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A daily snapshot of key COVID-19 statistics in Berkeley and beyond. Please review linked resources for the latest data. The New York Times has delved into why these numbers are so challenging to track. Please note: The charts below are interactive; untick Alameda County data in the legend to expand the Berkeley stats.

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Note: Case counts and hospitalizations are the numbers reported today. Any change is in relation to the prior weekday’s total, unless otherwise noted. An increase today often reflects new cases on multiple dates in the past.

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  1. Judges have ruled that they must be allowed to sleep at night.
    Judges have not ruled that can set up permanent tents.

  2. I think they should all get a roof over the heads, with lockable private rooms, in supervised small groups, with other treatment or training as appropriate for the individual. I’ve often suggested remodeling long-vacant storefronts for this; long-vacant apartments would be fine too. It’s important that the housing be less desirable than what a working-class person can get, to encourage a work ethic. It’d be cheaper overall than the current costs of police, fire (about 60% of those calls, here) and ER services.

  3. A defined benefits retirement plan backed by securities would make the greediest Fortune 500 CEO blush. It’s shocking that we keep agreeing to scams like this.

  4. But at least they take effective action against other city problems. They get salaries competitive with nearby cities, to attract and keep better people. It’s most other city employees who are grossly overpaid ($64k for meter maids?!), far too often lazy and/or incompetent, make the pension deficit far worse, and should have their positions eliminated without replacement. Most of all the very expensive do-nothing middle managers.

  5. It was wonderful speaking as a Candidate for Berkeley Mayor at this event. It was inspiring to see so many people agree with me that the post office needs to be protected. I’m thankful that the Berkeley Community is watching those who are running for office. Looking forward to more news coverage on candidates who show up to public events!

    – Aidan Hill,
    Candidate for Berkeley Mayor 2020

  6. Remember the good old days, when homeless people slept in doorways, didn’t have camps, and pushed their belongings around in shopping carts? Can’t there at least be some kind of rules about how much stuff you can have on the street? Or can homeless people be charged a fee if they want a permit for tent camping? They can sleep on the street without a permit.

  7. The hills are higher-risk. If an out-of-control fire reaches the flatlands, it’s time to evacuate most or all of the city.

  8. Under “Outside the house,” for those who have time during this brief reprieve in fire risk, add removing all dry brush and grass from your yard. From next to the house first. It can go into your green bin (and your neighbors’, if you ask).

    If coming back after an evacuation, pop the ceiling hatch and check for anything smoldering inside your attic. Embers getting in thru soffit vents are a notorious cause of the whole house burning.

  9. Agreed, however the chances of getting the City and (very well paid) aid orgs to actually categorize this population in an accurate and meaningful way is slim to none, unfortunately.

  10. unfortunately yes. I hadn’t been down there in over a year, but i had to get on the freeway at shellmound and yikes yikes yikes. driving down that street was extremely uncomfortable. tents almost in the street and drugged out homeless people milling between cars. I will never go that way again, which is too bad it used to be a faster/less crowded way to get on 80.

  11. the developer makes whatever profit remains after competitive bidding with other developers.

    If you think the developer is going to make too much money, go in with a lower bid.

  12. For the reasons you stated, she was completely out of line for firing. She never once contained or controlled the situation and by her own actions placed herself and others in danger.

    I support the police, but this woman should never be allowed to wear a badge and carry a gun in that capacity again.

  13. I think the parking should pay for itself. Charge high enough parking fees to pay for construction of the spaces, rather than having the rest of us subsidize them.

    Parking would be available for those who are willing to pay for it. With the higher price, less parking would be needed,

    It is mostly people from the hills complaining about not being able to get to BART without parking, and since the hills are the wealthiest part of Berkeley, it doesn’t make sense for the rest of us to subsidize their parking.

    “In their minds every tenant, visitor, and BART rider will walk, bike, or float in and out of these developments on magic carpets.”
    This is a really bizarre claim. No one believes anything like this.

  14. I think surface parking lots degrade my quality of life and that filling in those parking craters will make Berkeley more attractive and better for those of us who already live here.

  15. The issue is the RATE of infection–how many cases there are per million people. Basic arithmetic tells us that total population doesn’t affect rate of infection.

    Or, if that is too hard to understand, consider that the European Union as a whole has a HIGHER population than the US but far less infection than the US.

  16. Zero chance that ¨they¨ will replace the 822 parking spaces that will be destroyed, and/or add over 1,000 spaces for new residents at North Berkeley BART. It would cost many tens of millions of dollars. The people behind the projects want to make money. They are not interested the legacy of parking mayhem they will leave behind. In their minds every tenant, visitor, and BART rider will walk, bike, or float in and out of these developments on magic carpets.

