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To play or not to play, that is the question. For Jahvid Best, the answer is no for now [NY Times]
Can run, can’t hide. Final suspect in May’s west Berkeley slayings caught [Sacramento Bee]
Lawrence Berkeley Lab helps India leapfrog US in energy efficiency. Something the world truly needs [PhysOrg]
Here’s a surprise. Fox Nation thinks the Berkeley balloon debate is Communist inspired. Or something [Fox Nation]

Photo on a play structure on Hearst from the Berkeleyside Flickr Pool by Erenata

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  1. I’m a weak person. Poor impulse control. I posted this on the Fox Nation site about the balloons (after reading the earlier comments):

    Banning the release of balloons by permits that need a “permit” from the city. You know, this is at the end of a long slippery slope. First, you know, they made it illegal to throw a street or park party and make noise loud enough to rattle the windows in houses 2 blocks away. That was bad enough. Then, they insisted that if you hold a big event and leave behind a few truck loads of garbage, you either clean it up pronto or the City will do it, fine you, and bill you: how totalitarian is that! If you want to have a public event where you sell alcohol, the City requires you to cordon it off and take prudent steps to see that kids aren’t served and that drunk folks get cut off – all part of Berkeley’s socialist war on childhood. Even home ownership in Berkeley isn’t sacrosanct. For example, if you want to pile up a lot of dry wood and oily rags ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY near your neighbor’s house – the People’s Republic of Berkeley thinks its its God given right to force you to desist.

    The movie “Up!” – you know with the house that flies away under balloon power? The house in the animation is based on a real house, right here in Berkeley. Can you believe the irony?

    Perhaps, if we think *that* way, we need a balloon-bagger protest. Lot’s of good Fox Nation types coming to the Berkeley pier with, say, 10,000 uninflated balloons into the bay. Only, wait… that would be disgusting. And equal to about three big permitted events releasing balloons. Hmm….