The Berkeley Police Department reports that a second gun has been found on the Berkeley High School campus today, following an earlier incident which involved a gun being fired through the wall of a portable classroom.

According to BPD spokesperson Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, a student shared information with authorities regarding another student who they thought might have a gun. A BPD School Resource Officer and safety officers pulled the suspected student out of class and indeed he was in possession of a firearm.

Details are sketchy at present. We will provide updates on this story as we get them.

Update, 12:58: The student who was found to have a gun was carrying it in his backpack. He is 15 years old and has been taken to the Berkeley Police Department where he is being charged, according to Sgt. Kusmiss of the BPD. The charge will probably be “possession of a firearm on school property” which is a felony. The student will be taken to Juvenile Hall. The two students involved in the earlier incident in which a gun was fired, were 15 and 16, and both were enrolled at BHS. They too will be charged and taken to Juvenile Hall.

Update, 13.06: This marks the fourth incident of a gun on the BHS campus this year. The first happened on January 10 when a student reported the suspect to the authorities; and on February 4 a student was seen near the campus attempting to conceal a firearm and was arrested.

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  1. No, there is no gang warfare. I suggest you turn off the news and take a walk around your community for once.

  2. @Porcelina Grout Don’t let your prejudices mindfuck you. guess what, the kid that started all of those fires was white. Ive met him, hes fucking insane.

  3. BHS student here. All of you retarded ass parent live in fucking LALALand. Do you really think its uncommon for guns to be brought to public school? I can guarantee to you that on any given day there are at least 10 students with guns. And did you ever stop to think about WHY they have guns? It’s because they live in the shittiest parts of Oakland and Richmond, and they feel the NEED to have a gun to be SAFE. Not everyone has the LUXURY of living in practically crime free neighborhoods. It’s easy to sit on your moral high horse (more like high house, given the elevation difference related to the difference in income), and say that guns at school are unacceptable and everyone with a weapon at school should be kicked out. But if you live in a neighborhood where you see dead bodies lying on the street, EVER, you just might feel the need to protect yourself, especially if you know no one else can provide protection for you. (NEWSFLASH: cops in shitty neighborhoods don’t adequate protect its residents). And there are also students who have guns because they sell drugs. Your thinking: “DRUG DEELERS WITH GUNS AT MY CHILDS SCHOOL!!!! GRRRRR!!! EVIL CHILDREN!!!! WE NEED MORE PRISONS!!!!”. But have you ever asked yourself WHY students sell drugs, do you think its some kind of fucking past time? People sell drugs because they NEED money, not every students parents are employed or live on a salary that affords them fresh produce and gourmet meals. SOME MOTHERFUCKERS ARE POOR AS SHIT! don’t fucking forget that. How is a student supposed to make money, other then sell drugs at that age. Get a job? One of the ONLY ways for youth that go to BHS to get a job is through youthworks, and to be eligible for that you have to reside in Berkeley and be over 16 years old. So what do kids do to get money to LIVE, that are poor and live in dangerous neighborhood outside of Berkeley, they sell drugs, and if you sell drugs and live in a fucked up place, a gun is pretty much required, unless you want to get shot or robbed. So if reality disturbs you, fine, take your kid to private school, and let them think they can avoid social problems by isolating themselves in homogeneous communities, its what your kind, the wealthy and apathetic, have been doing for centuries.

  4. Good lord. Add metal detectors. Why such an anemic response? Add the BHS safety person notifies someone at BHS of this, not the police? Whaaaaaaaaaa? That’s crazy, bureaucratic pass-the-buck stuff. Why even have safety officers there if they cannot do anything remotely useful or effective?

  5. Is there a reason a school the size of BHS, with as many gun incidents as it has had, does not have metal detectors? Living is the most basic human right, and to lose that to some two-bit punk out for a joy ride with a gun would be a shame.

  6. Is the third time a charm?????? GET REAL BHS!! How much longer are you betting on your LUCK?????

  7. This is very disturbing. Four incidents in three months. Even in the bad old days of 1998-2001 at BHS with all the fires I did not fear that my child might be shot while at school. Are these incidents related at all? Is there some sort of gang warfare going on?

  8. Berkeleyside writes : This marks the fourth incident of a gun on the BHS campus this year.

    I think it fair to state “the fourth reported incident” there are other incidents of gun on campus that are not reported, I put $$$$ on it.

  9. Man, you guys should change the name of this blog to “BerkeleyHighGunSide”!

    It seems like every other article is about guns about Berkeley High now! Not a complaint, just a sad observation about guns at Berkeley High.