went unanswered, I again went to City Hall to wait. They simply said they were too busy to meet with me, and an armed police officer escorted me out of the building at 5.

Followed by:

I will be operating tomorrow according to my normal schedule and approved city route, and will post updates as they come. Please call the Mayor’s office at 510-981-7102 or email to voice support. Thanks. See you on the streets tomorrow.

Update:  Read Cupkate owner Kate’s update on the current permit dispute here.

Tracey Taylor

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  1. Dear Mayor Bates, et al,

    I am writing to you in regards to the mobile food sales truck CupKates. It has come to my attention that there is a dispute between the City & a small business owner regarding selling food in a legal metered space on the streets of Berkeley.

    As a resident of Berkeley, I, for one, find that in these days of difficult recessionary times it is despicable for any city rep to put one foot, or in this case a strong arm in the way of any SME’s trying to earn a wage & provide a community service. Would it be easier to go to Target down by the tracks and buy a prepackaged tray of cakes, Yes, but does that support both the community at large & the individual business owner, No.

    I have read on their blog that a meeting was supposed to have taken place today with the Deputy City Manager (Christine Daniel), but instead of a meeting the rep from the small business was escorted from the building (due to time constrictions). What I ask you, does this say about the commitment promised to me only one year ago when I had numerous knocks on my door & letters/DM stuffing my mail box, promising a better future for Berkeley, this to me does not send a sound, brighter message.

    Lastly, I would like to mention that I am not affiliated/associated/met with this company, but have infact enjoyed an Oreo cupcake from their (mobile) premises, and suggest that perhaps you should try one too & perhaps @tomBates could even do worse than hiring the CupKate van for the next event, what a good way to support Hyper Local.

    Please support this local company, for the sake of the community.

    Thank You