The interior of the new Casa Bernal Taqueria. Photo: Emunah Hauser

Casa Bernal Taqueria celebrated its grand opening Tuesday at 2122 Shattuck Avenue with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a 10-piece mariachi band, and $2 beers.

The new taqueria, which opened in the space once occupied by Amanda’s, is the project of Guillermo Bernal and his father. Their family owns a number of restaurants in southern California and Mexico. It features Niman Ranch pork and beef, free range chicken, and organic produce.

Frances Dinkelspiel

Frances Dinkelspiel (co-founder) is a journalist and author. Her first book, Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California,...

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  1. Cancun can be the worst place in the world- depends how into flirting with each other the staff are…  but when it is good it is great.  I don’t think anything close to affordable will ever last in that spot- I loved the donut shop that was open until 4:30am a decade ago there…  but I don’t think anything that isn’t like ‘Downtown’ or ‘Revival’ will ever last for long there- the rent is too high.

  2. There is vegan burritos and tacos, all of the ingredients are organic too. You guys should try it, is GREAT!

  3. I stopped in a couple of days ago.  Tried the baja-tyle fish taco  and camerones taco.  The fillings were tasty but the tortillas were disappointing.  They were cold and flavorless and I don’t think they had been on the grill.  There is an option for a “cripsy” taco but it also adds cheese to the meal and I didn’t want that.

    The people working there were nice and a good range of prices for all pocket books!

    I’ll give another try but for now Cancun is still my #1.

  4. I’m a troll because I find vegan versions of traditionally non-vegan dishes generally disgusting and, based on the lack of longevity of restaurants that don’t understand this, point out that many people agree with me?  OK.

  5. this guy GPO is a troll who tries to get a rise out of people on this site with patronizing comments.

    Maybe if he was not so obsessed with Berkeleyside it would make more sense.

  6. A good taqueria is something that has been missing from downtown. I can’t wait to try it!

  7. I hope not for the sake of the business, a vegan taqueria sounds worse than a vegan pizzeria.