While Kate, the owner of Cupkates, Berkeley’s popular cupcakes truck, tries to resolve her permit issues with the city, those of you missing the taste of her red velvets and pumpkin flavored treats should know that she is still selling them from the truck (check her Twitter updates for details) and Cupkates are available at Modern Coffee at 13th and Broadway in Oakland.

Be aware, though, that they go fast. On November 10th, according to Modern Coffee’s Twitter feed, they sold out in just over an hour. Those cakes sell like, well like hot cakes. Check their tweets for flavors of the day and when they come in.

Meanwhile — and with no apologies for our frequent mentions of Berkeley’s most vocal but lovable author —  here’s what Ayelet Waldman has to say about the Cupkate permit issue (also on Twitter): “The godforsaken Berkeley City Govt has now taken a brave stance against Cupcakes. Fuck the schools, it’s cupcakes we need to worry about.”

Tracey Taylor

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  1. Cute quote (“brave stance”) but if it really is an issue about selling from a metered space, well, that is a legit issue. Think of it in terms of Kant’s Categorical Imperative: what if everyone did it? (And, yes, yes, “what if everyone went to the same N.Y. deli on the same night and ordered blintzes. There’d be chaos! But it Just Doesn’t Happen.” – Woody Allen).

    I’m not saying a permit revocation is the right response on this occasion. I’m not saying, either, that the threat of such a revocation is the wrong response. I sense a sentiment on Berkeleyside that Cupkates deserves some kind of vindication because, although it’s a food truck, it’s a genteel sort of food truck of which We Approve. Yet, it’s better when the law doesn’t quite work that way and instead concentrates on stuff like “equal justice for all”.