Berkeley’s Officer Brian Kishiyama won the Harley competition

Last week, the UC Police Department staged its first annual Competitive Police Motorcycle Training Day. Officers from nine regional police forces, including UCPD and the Berkeley Police Department, competed on a course marked on the Lower Hearst Parking Garage in both in two categories: Harley Davison and non-Harley.

Berkeley PD dominated the Harley contest, which was won by Officer Brian Kishiyama ahead of officers from East Palo Alto and Emeryville. Berkeley officers Dinkins and Jackson took fifth and seventh place.

Lance Knobel

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  1. I rode for 7 years. Never on a Harley for obvious reasons. But I’m blown away by what these guys can do on those massive bikes. They’re exceptional riders. 

  2. Do they have competitions in their cruisers – “Crown Vic” and “non-Crown Vic” divisions?