Last night’s Berkeley High Live went off with a bang. Auctioneer extraordinaire Steve Haworth Chris Ragalia from Berkeley Honda (pictured above) — which also hosted the event  — did a masterful job of running the Live Auction, music was provided by the Berkeley High School Jazz Combo, and KTVU Channel 2 reporter John Sasaki made a fine compere.

As one would expect for a Berkeley party, the food and drink was top-notch — donated by a slew of local restaurants and food companies including Bette’s Oceanview, Chaat Cafe, Kermit Lynch Wines, Peet’s Coffee, Sweet Adeline Bakery and Acme Bread.

The highest selling auction item was a one-week stay in a Loire Valley home which went for $2,400. It was followed by  a seven-night stay in a Paris apartment, close to the the Eiffel Tower, which was won with a $2,000 bid, and a one-week vacation in a luxury villa in Bali which went for $1,900.

The school sold 355 tickets for the event and is hoping to net as much as, or more, than it did last year, which was about $40,000. The grand total, which will principally go towards the school’s Development Group and the Athletic Fund, was still being tallied up as we “went to press”.

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  1. Hi,

    No personal criticism intended, just a comment asking where alums in the area would learn of things like this. Sounds like there was a lot of ‘real world’ info that I missed.

    By ‘registered on the BUSD website’ I meant this: I frankly have no idea what that link does – I subscribed a while ago but as far as I can tell haven’t gotten any information or contacts out of out of it.

    A few questions…
    What’s the BHS etree?
    I’m connected as a ‘fan’ of BHS on Facebook (!/BerkeleyHigh?ref=ts) – could I suggest using that?

  2. Dear Hyperlexic,

    This was the third BHS Live! – a fundraising event held at Berkeley Honda, open to the entire Berkeley community. We had flyers placed all over the city, ads in the Berkeley Planet, the BHS Jacket, and had hundreds of postings on the BHS etree. I’m not sure what being “registered on the BUSD website” means, but we tried our best to get the word out as best we could. We had an amazing outreach/PR chair and we sold 350 tickets prior to the event. We hope that this becomes an annual event. All I can suggest is that you watch out for publicity about this beginning next fall. My guess is that it will be in March sometime. We hope you can come next year!

  3. I’m curious – how does one get alerted to this ahead of time? I’m a BHS grad, registered on the BUSD web site… and I get no notice. Does it only go to parents?

  4. Oh my goodness visitor1, did you not get the part about this being a fundraiser? Have a potluck picnic so that everyone can join in. Besides the space is very limited, I think they can only sell 355 tickets because of fire department guidelines.
    No, not everyone can afford to go to Paris or Bali. Someone within the community of BH donated a week at their apt/condo to raise money for ALL the kids at the school. And someone else ‘bought’ it to raise money for ALL the kids at the school. Let’s look at how kind and generous that is rather than the fact that not everyone can afford to visit such places. Not everyone can join the Claremont Tennis Club, fly first class or eat every night at Chez Panisse. Do you go there and complain to those places that they exclude some members of the community? Who exactly told you that life is fair?

    These items raise money for ALL the kids at Berkeley High. I attended this event and must say that the price of $25. seemed really inexpensive for the amount of fine food and wine that was
    provided. You can’t even go out for dinner for less than that amount. I saw so many people working really hard to make the event run smoothly. They need to be applauded and congratulated on a job well done. We will definitely attend again next year and now that we know what a grand event it is, we will purchase the more expensive tickets. My husband I feel that the organizers really under cut the value of the event. We are Berkeley residents without children but several of our friends have kids at the school. We are so glad they told us about it!

  5. Tickets to the event were $25.00, $50.00 or $75.00. The group thinks long and hard about things like that. Silent auction items ranged from $10.00 and up with may items at the low range. The BHS Development Group exists to help serve the teachers and students and their programs at the high school. Thank goodness for the people in our community who do bid on the higher price items, we really need their generosity. We also appreciate the support of those who do not have extra to give but volunteer to help at the event or just come to have great food and enjoy good company.
    We welcome you to come to next years event and see for yourself!
    Sincerely, BHS Development Group Board Member.

  6. This fundraiser really concerns me as I think it does not include everyone who may have a child at Berkeley HIgh School. How much did the tickets cost? The idea of spending $1900 for a luxury villa
    in Bali is so out of reach for so many Berkeley families. I am not convinced that the selling of 355 tickets is truly representative of the Berkeley community. I strongly support fundraisers that are inclusive of everyone who wants to participate! Come on – $2000 for a week in Paris! How do I get there and how do I feed myself. Berkeley can do better!