The Apple Store under construction on Fourth Street. Photo: Patrick Nagel

Berkeleysider Patrick Nagel happened to walk by the Apple Store site on Fourth Street this morning when its pants were down the large black construction hoarding was open. A foreman on the construction site tried to wave Nagel off, but like any intrepid photojournalist, he stood his ground on the public sidewalk for the photo above.

Nothing particularly Appleish is yet evident. The company’s aesthetic clearly demands a tabula rasa.

Lance Knobel

Lance Knobel (co-founder) has been a journalist for nearly 40 years. Much of his career was in business journalism. He was editor-in-chief of both Management Today, the leading business magazine in Britain,...

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  1. Occasionally, on my way to Picoso’s for the best burritos in town, I walk by the soon-to-be new Walgreens on N. Shattuck. At one point, I could see that dirt where the floor of the previous building used to be. That dirt and now the ground I see in this photo reminds me, in a weirdly dissociative way, that there is earth under stores. I tend to think of stores as solid things that have been there forever and will be there forever.

    I kinda like a glimpse like this, which reminds me “it’s just a patch of earth, it’s not the great Apple Computer company, it’s a patch of earth where stuff will get sold and people will come and go”.

    Thanks for this photo.

    I enjoy the anecdote that a construction foreman tried to waive the photojournalist away. it’s as if everyone wants to maintain the illusion that a store is a solid forever thing or something, maintain some illusion.