After yesterday’s storm over the agenda for tonight’s school board meeting, which did not include a compromise proposal on the Berkeley High science/equity controversy, it looks like wiser heads are going to prevail. According to school district spokesperson Mark Coplan, an amended board packet is being issued, which will incorporate Superintendent Bill Huyett’s compromise plan.

As soon as Berkeleyside gets the new plan, which Coplan said expands on the brief description provided to the board last week, we’ll publish the details.

Coplan also said it was “highly unlikely” that tonight’s meeting would be postponed, as one newspaper report suggested. There is room for 175 in the board chambers, and Coplan said they had never exceeded capacity in the past. He did say, however, that Huyett is committed to allowing everyone who wants to hear the discussion to have a fair chance, so that if numbers do exceed capacity it will be moved to a later date.

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  1. RE: “According to school district spokesperson Mark Coplan, an amended board packet is being issued, which will incorporate Superintendent Bill Huyett’s compromise plan.”
    It is days later.
    This never happened.
    The faulty document filed by the school is still in the packet along with its 3-page introduction quoting Karl Marx, and SGC people say this part of the document was never even voted on.
    All of the staff recommendations are still in the packet.
    Everybody should take a good look this part. It all smells fishy.

  2. Ms. Menard, what specific statement do you think Coplan has retracted? His latter statement seems to reaffirm the earlier statement, adding only his sense of expectation that exceeding the 175 person capacity is unlikely.

    Also, what provision of the Brown Act to you claim is being violated here since, as far as I can tell, none is.

    Specifically, § 54957.5 seems to be the most applicable and states in part:

    “(b)(1)If a writing that is a public record under subdivision (a), and that relates to an agenda item for an open session of a regular meeting of the legislative body of a local agency, is distributed less than 72 hours prior to that meeting, the writing shall be made available for public inspection pursuant to paragraph (2) at the time the writing is distributed to all, or a majority of all, of the members of the body.”


    “(2) A local agency shall make any writing described in paragraph (1) available for public inspection at a public office or location that the agency shall designate for this purpose. Each local agency shall list the address of this office or location on the agendas for all meetings of the legislative body of that agency. The local agency also may post the writing on the local agency’s Internet Web site in a position and manner that makes it clear that the writing relates to an agenda item for an upcoming meeting.”

  3. PIO Coplan first releasing a story to Tribune reporter Oakley and then retracts it. Not only does the BHS admin have trouble following the Brown Act produces agendas publicly in the required time frame, but BUSD is catching the pathogen.

    Enough process pathology, provide educational oversight of curriculum and instruction and at least pretend the educational code exist.