Making romantic neighborhoods: Berkeley’s pedestrian pathways [NYT]
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Impact and Black Box theaters extend “Working for the Mouse” [WFM]
Berkeley man missing in Gulf of California fishing accident [SF Gate]
Berkeley’s Art House Gallery celebrates two years, new show [AHG]
Lawrence Hall of Science launches new education website [LHS]

Photo: Mother’s fireworks, by 2812 photography/Berkeleyside Flickr pool.

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  1. the closest truth of what is really going on is the ncr article posted today by marcia clark.  father direen has never sought out dialogue with those he has worked with.  it is not a matter of liberal v conservative or church doctrine.  it is about power and accountability.  father crespin is a man of integrity and for him to make the statements he did as quoted in that ncr article are very strong and to the point.  as a man of deep diplomacy it speaks much about direen being out of touch with his community.
    in a side but related point: i know of a priest who was thrown out of 3 parishes for ‘dividing his parish.’  and for much less cause than what direen has created.  who was that masked man?  father bill o’donnell who finally found a home at st joseph’s from 1973 to 2003.  should not the bishop consider this in his analysis of father direen.