With the recent heavy rains, Berkeley’s creeks are running high. Berkeleysider Andy Fremder sent in these shots of the Vicente Creek which runs through his yard in the Claremont neighborhood.

Tracey Taylor

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  1. The previous owners of my property in the vicinity of North Berkeley BART had the foresight to install a pipe drainage system of some sort that’s connected to a small well in our back yard with a sump pump in it. I don’t know the make or model of the sump pump, but it’s been working like a champ with all the rain we’ve had recently.

    It seems like a lot of the houses in this area have sump pumps. The ground around here seems to have a tough time absorbing even a light rain, let alone the torrents we’ve had lately. I wonder if my neighborhood was built over an underground stream or natural spring.

  2. Having spent hours in the company of a plumber, both Saturday and Sunday nights, pumping out water after a sump pump failed and went unnoticed and replacing BOTH basements sumps, I wonder how many sump pumps are alive and well (and functioning) in Berkeley basements? Down here, in Potter Creek, most neighbors depend on them to keep the water table in check. Or, a little in check.

    It was very difficult to find a plumber Saturday night as so many were out in the field. And yesterday while driving a very short distance, I spotted 3 plumbing trucks on nearby streets.

    (Advice from plumber: look where the sump was made. Never buy one made in China he notes. My new sparkling Italian sumps are guaranteed for 5 years. Let me write that down!)