Fito, who was killed in Berkeley in September 2010.

Six months ago, on Sept. 12, 2010, 35-year-old Adolfo Ignacio Celedón Bravo and his fiancée, Amber Nelson, were walking home from a party when they were ambushed and robbed near Ashby BART. Two assailants shot and killed Celedón.

The randomness of the murder shocked the Berkeley community and the crime is still unsolved.

To mark the six-month anniversary of his death, and to honor the Chilean native, who was known as Fito to his family and friends, Nelson is organizing an all-day block party in Berkeley. It’s the way Fito would have appreciated being remembered, Nelson writes in information she has circulated about the event.

“We will be performing and making art, playing music, and raising awareness of the amazing person Fito was. We also want to remind the community that the horrific murderers who took him away from us are still not charged. Unfortunately finding justice will never bring him back or revoke the pain we feel, but it is the only method we have for making peace with such an inexplicable crime,” Amber writes.

Also at the event will be Fito’s sister, Alejandra Celedón, who has come from Chile to attend. The murder received much media attention in Celedón’s home country.

The event will take place all day on March 12 at Emerson and Adeline across the street from the Ashby BART and Flea Market. There will musical performances and a media conference at 2pm. For more information on Fito and the event visit Craigslist or the Viva Fito website.

The City of Berkeley is offering a $15,000 reward, and Bay Area Crime Stoppers (BACS) is offering an additional $2,000 reward, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects responsible for the homicide. The Berkeley Police Department is urging anyone with information about the case to get in touch.

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  1. This saddens me. In fact, it could have also happened to my husband and me. Some five years ago, a little after eight p.m., my husband and I were robbed at knifepoint on Otis Street by three youths. Fortunately, they didn’t take our car keys. They got our $40 and my cell. As we were driving down Martin Luther King, I spotted a police car, and I screamed bloody murder. The officer got on the phone and reported it. Drug taskforce was on Ashby, and they saw the kids at a gas station and apprehended them.

    One from each race. Two went to private schools. One was the child of psychologists. At my request, we went to mediation with him and his parents. I asked him what would have happened had we not cooperated. He said his friends would have knifed us without thinking twice. He said he wanted to see what it was like to rob people. The mediation was mostly useless–he sat their and blamed his father.

    I do think there needs to be better lighting on the sidestreets. Otis is very dark. But the solutions have to go beyond police presence. Too many people today simply lack conscience.

    As a result of the court process, the youths received strikes that would terminate at age 21 if they stayed out of trouble. One of the kids, who had a sizable record and inadequate parental supervision, went to the ranch.

    The Berkeley police were great. They treated us with respect. At court, I asked what could be done. One officer said that kids now have weapons, and if they arrest one group, there’s another one to take their place.

    My heart goes out to Fito’s family and friends.

  2. @xyz: How ’bout beat cops? Seriously, a decently patrolled area could do wonders. Hiring moe cops is cheaper than cameras, less intimidating, and creates jobs.

    This is the one of the most terrible stories of 2010.
    I cannot believe justice has not been served and his killers are still at large.

  3. And how about some more surveillance cameras? Oh no, that might be considered unlawful racial profiling. Can’t do that now can we.

    Berkeley: were you can get away with anything..even murder.

  4. My condolences to Fito’s friends and loved ones who feel his loss.

    There have been 6-8 armed robberies or attempts in recent months near Ashby BART station. A neighbor just had his jaw broken in a robbery attempt. I hope Berkeley will use funds from the special Street Light Assessment on our property tax bills to get some brighter bulbs or more lighting along the Ashby BART corridor to protect the residents.

    What will it take?