  17. So she’s too hard-line? Or too soft on criminals? Pick one and stick with it. According to the reports in the press the guy was NOT charging anyone when he was shot…he was sitting on the ground at a distance from the cop and the bat was pointed in the air…

  18. DREAM ON!!! The last person to challenge O’Malley was way to her LEFT….Ours is one of the most liberal counties in the country and O’Malley is actually much more CONSERVATIVE than most of the voters in the county! Any successful challenge to her would come from someone more liberal than she is, which would not make you happy.

  19. Question about what looks like a paper license plate on the getaway car: do looters just print these out and put them on stolen cars?

  20. Exactly! These new developments are for hoarding more people into the city but in no way improves the quality of life for those of us already here, in fact it does the opposite! With no parking around the Bart station it will force Berkeley people onto the road with their cars there is no way it will be cost effective to take an UBER to the bart station. It will be cheaper and easier to just drive and that is what current Berkeley folks or anyone else that doesn’t live on top of the station will do.

  21. Those European countries you speak of have much lower populations than we do, it’s apples and oranges.

  22. Honestly with Libby and Jesse siding with criminals I cannot blame OPD/BPD officers for not being motivated to go out there and round up the bad guys/gals. Every traffic stop and warrant execution they have is just another chance to be called a racist and fired or worse.

  23. How do those ratios compare to national crime statistics, or even local crime statistics and area demographics? If a patrol area is not diverse the stops made in that area will not be diverse.

  24. Way to spread misinformation. I actually witnessed protesters chanting for dead cops (of all races). Let’s all celebrate the only prejudice that’s still A-OK. I heard a report that prejudging an entire section of society is wrong. I also heard a report that the ratio of Bad Cops to Good Cops is lower than the ratio of Bad vs. Good in the ranks of teachers, priests, doctors, and accountants.

  25. We have learned from the fact that European countries, with high density housing, have generally done a better job of containing the virus than America, with low-density housing.

  26. How about the city dealing with so many homeless when other towns and cities don’t have the same problem. How about the roads being in such ill repair. How about figuring out why the city can’t hire police. How about the city stopping development when there is now a pandemic and students are not coming back to school. The developers make their money when they build the new apartments and don’t stay around to manage, we all get blamed through the banks having to make up the lost money on development that is not needed.

  27. Granted, those would’ve been better. But K-9s are only ever with a few specially trained Dog Whisperer officers and can’t be everywhere at once. We need enough well-trained and equipped officers to handle any predictable situation, and have backup there within a minute.

    A co-worker once rescued a tiny BART policewoman who a large psycho homeless woman had thrown onto the tracks and was wrestling with, while a train was coming. He declined the Our Hero award ceremony with the chief. I told him that was just as well, he would’ve just told the chief his program of affirmative action for midget policewomen was a bad idea.

    Police recruits in Germany have to pass rigorous physical strength tests, like those for firefighters in the US. Some of them are 6ft tall and strikingly muscular…and some of the male officers, even bigger.

  28. KN95 is the Chinese standard equivalent to the US N95, filtering out at least 95% of particulates as small as 2.5 microns. Both are very effective vs smoke, when cloth or surgical masks are little help. Here are CDC tests of many dozens of KN95s:
    Note how many are bogus or counterfeit.

    On Amazon, many of the best ones there are sold out. I just got a 50-pack of these, which tested at 99+% effective:

    Many KN95s have earloops sized for smaller Asian heads. Some are too loose. If not your size, you can make an extender that runs behind your neck with large rubber bands, or use these:

  29. I’m sorry but you simply are not reading these correctly. The tax bills to which you refer are last year’s bills, assessed on empty land. For example the $663k tax bill for 540 39th was based on the old $40 mill assessment, not the new $122 million one. So you should expect their next bill to be much larger. And the rest of your screed that follows from that mistake is wrong for the same reason.

  30. A rape a week in Berkeley. And, the Mayor and City Council’s highest priority is figuring out how much to defund the police department because of something that happened in Minneapolis? Still, some of our Berkeley leaders must be interested in the welfare of women, right? I checked the recent agendas of the Berkeley Commission on the Status of Women. I didn’t review all their recent agendas, but rape doesn’t seem to be a concern. They do have a subcommittee on Women’s Homelessness/ Domestic Violence which is important.

