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  1. While I agree with the sentiment of these comments that the district has not yet committed to the changes required to  properly administer school safety procedures,  I did hear enough of the board meeting to make an educated quess as to what Huyett was referring to as “politics”. Early in the meeting  BOCA, a faith based political action committee, made a presentation asking for funding for their program. Here is a link to the story:

    BOCA Presented Lifelines to Healing at the Berkeley School Board

    Karen Hemphill does not have a good record of responding to  BHS school security failures during her first term and during recent board meetings she has made some outrageous statement against the juvenile charging DA and  parents concerned about the legal requirement to monitor students on probation. I hope she is getting serious, as I would hope the Supt is. I am not seeing much progress though. Nor do I think BOCA is on the right track.

  2. I am writing with regard to the story about guns/safety/BHS.  As the parent of a BHS Freshman, who has followed this issue very closely, and who like a great many others, has been extremely perturbed by this situation, the following statement from Mr. Huyett only confirms my initial impression–that Mr. Huyett is not taking, and has never taken, leadership on this issue. Huyett called that statement “political.” (in response to Karen Hemphill’s comments).”I want Berkeley to hear this,” Huyett said. “If we want to solve the problem, we need to be engaged. The district has responded exceptionally well. If they think the committee is drifting, let them say that in committee. We have done exactly what we were asked to do: come up with a plan by the end of the year and form a committee and give you updates every other week.”Why,  may I ask, is Mr. Huyett requesting direction and leadership from the community, from the committtee, from everyone else etc.? He is the superintendent of the Berkeley school district.  It is he who should be leading the discussion and providing the solutions. I respect and believe Mr. Scudieri’s commitment to dealing with this and the fact that he takes it seriously.  But I was extremely underwhelmed by Mr. Huyett and Dr. Craig’s performances at the parent/community meeting held in early April.  His glib performance at that meeting followed on the heels of  his woefully inadequate first statements in response to the incident with the gun fired from the bathroom.   At that point, I was immediately convinced that, in fact, nothing would be done–at least not if those two individuals were to be in charge of it.    But I am not surprised–when I walked out of that meeting I figured it would be business as usual until an even more shocking incident occurred.  I don’t need to be told by Mr. Huyett that other school districts have the same problems, and that the school district he was in before (Stockton if I remember correctly) was much worse, or that until the matter of gun control is dealt with in the country, nothing will change.   I only care about my child– and all the Berkeley children –in the Berkeley schools; if we wait for the rest of the state or country to deal with this, good luck. It’s not going to happen.Vanessa Moraga