While stand-alone DVD stores are having a difficult time in this economy (Videots on College just closed, and rumors are that Blockbuster is struggling), there is a new contender in town: RedBox DVD kiosks.

The 7-Eleven corporation has installed these stand-alone kiosks in its stores on College and Russell, on Telegraph near Parker, on University Avenue, and in other stores in the East Bay. Patrons can rent a movie for just $1 a night.

There are 20,000 Redbox kiosks around the country and they focus on popular new releases. You can rent a movie in one location and return it to another. You can also reserve a movie in advance. The most popular movies this week include Precious, The Time Traveler’s Wife, 2012, The Box, and Up in the Air.

Frances Dinkelspiel

Frances Dinkelspiel (co-founder) is a journalist and author. Her first book, Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California,...

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  1. It was too good to be true. Movies within 3 blocks, and only $1. At least I got to enjoy a handful of rentals before they vanished.

  2. Yeah, they’re great! Too bad all of the kiosks disappeared in Berkeley. No answer from Redbox why they were pulled out of (ONLY) Berkeley or if they will be back.