    I also checked the City Council’s Sept 15 agenda. Surely, these recent rapes and shootings must have resulted in an agenda item. Let’s see, they’re going to vote on a resolution opposing Proposition 20 on the Nov. ballot. Among other things, Prop 20 would expand DNA collection (can’t have that, might catch some rapists). Prop 20 would also exclude those who have been convicted of domestic violence and certain “nonviolent” crimes from early parole. The problem is that recent changes in parole law allow individuals convicted of sex trafficking of children, rape of an unconscious person, felony assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a police officer or firefighter, and felony domestic violence to be considered “non-violent offenders.” Darn it, our City Council wants those “nonviolent” sex traffickers back on the streets ASAP. They’ve been punished enough.

    They’re also going have a Vote of No Confidence in the Police Chief. Apparently, the police are continuing to arrest people, which is just not a Berkeley thing.

    On the other hand, Droste and Arreguin have a proposal to “consider the presence of needles and feces in public parks a Public Health threat and enable the Public Health Department to cordon off areas of encampment for the purpose of clearing the areas of contamination and ensuring the areas are safe for public use.” Only in Berkeley do you need a special measure to limit the rights of homeless to camp, defecate, and throw their needles in the kiddie section of the parks.

  31. Before Covid Bart trains were maxed out during peak times how can we squeeze more people into a system that is maxed out?

  32. Yes let’s increase density because we haven’t learned anything about the spread of viruses amongst people in close proximity to each other…

  33. Good research on the other parcels. However, even when you add the tax bill on all three parcels and divide by the number of units it is still under $1,100 per unit. This is less than 1/3 of what my 95 year old neighbor pays on a house she has owned for over 60 years with an assessed value of just $51,000. The amount of tax that will paid on each unit will cause a net loss for the city for decades to come. The City of Berkeley will provide police, fire, library, school, sewer, lighting and other services without getting enough tax from these projects to cover our costs. Most Berkeley homeowners are paying a fortune in property taxes that will subsidize these developments. If these projects were sold as condos the City of Berkeley would be getting at least 10x more tax revenues. The tax revenues from these projects will NOT cover the cost of services the city will provide. BART and developers will make money off these deals by pushing the real costs onto Berkeley homeowners.

  34. Yeah, we need to give our PD more funds so that there are two cops in every car. That and defund the city council and mayor’s salaries.

  35. “this wayne guy talks about the berkeley issues you mentioned.”

    No he doesn’t. Does he talk about decreasing the robberies, rapes, and assaults. No. He talks about how he’s opposed to police brutality (who isn’t). The cop-hating Police Review Commission could only manage to find one valid complaint against the police last year – one case of discourtesy. I’d be interested in Mr. Hsuing if he said something…anything…about criminal brutality against the citizens of Berkeley.

  36. If his mother was still listed as an owner of the home is it possible that he inherited the debt to avoid the estate being forced to sell the house to cover the debt?

  37. I have known Tamai for decades. Tamai always had a cheerful demeanor and kept the mood around him filled with goodwill. He worked hard and helped everyone he came into contact with.

    The Telegraph Business Improvement District never understood what a historic area they were in and they tried to erase all references to the counterculture that arose and maintained its tradition there. They tried to get rid of vendors who sold their handmade wares there by putting up giant planters, blocking access to the vendor’s traditional selling spaces. They put up pastel painted peace sign bike racks, thinking that was countercultural and blocked off additional vending spots.

    What was once a thriving area that had the best coffee shops, book stores, unique small businesses, craft vendors, etc. slowly closed down due to misunderstanding about what really attracted people to the area. Businesses closed. The poets, artists, philosophers and writers who used to frequent the street stopped going there. Now, only a few of the original vendors remain and businesses that drew their crowds from the atmosphere created there have closed. All of this was due to the business types trying to spruce up the area to appeal to middle America.

    Tamai is just one of the many well-educated countercultural souls who made the street “happen” and who are now witnessing its demise. TBID never understood that “hip” was not a body part.

    Sorry, Tamai. Louis and I have contributed to your fund and I hope others will too. We wish you and your family well.

  38. Individuals like this cannot be rehabilitated. He will continue to rape and molest until someone stops him, permanently.

  39. I wonder if he would have ever been arrested had he not walked in to the OPD station for his annual sex offender registration.
    I shudder to think how many crimes he committed that were never reported.

  40. O’Malley is too busy charging a cop with manslaughter for killing an insane criminal who was charging at him with a baseball bat.

  41. He owns a home. Since rents are paid in real time, they will be whatever the market can bear. House prices on the other hand get inflated by lenders.

  42. To understand the impact of a $300 million assessment, compare any entire street in Berkeley to this one little building. Every property on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, if you add up all of their assessments, comes to only $289 million. That’s 340 separate lots.

