Berkeleysider Tom Purcell used the Berkeleyside iPhone app to send us these photos of Grizzly Peak this morning. Anyone else have reports about the snow in Berkeley’s higher reaches?

Update And more from Stephen Kaus:

Update: And another shot, courtesy of Scott Adams, taken this afternoon in the Berkeley hills:

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  1. Any idea if they close down Wildcat Canyon or Grizzly Peak when they get snow up there? I’m wondering because I am supposed to lead a group of motorcycles up there Saturday morning following morning snow showers.

  2. *** It made my day when it snowed in Berkeley less than a mile from home. But then I saw snowcapped Mt. Tam and snowy Marin Headlands near the Golden Gate. Now that’s enough nirvana for one day. ***

  3. ANyone know if Tilden Park The little farm and steam train is open for tomorrow? Heard the road was closed today!

  4. Berkeley snow gets an A for effort, but let’s be honest, anyone who has actually seen snow will look at these pictures and see a heavy duty frost.