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  1. I have good reasons for not trusting or respecting Slemp, he is two faced and does really care about teens safety or education.

    Of course I meant Doesn’t care…….

  2. Thomas,

    That’s an understatement. You’re beginning to get an idea. Remember my earlier post referencing “rhetorical comments out of context to the cultural and climate of BHS” . Even parents of kids attending BHS, most are CLUELESS since they rarely go on campus or check out party environments. Plenty are totally cool smoking pot with their teens. Others believe they are somehow special and immune to anything “bad” happening to them.

    I have used facebook and myspace many times to locate evidence and identify teens involved in crimes for friends. It is not uncommon for kids to sell stuff they stole on social networks or brag about “banking on someone’s shit” (beatdowns) .

    I was surprised to read the posts about French getting fired. It is unusual for Slemp’s administration to do anything about professional misconduct. Check out the comments from kids who celebrate and love their “wonderful” AP History teacher famous for removing his pants in class, talking about blowing air out of his ass, brags about owning a Greek island and jokes about drugs and sex. Those comments on the kids facebook are not exaggerations, some of the posters are teachers, the comments reflect every day Berkeley High occurrences.

    BayLife videos (check youtube) offer a laugh at the absurdities but the reality is not funny. Which is why my kid and his friends participated in the Express expose about out of control parties, we knew students knew who was responsible for killing Juan Ramos, and supported his grieving family and friends. Turns out lots of kids knew Williams was guilty of murdering Juan Ramos yet remained silent and even spread the news amongst their peers, they attended classes, smoked blunts in the park, got stupid partying and “walked the stage”( graduation) as witnesses to murder.

    Following this horrific event, both the Albany and El Cerrito principals invited Slemp to co-sponsor a parent/community event to discuss party issues, Slemp could not be bothered. I have good reasons for not trusting or respecting Slemp, he is two faced and does really care about teens safety or education.

    Here one of news brief:
    On Friday, February 10, 2006 around 11:30 p.m., Ramos who was 18 years old at the time was stabbed at a house party at a private home on the 700 block of Contra Costa Avenue in North Berkeley. Three other partygoers were also stabbed, but all survived their wounds. Until recently, the case remained open and no substantive leads or new witnesses had emerged that could secure an arrest in the case. The crime haunted the Ramos family and had frustrated detectives.

    Soon after the 2006 death, BPD detectives interviewed dozens of students from Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito High Schools in attempts to gather information for the investigation. Detectives were alerted to MySpace chatter soon after the crime that encouraged partygoers not to talk to police regarding the case. In the weeks following the crime, BPD personnel continued to encourage witnesses and their parents to come forward.

    Recently, detectives began reaching out again to witnesses and requested to re-interview them. Although the witnesses were still resistant, detectives were able to gain enough cooperation, which led to Johnson being named as the suspect.