    Another way to look at it would be that this one teensy little building will pay 50% more taxes than all the houses and all the other buildings on Cedar Street, which is almost 3 miles long.

  43. This information is not accurate. 539 39th is only one of three parcels. It is assessed for 32 million dollars, which seems pretty fair. The other parcels in the development are 540 39th ($122 million) and 532 39th ($144 million).

    Three hundred million dollars seems like a pretty respectable assessment. I find it amusing that this would be your complaint.

    By the way there are exactly zero single-family residences adjacent to MacArthur Station with a $10k/year tax bill. Literally none.

  44. All the RecSports COVID page says at the moment is:
    “We understand that pools in the area may be open, but Rec Sports
    continues to follow the latest guidance from campus and public
    officials, which requires that our four pools remain closed. In the
    meantime, we are continuing to offer Cal Aquatics Masters (CALM) dryland workouts via Zoom and at-home swim training from SwimSwam.”

  45. > …why in the world wouldn’t we?
    Um, perhaps ’cause there’s a pandemic? And anything indoors is more dangerous than outdoors. It’s summer–get your hair and nails done outside. You’ll also escape the toxic nail goop fumes.

    Orinda residents are better-behaved.

    Walnut Creek’s pools are open, including to Alameda Co residents. Albany’s not yet. See below re El Cerrito.

  46. The BLM issue is raised because of the incongruity of black ‘victims’ when they are usually out committing the crimes that get them into difficulty in the first place. The “child” reference is to the little girl ( how old is the girl in the video?) the two adults used to help carry out their heist.

  47. Why do Californians vote for easier sentences? Yes, it cuts POC a break, but these cushy laws endanger us all.

    I just don’t get it.

  48. Apparently I’m wrong, but I can’t figure out why because I still can’t find any reference to those things in the article. Guess they’re mentioned elsewhere.

  49. Probably should not have fired but she was not completely out of line either. This comes down to better training. First off her patrol car should have been parked on his bumper. Second she should have proned him out she could have easily done this while keeping line of site on the passengers last she should have fled to safety instead of engaging. All easy to say after the fact.

  50. I work at the Ashby BART station and look out at the west parking lot. I support housing on both the east and west lots. The parking lots are filled most days. Sure there are days when the lots aren’t filled — just like there are Fridays when the Bay Bridge isn’t completed packed, but those days are the exception.

  51. Correct! And because BART will only lease the land, a private developer will find available leverage to be poor. There will be no money from the private developer to subsidize the below market units. The other shoe will drop when the Mayor announces another big bond measure for the homeowners to pickup. And we have not even gotten the bill for Measure ‘O’ and Alameda County A-1.

    Another feast for the non-profits.

  52. If we’re going to address historic injustices in housing shouldn’t there be units included for ownership in all of these developments along with a plan to facilitate ownership? There’s a big gap between white home ownership and Black homeownership. I don’t know about the rest of you, but our biggest asset is our home, and it will likely be passed on to our children. Can we please put home ownership on the table? (

  53. These wonderful people seem to be as dedicated as they are resourceful, creative, and skillful. I hope the various funding threads they’re going after come through. The last sentence in this article made me think of another possible source of funding: “The meals are really high quality,” Hailer said. “I often hear the volunteers, and not only overhear how delicious they are, but they’re surprised by the fact that they’re vegan.” How about a cookbook? I’d buy one 🙂

  54. I know Tamai, too, and yes, he certainly is a very good person. I hope this article also helps to raise some more funds for him and his family.

  55. I’d be very surprised if all those who have been unable to sell their services for months will be able to earn even one quarter of what they used to. On top of that, they’re being required to spend a lot of money on everything from screens to face shields to hand sanitizers and on and on. An article on how they’re planning to cope with all the regulations and requirements would be very relevant now. Maybe Berkeleyside can also find out how many have had to completely give up their profession and what they plan to do.

  56. WTF when will we have a legitimate person to run against O’Malley for Alameda county DA??? Cause this shit has to stop! Why are these monsters still on the street?

  57. Tamai’s sad story is an example of why the State of CA needs to continue the eviction moratorium, forgive back rent and assist small landlords who can’t afford not to collect rent. Otherwise millions like Tamai will end up homeless.

