Berkeley’s annual Juneteenth celebration took place on Sunday in the five-block Alcatraz-Adeline corridor. Communities nationwide have adopted Juneteenth as an occasion to celebrate African American culture and traditions, and as an opportunity to acknowledge contributions African Americans have made to the fabric of America.

The day commemorates June 19th, 1865 when news reached Galveston, Texas of the signing by President Lincoln of the Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves from southern states in rebellion against the United States during the Civil War. On that day, “slaves flooded the streets, rejoicing in their newly discovered freedom. The sweet smell of barbecue smoke filled the air! Dancing feet pounded the ground and voices sung out”.

Sunday’s Berkeley celebrations included also music, dancing and food, local vendor stalls, as well as outsize slides and skip rope competitions for the many children and kids at heart who attended.

Nancy Rubin was there to document the event with her wonderful photographs.

Nancy Rubin’s photo essay of Live Oak Park Fair [06.13.11]

Tracey Taylor

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  1. Love the photos! All the joyful, buoyant feelings caught by Nancy’s great camera work- thanks for taking me to the happy time (at least in spirit)!

  2. great pictures = so vivid – so true what they say, “a picture is better than a thousand words!”

  3. I was there; Ms. Rubin’s photos really capture the joy of the occasion. Nice job! If only we could capture the aroma of the bbq and music of Juneteenth, too!

  4. The true beauty of a community! Smiles that show all the joy and happiness that will become memories for a lifetime.
    These photos put you right in the middle of the occasion! If you missed the festival, enjoy it through Nancy Rubin’s wonderful pictures,

  5. Photos by Nancy Ruben certainly capture the spirit of the Junteenth celebration in S. Berkeley.
    I v. much enjoy your local coverage and evocative photos. Good work!