Eric Mai works in the Great Western building on Shattuck Avenue downtown and sent in this photograph of the “reveal” of the new Arpeggio building at 2055 Center Street.

He writes: “I have been enjoying watching the ugly black construction tarp and scaffolding on the south side of the Arpeggio building come down yesterday and today. Exciting times for the tallest building built in Berkeley in 40 years!”

The Argeggio, which will open imminently, is a mixed-use development of one- and two-bedroom condominiums and multi-story penthouses, along with retail space, which rises to nine stories. It is the tallest structure to be built in Berkeley for many years due to the 1990 Berkeley Downtown Plan which put limits on permitted building heights.

Tracey Taylor

Tracey Taylor is co-founder of Berkeleyside and co-founder and editorial director of Cityside, the nonprofit parent to Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside. Before launching Berkeleyside, Tracey wrote for...

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  1. The delay in construction was caused by the original bank being taken over by the FDIC. The new bank imposed new rules and slowed down funding. Construction never stopped although it did slow down. Certain other local papers pulished erroneous reports after not doing their homework. As I understand (from actually talking to people on site) the completion is scheduled for June. The Berkeley Rep spaces have plans in for approval to the permit center. No mention was made of that in the Chronicle article on the BRT either.

  2. ??? I thought construction was halted because workers walked off after not getting paid. And the building was begun under the 1990 Downtown Plan.