Citizen reporter Eli Cochran sent in this photo of a small fire on the Albany Bulb which he shot from Point Isabel at around 6:30 am today. He says a crowd of people were nearby. Anyone know the story?

Tracey Taylor

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  1. re: Mr. Tobey’s comment below.

    Why do writers for the Planet have so much to say on, and about, Berkeleyside? Not getting the eyeballs at home?

  2. People, get a grip; this is newsworthy.  Imagine a strong offshore wind
    — next thing you know, Golden Gate Fields are burned down and Tom Bates Soccer Fields are in ruins.  That said, in its current form, this fire would not be eligible for the Berkeleyside survey Best Incineration of 2011.

  3. No doubt there is a nexus here, as Cedar Rose Park and the Albany Bulb abutt each other.  At the Albany Bulb there is a “fire pit” used by some of the “unfortunate” to stay warm at night, but I don’t know that this group of people generally follows all of the Smokey the Bear protocols to a T.

  4. Are you succumbing to the rubrics of broadcast television — “if it’s on fire, move it higher”?

    This trivial blaze in another town is of no news consequence to Berkeleyans, not when there’s more of the usual trendy-lifestyle infotainment to go after.

  5. On my way to work I saw the remnants of a fire on Cornell and Hopkins/Rose. It looked like someone carried and lit a mattress on fire. It had burned the power pole and bushes. Further along Rose I could see burnt clothes by the Cedar Rose park. Could this be related?

  6. If Scream on the Berkeley border falls outside the ice cream survey, why does a small fire at Albany Bulb concern Berkleleyside?

  7. I thought Berkeleyside’s official editorial policy was to “keep the borders of the site very strict.”  Accordingly I don’t see your rationale for coverage of this (relevant, interesting) story.  I know that a video about a supermarket parking lot in Santa Monica falls within your editorial rubric because it was made by some guy who graduated from BHS twenty years ago.  I also know that a story about a house in Orinda warrants coverage because its supervising architect once lived in Berkeley.  But I can’t see Berkeleyside’s rationale for covering a fire a bit outside the geographical boundaries of the City of Berkeley, especially if it does so with pictures shot in Richmond.  
    Perhaps you guys can take this opportunity to articulate for your readers what your policy really is?