Tony Taccone, Artistic Director of the Berkeley Rep

Tony Taccone, the artistic director of Berkeley Rep, has just been outed as a sex symbol.

Sort of.

The NBC television show Parenthood, which is ostensibly set in Berkeley, is introducing a new character that closely resembles Taccone, and making him the new love interest for Sarah Braverman, played by Lauren Graham.

Actor Steven Weber who has reportedly been hired to play the artistic director of the Berkeley Theater on TV series “Parenthood”

TheaterMania is reporting that the actor Steven Weber (“Wings”) has been hired to play Jack Kraft, the artistic director of the Berkeley Theater.

Kraft will apparently become Braverman’s new love interest on the April 19 season finale. The pair meet when Sarah submits a play to the “Berkeley Theater”.

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  1. Their are two reason to go to Berkley Rep: one is the high level of theatrical excellence and the other is the ebullience of one TONY TACCONE. I do not often denigrate myself by watch programs on television but, I must say this has my interest peaked. How can a show capture this man? It would be like putting sexual lightning in a bottle.

  2. Ttaccone=Steven Weber
    Steven or is it “Mr. Kraft,”
    You totally gave yourself away because the REAL Tony Taccone has no “Atrtistic Director” friends and he speaks with a Puerto Rican – Italian accent.

  3. To all my well wishers and supporters:
    I just want to take a brief moment to tell you all how deeply moved I am by this outpouring of support. As an aging Artistic Director, one is prone to suffer from bouts of despair, repeatedly asking the question “Does anyone care?” Well, needless to say, these celebratory comments, ranging in both variety and style, have resoundingly answered that question with the simple word “Yes!”
    And such creativity! These comments are simply chock full of details about myself that I never even knew!
    The cynic will say that the messages contain more than a touch of sarcasm; that people are simply having a bit of wicked, disingenuous fun. To that I say “Balderdash!” This is a living, breathing support group of the first order. I am going to recommend this kind of spontaneous therapy to all my Artistic Director friends.
    And I promise that when an article about any of you gets published that I will be there for you, ever-ready as a friend and supporter, to offer the full measure of my love.

    Thanks for everything and carry on!


    Tony Taccone

  4. I met Mr. T when I submitted my play to him one especially hot evening during the heat wave of 2007. According to Tiny T (his pet name), he only accepts play submissions after dark in his office by candlelight. Of course, this is after you submit photos of yourself dressed as Derek Jeter that meet his approval. Yes, it is a very sexy process. But it is HIS process. No other artist digs so deep. I will share a little known secret with you all, his true fans. T. T. will let you touch his rock hard abs if you read his reviews aloud to him while so doing. No, my play was never produced by Berkeley Rep, or directed by the greatest director in all of Canada – or Berkeley – but I have been touched by the greatness of T-Bone Taccone. I will forever cherish my seven minutes with Tony and count myself amongst those luckiest on earth.

  5. Lesser known facts about Tony Taccone :
    1) Was a double A shortstop for the NY Yankees in the late seventies. Had to step down when the scandal emerged that an aging, drunk Mickey Mantle was caught on camera injecting Tony with estrogen.
    2) Is in a domestic partnership with long-time lover and former Pickle Family Circus member Geoff Hoyle.
    3) Has an irrational fear of animated animals.
    4) Eats five Top Dogs every day for lunch.
    5) Has a tattoo of Charles Nelson Reilly on his left buttock.
    6) Has a tattoo of himself on his right buttock giving a “thumbs up” to the tattoo of Charles Nelson Reilly.
    7) Has a clause in his will that, when he dies, his body will be stuffed and mounted to be displayed in the lobby of Berkeley Rep.

  6. I remember Tony from when he had hair almost down to his waist in the 70s. He had a hot rocking bod and a big toothy grin. I would try to convince him to go with me to this biker bar in the Castro but he’d always say “Sorry man, I’m into the ladies”. I always wanted to check out his feet because, well just because. I supposed I’ve always been a little bit in love with the man and have carried the torch for him for decades now and have all the newspaper clippings of him on the wall above my bed. We used to call him the Little Stallion.

  7. @Sharkey: Sounds like sum1 is jealous. What’s “creepy” is people commenting on a guy that they obviously have never met.
    I saw him at the 24hr Fitness across from the Rep and he was literally ripping that place apart. He was benching like 6 plates on each side and he kept trying to put more on but there wasn’t any room on the bar for it. He kept asking the manager if they had more weights but they didn’t. THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH WEIGHT IN THE GYM FOR THIS GUY!!!! I said to my friend, “This dude is going to blow his back out.” But my friend been going there for a while and had seen Tony there for a few months. He looks at me and goes, “Dude, this guy dated my mom in the 70’s and there’s a chance he’s my dad.” Then he goes and talks to Tony all buddy-style. They’re laughing, telling jokes and Tony’s showing him the best way to get his abs tight etc. I came over eventually and started talking to him and he was really amazing. I was going through a really difficult time in my life and I ended up telling him a lot of my problems. When I left he stopped me and said, “Remember John, If you are going through hell, keep going.” It was super crazy.

