Tilden in the snow

Wildfire hazards in the Berkeley hills? Don’t expect much help from FEMA [Oakland Tribune]
7-1 to send coat hangers. Agit prop from the city council [SFGate.com]
Chalk up another $16 million for LBL in stimulus funding [LBL]
Is there really less free speech today than in 1964? [Berkeley Blog]

[Photo of Tilden in the snow on Monday from EBRPD Public Affairs]

Lance Knobel

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  1. I really am sorry the City Council sent coat hangers. I find it dispiriting. I find it self-aggrandizing. And as a stunt, kind of retro. As a resident, tax-payer, parent of two BUSD students, I can think of a number of items that I’d rather the City Council spend time on. I appreciate Gordon Wozniak’s vote.