The Daily Cal has really excelled in coverage of campus protests (including video above). The place to go — except their site is crashing because of the demand [Daily Cal]
Junaio allows you to use augmented reality to interact with tomorrow’s Big Game. At least, that’s what they want you to do [Junaio]
The other big game is Berkeley High against San Leandro in the opening round of the NCS Division I championship. Sellout expected tomorrow night at 7 [MaxPreps]
Play opens at Berkeley Rep. Goes on to wow New York. Again [NY Times]

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  1. So, it’s heartening to note that after the arrest of occupiers, the crowd outside has swelled.

    The news has shown *not one single* incidence of violence against persons by the protesters. The only violence against property reported is their attempt to push aside the crowd control barriers.

    Meanwhile, the cops are shown pepper spraying and clubbing with batons. One student (with the mark to show for it) reports being shot with a rubber bullet. Passing news footage on TV just now showed a cop armed (and ready to use) what was either a tear gas or bean bag gun.

    The coming days will tell but I think the Cal administration and UCPD have just dealt themselves some pretty bad cards.