Yet another yarn bombing action has taken place in Berkeley, this time on two looped bike racks in front of the downtown Berkeley Public Library.

The striped knitted pieces are an impressive 80 ft long and are the creation of Streetcolor, whose work can be spotted on a multitude of lamp-posts and racks around town. Streetcolor said it took her one month to knit the pieces and a crew of five people to sew it onto the bike racks on Sunday. Despite piquing the interest of the police as well as passers-by, the stealth knitters managed to do their work without interruption, or arrest.

Read about the project on Streetcolor’s blog.

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Tracey Taylor

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  1. Wow. Really?  You seriously don’t have anything better to do with your life than go after people who attach yarn to street poles?

    Here’s an idea… Go meet with your local YAHOOs, have a cookie (w/Valium sprinkles), and Get Over Yourselves. 

  2. I like it… probably helps prevent paint scratches on bikes when they are locked there!

  3. Believe me, I’ve tried. But the City officials in charge of yarn-free street poles are too busy waiting for their pensions to take action. They’ve been stonewalling for years! Meanwhile, non-residents who flash some organically grown local slow food street cred get yarn variances willy-nilly. I’m infuriated. Since the city staff won’t do anything, my YAHOO local is planning a two-prong approach: first, we’re lobbying the Peace and Justice Commission to make this a top priority. Second, we’re coming up with messaging strategy to tie the yarn into the military-industrial complex so that Code Pink will join our cause and send these unwanted yarn installations the way of BRT!

  4. Maybe you could use anti-microbial yarn or something that resists the reek of old urine.

  5. Yarn on street poles is like carpet on a BART train .. icky. Now that the novelty has worn off, can we just stop this retarded display of silliness?

  6. As a crafter, gotta say that we do knit and crochet stuff for homeless people all the time!

  7. AGREED! Quit making these wannabe street-arty pieces of public self-aggrandizement and do some actual good! Ten bucks to the person who dismantles this latest art-student pathetic attempt at “artwork” with a box cutter.

  8. Why don’t you hipsters knit something for a homeless person? you know, the ones you see everyday on the street.

  9. Yarn bombing? Now that’s the kind of bombing I would support!

    Nothing like something that makes a person smile!

    Smiling from here!! Very cool…

  10. I love yarn bombings. I esp. love it when s/he yarn bombs a loop of bicycle spots. Keep it up, please.

    I personally volunteer — contact me in the comments — to remove and recycle worn out previous yarn bombs, free of charge, no cost to the city.

  11. I, for one, demand to know what will be done with the yarn when it is dismantled. Will it be reused, or will it just go to a landfill? No doubt Streetcolor be allowed to continue decorating with impunity, as (s)he is obviously in league with the planning commission. Meanwhile those of us who’ve worked all our lives to save up 30 yards of yarn will have to wait in line for a permit.

  12. When I voted for Measure FF, I assumed that the bonds would ensure there would be NO “improvements” to the Central Library, be they wood, concrete, steel… or yarn. The Bates cabal has betrayed me. Betrayed all of us. AGAIN!

  13. For those who don’t like Streetcolor’s creations and feel they aren’t getting sufficient respect from the rest of us, I suggest they form a citizens group: Yarn Aficionados Heed Our Objections! Or YAHOOs

    YAHOOs who don’t like the yarn creations can use this group as an organizing tool to broadcast any and all trifling concerns.

    Joining is easy! Posting a petty yarn complaint on Berkeleyside gets you automatic membership as a YAHOO.

  14. I came to the comment section hoping to read comments about the environmental and health hazards of Yarn Bombing (like I did the last time an article ran in Berkeleyside about YB). You see, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and needed a laugh….