Man accused of killing two in gang dispute goes to trial [KTVU]
Ethiopian sentenced to life for murder of family members [Examiner]
UC Berkeley robotics expert named among world’s top innovators
[UCB News Center]
Berkeley Firefighters BBQ Thursday: Bring the family [Chamber of Commerce]
Tip A Cop: Berkeley Police support Special Olympics, August 25 [BPD]
Cal’s International House to celebrate its 81st birthday [International House]
Museums, food and art intersect at OPEN at BAM this weekend [Coco Times]
Bay Area News Group rebrands, East Bay focus, 120 jobs to go [BANG]
Sexual battery incident near campus, Sunday, suspect detained [UCB Police]
Berkeley man arrested on suspicion of drug charge [Times-Herald]

Photo: Foggy summer sunset from Tilden by sisterfish3/Berkeleyside Flickr pool

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  1. OK, USGS site now states 2.3,  and I read the map wrong, it was Hayward fault, which explains why it felt so powerful.

  2. USGS listed the quake at 3.6, on San Andreas south of SF, felt powerful in this old two story wood house. I jumped out of my chair, wondering how long the shaking would last. The older I get the more the quakes scare me, and I don’t think it fear of death, it is fear of suffering the hell of the big one.

  3. Just felt an earthquake around 11:37 p.m. Tuesday August 23rd. Wondering if anyone else felt it. I have noticed that I feel some relatively subtle quakes if I am prone in bed, maybe that gives my body a more dispersed sensation of the movement?  It ‘felt’ like I have felt in the instant a large commercial airplane lands, when the wheels touch the ground and it is just very slightly rough, rough landing as compared to usual. By the time I noticed, it was done.

    Normally I wouldn’t mention it but with earth quakes all over . .  . . the ‘big’ one on the East Coast felt up and down the eastern seaboard, one in Colorado in the last day or two and even one in Japan on Tuesday, August 23rd . ..  and some Californians talking about how they are used to quakes compared to the pansies on the east Coast today . .. .guess I have earthquake on the brain and wanted to share it with someone local.  Too late to call anyone so here I am, reporting.

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    Tuesday’s arrest was the second time Lankford has been booked on
    murder charges. On June 24, 2003, he was booked by Berkeley police after
    leading them on a foot chase that ended in a back yard near his home in
    the 1400 block of Alcatraz Avenue. Lankford was taken into
    custody then at Berkeley City Jail on suspicion of the murder of Ronald
    Easiley, a 19-year-old continuation school student who was gunned down
    on the previous Jan. 14 on Harmon Street in Berkeley.

  6. Man accused of killing two in gang dispute goes to trial [KTVU]

    “The Davis brothers were both drug dealers who were known to Berkeley
    police, according to Meehan. He
     said Lankford was affiliated with a
    gang that called itself “The Cold Gunners From North Oakland.”

    And well known to our neighborhood.  The twins were bullies as babies, violent thugs as teens.