Photo: Ira Serkes
Photo: Cheryl Simeone
Photo: Cheryl Simeone

A fire broke out this morning at around 10:00 a.m. at an address on Queens Road in the Berkeley hills. Thanks to citizen reporters Cheryl Simeone and Ira Serkes for the photographs.

Update, 3:35pm: Photographer Judy Lepire, who lives near to the Queens Road home where the fire took place this morning, sent in the photos below. She writes: “These shots were taken from my deck. A little too close for comfort. But the fire department did a great job getting it out.”

Update, 04.03.11: The San Jose Mercury News reports that the fire destroyed the home on the 1400 block of Queens Road. The cause of the fire is unknown. Councilmember Susan Wengraf took the opportunity to remind residents, via a neighborhood e-tree, to trim or cut down flammable eucalyptus trees and to keep cars off the streets, if possible, to allow access for fire engines.

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  1. That looks like the house I lived in with Jack and Susan Leary many years ago. Dad was in Algeria.


  2. Thanks for your comment! We saw the fire up in the hills all the way from the Elmwood district this morning, and we were worried. Glad that everyone’s OK…including the dog.

  3. Thanks for you blog. We live close by but have been unable to get close enough to tell which house burnt cause the streets are blocked off. If not one was home, why were there so many ambulances, including one that left the scene with siren going? I hope a fireman was not hurt.

  4. Please know that no one sustained any injuries and their dog was rescued by neighbors and is completely fine. The residents of the house were not home at the time of the fire. Kudos to the Berkeley firemen who came right away and extinguished the fire in record time, preventing damage to nearby structures.