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Photo: Choosing a virtual game over reality? Live Oak Park by sisterfish3/Berkeleyside Flickr pool.

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Frances Dinkelspiel (co-founder) is a journalist and author. Her first book, Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California,...

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  1. RE: Pennies are kaput at this bike shop

    The same is true at Pepe’s Pizza on Durant.  Their cash register automatically rounds down to the nearest nickel. It adds a item to your bill named “Rounding,” which has a negative value of a few cents to use in the calculation. 

    I wonder if Mike’s Bikes also does it automatically.

    As a died-in-the-wool cheapskate, I always pick up any pennies I see on the street, no matter how little that earns me per hour.

  2. That looks like the slide at live oak park .. which, unfortunately, is actually covered over at the top with a sheet of plywood.  

  3. A question:  is the child seen sliding down the yellow circular slide holding a phone or game in their hands going down the slide?  That’s what it looks like to me.  I am increasingly fascinated by how many people I see moving through the world but instead of focussing on their surroundings, they are looking at mobile devices like smart phones or handheld games.  

    An elevator ride in my building, from ground floor to the top sixth floor, is not long. Even if the elevator stops as a couple floors, what is the duration, two or three minutes? And yet, very often, teens and, increasingly, adults walk on and off the elevator focussed on the little machine in their hand. I think folks are texting or reading texts of mail.

    Life changes constantly.

    I am not criticizing the sliding child but, gee, is it old fashioned to just enjoy the fun of sliding around and down, whoosh!?!