Berkeleyside reader Steven Winter, aka Dr Speed, sent in this fabulous photo taken this morning at 9:38am in Emeryville, which shows evidence of the tsunami triggered by yesterday’s earthquake in Japan. Not quite in Berkeley, but close.

Update, 3 p.m.: And, below, another photo, taken from a slightly different angle, of that tsunami sent in by Nick Kordesch (who thinks he must work in the same building as Steven Winter!):

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  1. I haven’t been to The City in some time. What is that tall building south of Market that looks to be close to the on ramp of the Bay Bridge?

  2. Here’s a video image of the tsunami wave as it spreads throughout the Pacific Ocean, and to the Bay Area:

    This article from US Geological Survey in 2004 is still relevant. What are the chances of a tsunami in the US?

    CALIFORNIA: The last tsunami from a local offshore earthquake was in 1700, with waves hitting as far as northern Japan. That fault has been relatively quiet since. The biggest oceanic earthquake for California was in 1992, with a tsunami impacting Humboldt County, including Crescent City – but that fault erupts on average only every 500 years.

    Besides this week, the worst “teletsunami” (from Pacific rim) in California was in 1964. Though it pales in comparison to the devastation and horror of Japan, here’s a vivid account of those caught in the 1964 tsunami in Crescent City (yes, the same Crescent City were tsunami gawkers were swept to sea a few days ago, with one perishing.)

    (Moral: don’t move to Crescent City?)

  3. I think the positiveness of this post is ridiculous, also words like “evidence”, as if you have to doubt that their is a tsunami in Japan. It’s very inconsiderate considering the lives lost and damage caused in Japan. Not even a mention of condolences to anyone in Japan or affected by the Tsunami/Earthquake.

  4. One of my neighbors from a former Russian Republic told me today that Berkeley could easily take “bold and firm steps” to protect the City by passing a formal ordinance to make it an official Tsunami Free Zone as a first step in the formal or extended process of converting the entire city into an Earthquake Free City. I believe it wise as well as prudent that such a process be implemented as soon as possible in light of all of this continued geological activity. It’s time to be proactive with all of this.

  5. How do we know if this picture is real or fake? Are there any other similar pictures from different sources?

  6. That is a wonderful picture. It’s an eerie sight with no boats in the bay and an otherwise pleasantly sunny day.

  7. This is truly an amazing picture. Forces of nature in contrast to modernization of the world. It is amazing how something so far away can affect the entire world. My heart is filled with concern for all of Japan and the entire world as we will all feel the effects of this disaster for a long time.

  8. Grief! I was wondering about the possibility of this tsunami actually circling the entire planet as the lager ones do. Some will actually break off part/s of the Antarctic ice shelf. I have alwasy had this possible faux sense of security regarding any incoming Pacific tsunami as as per it’s limited coastal ingress under the GGB. Apparently they *do* creep in under the bridge! In light of all of the Pacific Rim earthquake activity in the last 12 months I would hope that the Berkeleyside paper would have a special section for all of us to go to for all of the best in prepartion before the next quake. Btw. this quake was not felt in Iceland, however the volcano is still…….well…..being difficult and unpredictable: You can view it here along with other interesting sites of the island:

  9. Wow. Impressive capture. Much easier to appreciate nature in its beauty and rarity when not faced with the destruction.

  10. yeah, I saw this weird wavefront this morning while running in e’ville. didn’t know what it was…wow.