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Tracey Taylor

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  1. I said “happy spring” to my 75-year-old neighbor and California native this weekend, and he severely upbraided me. “It’s *not* spring until the rain stops falling. Then, it’s spring.” I said, but my daffodils are coming up, the cherry trees are blossoming, etc. And he said, “It’s not spring.”

    Made me feel like the transplant I am.

  2. We bought our house in 1980 because a Magnolia campbellii was blooming next door on Valentine’s Day. The deciduous Magnolias–the denudatas, campbelliis soulangeanas–usually bloom coincident with cherries and plums in the Bay Area.

  3. Actually, blooming cherry trees are the official harbinger of springtime in Berkeley (exactly when the snows are piled deepest on our unfortunate eastern and midwestern fellow-citizens). Mid-Feb magnolias look more like a harbinger of global warming.

    But of course — as the climate scientists keep telling us — climate is not the same thing as weather. So we may just randomly be experiencing about our tenth early-spring-weather year in a row.