Citizen reporter Carole Leita sent in this snap of a poster on the corner of Shattuck and Henry. Do any readers have a clue what it means?

Tracey Taylor

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  1.  Sometimes a few words are worth any number of pictures…Even as a professional image-maker, I cannot figure out the meaning of this. Looks like they are proponents of no change of elevation (“No Hill”)  in the proposed design?

  2. It is simply reinforcing what we all know — any land use project in Berkeley faces an uphill battle.

  3.  This is a well thought out protest against the impending food truck apocalypse happening right around the corner. You can see the universal “no” sign doodled over what looks like “HILL,” a clear reference to the slippery-slope of allowing Republican-style competitive markets to disrupt the Berkeleytastic local economy.

  4. Well, the yellow sheet is the standard one issued by the city. Projects then staple their project on top of it. Seems that someone has ripped off the project description, then someone doodled on the yellow sheet.

    The meaning of the doodle? Not sure, can you provide a larger image so we can see what the figure is jumping over?