What’s this about? My Twitter feed has filled in the last few minutes with news that two Cobra AH-1s (not as fully armed as above, I hope) just flew over North Berkeley.

I liked the comment from @woneal:

Two AH-1 Cobra gunships just flew over Berkeley. Shock and awe? Show of force? Us liberal complaining types may want to shut up for a while.

Any reports?

Public domain DoD photo by Staff Sgt Bob Fehringer

Lance Knobel

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  1. They flew over my house heading northwest towards Albany. Then, this morning, a flock of honking geese took the exact same route. Just saying …

  2. I’ll never forget the image of my old Finnish Grandma Naimi standing on the porch of her College Ave. house back in the ’60’s shaking her fist at a National Guard helicopter that had just gassed her. She was yelling “come back here you g** d*** b********! I’ll teach you something!”

    You don’t suppose Ronald Reagan’s come back to haunt us?

  3. I don’t know why the Berkeley blogs get so excited over this kind of thing. We’ve had periodic military aircraft flight routings over Berkeley for a very long time. It’s a common event. I think the jets are cooler and more interesting than the helicopters but we get both. The Bay Area is a very crowded and tightly controlled airspace. There’s some corridor over Berkeley through which they regularly get routed.

    Unscientifically, I think you *can* note some increase during major deployments elsewhere but I couldn’t prove it. It’s just when big deployments happen I think I’ve seen some larger “cargo” type military craft that I don’t usually see.

    My favorite personal “wow” was the day I heard this very quiet but persistent kind of “zhzhzhzhzhzh” sound and had trouble placing the direction it was coming from until I looked directly overhead and saw the B-2 stealth bomber at noticeably lower altitude than, say, your typical traffic chopper or police chopper. (Admittedly, that was around Fleet Week so I shouldn’t have been so surprised.)

    Another one we sometimes get in SW-berkeley are med-evac choppers making a beeline for a hospital in Oakland.

  4. My son and I heard them, sitting in our car on Shattuck at Rose, and they were really loud. They were heading east toward Tilden …