In addition to the liveblog of the UC Regents meeting, there are a number of good resources for following the student, worker and faculty strike at the University of California campuses, including Berkeley. UC Solidarity provides a good hub for information, UC Strike is a rallying point for petitions and The Daily Cal is doing a strong, full-court press on all of the news.

The major news today was that the Regents approved a 32% hike in undergraduate student fees starting next fall.

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  1. UC Layoffs, Furloughs Budget Cuts: $ 3 Million Extravagant Spending by Yudof/Birgeneau for Consultants – Work Can Be Done Internally.
    Save $3,000,000 for teaching students. Do the work internally with the resources of the UCB Academic Senate Leadership (C. Kutz/ F. Doyle), the world – class UCB faculty and staff, & UCB Chancellor’s stable of blotted staff (G. Breslauer, N. Brostrom, F. Yeary, P. Hoffman etc) & President Yudof.

    President Yudof has a UCB Chancellor that should do the high paid work he is paid for instead of hiring an East Coast consulting firm to do the work of his job. ‘World class’ smart executives like Chancellor Birgeneau need to do the analysis, hard work and make the difficult tough decisions to identify inefficiencies!

    Where do consulting firms like Bain ($3,000,000 consultants) get their recommendations?
    From interviewing the senior management that hired them and will be approving their monthly consultant fees and expense reports. Remember the nationally known auditing firm who said the right things and submitted recommendations that senior management wanted to hear and fooled government oversight agencies and the public? Impartial consultants never bite the hands(Birgeneau/Yeary) that feed them.

    Mr. Birgeneau’s performance management work accountabilities include “inspiring innovation and leading change.” This involves “defining outcomes, energizing others at all levels and ensuring continuing commitment.” Instead of demonstrating his leadership by fulfill the senior management work of his job, Mr. Birgeneau outsourced them. Doesn’t he engage University of California and University of California Berkeley (UCB) people at all levels to help examine the budget and recommend the necessary $150 million trims? Hasn’t he talked to Cornell and the University of North Carolina – which also hired Bain — about best practices and recommendations that might apply to UCB cuts?

    No wonder the faculty, staff and Californians are angry and suspicious. Three million dollars is a high price for students and Californians to pay when a knowledgeable ‘world-class’ UCB Chancellor and his bloated staff are not doing the work of their job.

    A reminder UC/UCB: California is in an economic recession!