Anyone wanting to get their hands on an architecturally distinctive property in Berkeley — and with $3,680,000 in their pockets — is in luck with the recent arrival on the market of this multi-unit complex on Codornices Road.

Designed by Henry Gutterson in 1924, the nine units are across the way from Bernard Maybeck’s Rose Walk. Four two-story duplexes face a garden. A separate cottage with a large deck faces Codornices Road near Rose Garden. Together they were designed as an integrated urban community bordering a public pedestrian path.

Because the buildings are landmarked, property tax relief is available for the buyer who takes them on. The listing is with Berkeley Hills Realty. For details and a photo gallery visit the Rose Walk Complex website.

Henry Gutterson graduated from UC Berkeley’s School of Architecture in 1905 and attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His major projects include houses in St. Francis Woods, San Francisco and the school building for the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Berkeley. He also designed several homes in Berkeley and worked with Bernard Maybeck on the Principia College Library in Illinois.

Tracey Taylor

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  1. Berkeley Buyer: Good point. My research shows that the property changed hands in March 2007. It was sold by UC Berkeley for $2,720,000 and the buyer is listed as Rose Walk LLC. Why they are on the market again — for a considerably higher price, I don’t know. Anyone else have information they can share?

  2. These were on the market a few years ago, when UC Berkeley, which apparently had been using them as (faculty?) housing, sold them. (Or at least that was the story I’ve heard.) And now they are changing hands again? What’s going on?