Coming a little late to the party, CBS’s “Inside Edition” is broadcasting a segment on rowdy goings-on on Berkeley’s frat row, and the decision by neighbor Paul Ghysels to file a class action lawsuit against all 35 fraternities near the campus.

This story broke in January. The “Inside Edition” piece, voiced by a reporter who seems to feel the need to shout, includes footage taken from video surveillance cameras installed by Ghysels, as well as an interview with him in which he says his neighborhood is under siege and he is worried for his family’s safety.

Jim Ewbank, attorney for the 35 fraternities on campus, says the lawsuit is without merit: “We tend to see those sensational incidents, which nobody condones by the way, as isolated and not a pattern of behavior.”

More on the story here.

Tracey Taylor

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  1. John did you got to Berkeley? I did and the frats were an issue even back then in 1976. By the way did you know that the house Paul owns has been in the family for many decades first with his mother? Did you also know there were no frats in that upper area of Durant Ave. then or in 1966, 1976, 1986 or in 1996? So he wasn’t nestled in whatsoever. That area had very nice houses and now frats have decided to expand into that area. UC Berkeley needs to deal with this issue and if needed eliminate them as not only are they immature but the area attracts some of the worse elements from the surrounding areas who aren’t students. As for me I no longer donate money to the school as long as they try to cover up the situation and make sure the police write up no incidence reports after being called out.

  2. Really John? Really? So because the frats are old this guys should have to have blood urine and vomit on his property? Because that’s just normal for college? Because the venerable frats may have existed before he got there it’s OK that drunk party party boys kicked in a door? Really? So if you buy a house up there you should just expect this kind of moronic behavior? Really? Because getting too drunk to walk and needing paramedics is an “integral part of the university” right?

    Does it change things for you that the implication is that his family has been in that house for more than 100 years? I mean, most people still use “turn of the century” to mean the transition between the 1800s and the 1900s. Sure, it’s possible he’s only been there ten years but even so you’re saying he should put with kids acting like morons just because the frats are old. Really?

  3. The berkeley fraternities have been around since before any of these guys and probably their parents were even alive. To claim now that they are out of control is simply ridiculous. The fraternities have been and continue to be a integral part of the university. When this guy moved in to his house nestled right in the middle of frat row what did he honestly think it was going to be like. If he didn’t want to live in an area of high college traffic and parties he shouldn’t have moved there in the first place.

  4. Where did they get that announcer, off the Simpson’s?

    Paul Ghysel is a hero to stand up to these neighbors and bring a lawsuit. I think we should all join the Ghysels and document the ongoing problems on frat row whenever we happen to be there. I drive by there almost every day, and even I have a bunch of pictures of the aftermath of some of these parties. It really is disgusting.

    Animal House was a funny movie, but I wouldn’t want to be a neighbor to any of these frat rats.

  5. The “shouting reporter” seems to be emulating the stereotypical voice of old-timey newsreel reporting.

    Also, as for the behavior being “isolated” and “not a pattern” – that’s a claim that doesn’t age will with time 🙂