Take the survey on bullying in Berkeley schools

Two online resources are currently open to Berkeleyans to enable them to make their views known on, respectively, decisions on the City Council’s next agenda, and the issue of bullying and how it is dealt with in Berkeley schools.

Berkeley councilmembers Susan Wengraf and Gordon Wozniak are hosting an online forum through Open Town Hall which invites people to comment on the issues to be voted on by the Council on Tuesday June 14.

Subjects under consideration include: Should the City Council support AB 889 establishing employment rights for domestic care workers? Should the Council amend its contract with the Ecology Center which will reduce the amount the city pays the waste collection agency? And — yes you better believe it — should the Council declare New Zealand comic duo the Topp Twins Honorary Citizens of the city of Berkeley?

Separately, Berkeley school district board members Leah Wilson and Josh Daniels are running a survey on bullying and are asking parents and students to partake ahead of a live forum to be held on the topic on Saturday June 11, from 10-12 at the YMCA Teen Center at 2111 Martin Luther King Way. The survey can be accessed here and comments on bullying can be left here on the Open Town Hall site (registration required, but commenters can remain anonymous).

Tracey Taylor

Tracey Taylor is co-founder of Berkeleyside and co-founder and editorial director of Cityside, the nonprofit parent to Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside. Before launching Berkeleyside, Tracey wrote for...

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  1. the survey is crap .. doesn’t ask half of the relevant questions and has no room for free-form comments at the end.

  2. Forgot to add: I filled out the survey for a friend who does have BHS child; she couldn’t access the survey, and I asked her how she wanted it filled out. Don’t want anyone to think I’m skewing things…

  3. I filled out the survey and found it extremely simplistic. It’s too bad they couldn’t get someone with a qualitative analysis background to help them with the survey. They won’t get much other than Yes or No’s which won’t be very useful on the analytical end of things.

  4. I have a now-middle-schooler who has been bullied in the classic “girl” ways of exclusion and general meanness.  She also witnesses, regularly, classic “boy” bullying – “let me copy your work or I’ll beat you up,” etc.  I had high hopes for the survey but I found that despite the good intentions of those behind it, there’s no way that particular survey instrument will be of any use at all.  The questions are all so black-and-white:  Did the school resolve the issue?  Um, no!  But the school (or particular staff) may have done some things that helped for a little while or for a long while, or some things that didn’t seem to work.  They may also have NOT addressed the problem.  The questions don’t get at this at all. 

  5. I’ve got a tall kid and already in 1st grade smaller kids want to physically test themselves against him.  It stinks.  Sorry that your child has experienced it.

  6. I am put off by the image of a bigger kid bullying a smaller kid. In my experience it is about personality, not physical stature. Being the parent of a tall kid and also a child who has been bullied by much smaller children, I find it misleading and inaccurate. I know it is stock photography but perpetuating a stereotype does nothing to inform the topic.