One person has been arrested following a fight which broke out on the Berkeley High campus on Monday this week.

The “juvenile female”  who has been arrested is a student at Berkeley Tech, according to Berkeley Police Department officer Jamie Perkins, who added that a female Berkeley High student is also being regarded as a suspect in the incident. The fight, which involved about six young women, according to Perkins, broke out at 12.42 pm,  and one school safety officer sustained a minor cut to his lip when he and some colleagues intervened.

The Berkeley police officer assigned to Berkeley High was not on campus that day.

Tracey Taylor

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  1. To meet the city council directive reducing crime by 10% BUSD and the city need to FINALLY implement truancy abatement practices. The data will prove as it does if every single city that the surest way to reduce crime is by addressing truancy. Oakland does truancy sweeps whenever the data shows a daytime pattern for assaults, robberies and break-ins.

    The Berkeley Alliance 2020 plan a.k.a. Myopic Vision does not have a truancy plan, yet that was the NO 1 priority recommended by every cop interviewed during the 2020 planning process.

    Back in 2001 I brought forward several national models for prevention/ intervention of truancy with the support of former Mayor Dean. When Bates was elected in 2002 the first thing he said to me was” you don’t need to attend any more meeting because now that I am Mayor Loni and I will take care of truancy within the the East Bay Public Safety Corridor process”.

    Well Mayor Bates, where is the truancy program?
    As you supposedly realize the other cities in the EBPSCP that did implement standard truancy practices do so without a lot of drama, money or fancy programs. Remember all it requires here in Berkeley is to allow police officers to request an ID from a kid suspected of being truant and transport them back to the school based counseling center.

    As for BUSD since it is a small district we do not need a specialized center to process truants. Just take them back to campus and if the Supt would supervise site administrators and hold them accountable for doing their primary duty and just follow the ed code and PLEASE contact us parents immediately. Parents are the last to know their kids are truant, and often it is too late to save our kids’ education.