  8. People who made comments are focusing on the most superficial thing in the article – his sex appeal.. What remains unmentioned is the irony of the character’s name “Jack Kraft”. I have heard that Mr. Taccone often knits in staff meetings and his office walls are supposedly covered with crocheted tapestries in which the names of the plays he has directed are embedded. I think that his skill as a director and obviously his prowess as a lover are known far and wide but do not ignore his lesser talents!!

  9. い・ろゔぇ・とんゆ・Tony Taccone たっくおね!!!!!

    ( )

    __ __ _ _ ____
    ( ) / \ / )( \( __)
    / (_/\( O )\ \/ / ) _)
    \____/ \__/ \__/ (____)

    ____ __ __ _ _ _
    (_ _)/ \ ( ( \( \/ )
    )( ( O )/ / ) /
    (__) \__/ \_)__)(__/ !!!!!!!!

  10. Hopefully Tony Sees this!!!!!!

    __ __ __ __
    .*. /~ .~\ /~ ~\ /~ .~\ /~ ~\
    *** ‘ `\/’ * ‘ `\/’ *
    V ( .*)( . *)
    /\|/\ \ J.J. . *./ \ Tony . *./
    | `\ . . .*/’ `\ . . .*/’ .*.
    | `\ * .*. */’ _ _ `\ * .*. */’ ***
    `\ * */’ ( `\/’*) `\ * */’ /\V
    `\/’ \ */’ `\/’ |/\
    `\/’ |
    Jay Jay=Tony


  11. I had never heard of this Tony Taccone before this article and so I googled him. All I can say is WOW, cool me off with a big hose. He would be a huge hit on fire island! In fact, Tony- if you’re reading this… I know a whole pack of guys who would love to take you to the island this summer! I work out usually 6 days a week, but it’s evident Tony works out even more than that […] This guys hits all the marks on my checklist (Tony not Steven): glasses, check. […] nose and ear hairs visible in pictures, check and check!! I’m in love.

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  12. I’m so glad Hollywood is finally recognizing Tony Taccone’s enormous ex appeal. I have been a Berkeley Rep subscriber for many years since the College Ave days. I like to go to the first preview because sometimes Mr. Taccone will make a guest appearance and make the pre-show speech. I love when he introduces himself during those pre-show speeches and he says “Hi I’m Tony Taccone, I work here”. He is so humble and just incredibly sexy. I don’t really think he and Steven Weber look alike but they both are snappy dressers and have luscious lips and so it makes sense in a way.

  13. Mr. Taccone is a brilliant man. One of the most talented directors working in the Bay Area today. It’s rare that one be so brilliant and physically attractive. And there is no better fitting word than that, “attractive” to describe Tony Taccone. Seeing one of his productions is a real pleasure. Seeing Tony Taccone himself, is also a real pleasure (because he’s so attractive). Difficult to say which I enjoy more…

  14. Listen, I think everyone on this message board is on the same page: we’re all equally attracted to Tony. I’ve tried to get close to him for the past few years but I didn’t get far. I used to wait outside of the B.R.T. for him to get off work but after a handful of interactions he had some sort of security guy with him that said I was “becoming a problem” and that I “needed to put some pants on”. But it didn’t deter me. I got his cell phone number (no, I will not post it, even though I know how much we’d all want it) with a 15 dollar bribe to one of the accounts at BRT. I started calling just to hear his voice. At first it was awesome cause he’d be like “Hello, this is Tony” and I’d just sit there, silent, fantasizing. But after a few weeks, he’d be all like, “I know who this is you sick bastard! You’d better not call here anymore! I got the pictures you sent me and they’re not my idea of a good time, blah, blah, blah.” It wasn’t the Tony I knew. It wasn’t the Tony I love. It hurt.

  15. If anybody should become a tv icon, it should be Mr. Taccone. He has created a plethora of great theater works and has made a lasting impact on our artistic consciousness. Although if I’m casting Tony Taccone, and my only option is to pick from the cast of “Wings”, I’d probably go with Tony Shaloub. Tony Taccone can be seen both a as a demi god and also a humble servant to mankind. God Bless Tony Taccone.

  16. I see my man Derrick H knows what I’m talkin’ about. The guy at the top is WAY hotter than the dork below. Steven Weber isn’t 1/10th the man Mr. Taccone is! He would have to be packin’ twice as much “heat” if wants to compete on Taccone’s level. Tripod!!!

  17. They look nothing alike as in the guy at the top is WAY hotter! I bet he’s is “packin’ heat in the trousers department” as they say. Classic stuff!

  18. They look nothing alike. But that’s OK, wherever they film that show looks nothing like Berkeley…

  19. Steven Braverman looks (to quote a great movie- “so righteous he shoulda been a preacher!”) What the hell is he doing playing a sexy guy? On first glance sooo far down the scale from Tony’s obvious warmth, humor and sexual directness- and I’ve never met the guy! Or had him whisper in my ear, unfortunately….

  20. I met Tony last summer at a play at the Berkeley Rep and I must say was quite a stunning man. Originally of Puerto Rican and Italian descent, I could only imagine if all of the rumors about him as a lover were true. Upon meeting he whispered in my ear, “Como estas, bonita applebum?” His spanish was flawless, as was his dress….Can’t wait for this show!!!!!