  58. Thanks for your response, Sarah.
    I was excited to hear about the taqueria, thinking they might have authentic Michoacán food, but unfortunately they just seem to serve the common tacos & burritos we can find elsewhere in the Bay Area. If anyone on your staff is interested, Mexican, and Michoacán cuisine in particular, was recognized to be an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2010. Below is a link about that. There is a large population of Michoacanos here in Berkeley, but we have yet to find a restaurant serving the unique cuisine from the region…other than carnitas, which the state is definitely known for.
    I enjoy reading Berkeleyside– you guys are doing a great job! And if you’re ever interested in doing a story on what’s happening with the folk art scene in Berkeley, I’d be happy to share my experience. We’ve had our Berkeley-based business since 2004.
    Take care,

    *Peggy SteinMexico By Hand*


  59. If so then they are going to be chagrin and dead quiet when the new Ultra-HD cameras in Berkeley are installed: independent from any City agency or funding or control as has occurred in SF.

    Their resolution is such that they can clearly ID the tiny labels on a pair of sneakers in the dark. So no more grainy videos or ambiguity.

  60. Pedestrian-only from say noon to 10 pm would make a lot of sense. Particularly with the nice fall weather in September and October.

  61. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Unless and until BART & AC Transit get together and make it possible for people to make easy transitions to get home from BART, building housing on the BART parking lots is a stupid idea — and I, for one, will vote against anyone who approves it. I encourage others to do the same. These projects will essentially force me to drive to work rather than spend an extra hour on my commute each day — even assuming the bus comes on time, which is seldom. Is this really how we want to solve the area’s issues?

  62. Now one local Bay Area lightning storm destroys one million acres of forestlands? Wow. Can’t absorb all that overnight. Gonna take a while to filter through.

    My first response—To me what we are experiencing today is largely the result of what Americans put in place in the 80s. Jimmy Carter lost on his platform of “Americans learning to conserve resources and to get used to living with less stuff”. Reaganites were inspired by “America’s unlimited frontiers”…”free markets” and “deregulation”.

    Besides all the “go-go, build, build, spend-spend, drive more, drive faster” ethic of the last forty years I am not here to blame Reagan as the sole culprit. Everyone has a hand in it to one degree or another. I mean “how much excess stuff have your got packed into your garage?”

    What I wonder is where does CA go from here? Wonder what Jimmy would have to say on all this? Seems he’s not an “I told you so” kinda guy. Wonder if, considering Carter’s long term vision and life wisdom where he might see hope for the state? Interesting Reagan is no longer around and Carter is still here.

  63. I know Tamai, and he is a very good guy. I am sorry to hear about these problems.

    I wonder about the “$50,000 in inherited credit card debt.” Generally, people cannot inherit debt, and I think he should check out whether he really owes it. His mother died recently, according to the article, and when the estate is settled, he may find that the creditors can just get as much as is in the estate and not get any more from him. He should ask the lawyers working on the estate.

    “In most cases, you won’t inherit debt from your parents when they die. However, if you had a joint account with a parent or you cosigned a loan with them, then you would be responsible for any debt remaining on that specific account. When a parent dies, their estate is responsible for paying their debts.”,responsible%20for%20paying%20their%20debts.

  64. I doubt I will convince you to see it differently. But to be clear to all – BART will ultimately lease the land, will not build or operate the proposed housing.

  65. By definition every unit will be affordable to SOMEONE eventually…

    But to clarify – that’s BART’s baseline goal for the whole system, correct – in terms of affordable to median income in each location?

    So the affordable % can definitely be different at a given site, with Berkeley intending to put together a funding package to raise that % in Berkeley.

  66. At this point rhe only time I report property crime is when I need a police report for insurance. The last two times that hasn’t been the case. OPD has a great website for reporting property crime and you get the report sent to you in few hours in my experience. You don’t even have to talk to anyone.

  67. Intent vs. impact. I’d support knowing that ALL units are rented to low income people and families. If it’s not for the people and by the people, it’s for the developers.

  68. This is a Coronavirus picture. It is not going to be that way forever. This is irrelevant to the discussion over the long-term use of BART property. If BART prevents people without reliable bus service from parking at the station, their numbers will NEVER come back.

  69. BART´s MacArthur Commons, operated by Greystar, is only paying $220,000 in taxes for 880 units. That is only $250 per unit! Homeowners are paying over $10,000 a year in taxes to pay for police, fire, schools, sewer, streets, lighting, libraries, vector control etc…

    APN: 12-1025-13
    Property Address: 539 39TH ST, OAKLAND 94609-2485

  70. So, both misconduct and use of force.

    Where is YOUR report of YOUR investigation into the records for all you were suing for and for access to? Is your investigation of those records still ongoing? Is it complete?

    If you found nothing, it is significant for the public to know that.

  71. Berkeley has been overly stringent IMO in our reopening. All outdoor activities should be allowed (like pools) kids camps etc. Hair and nail salons, personal grooming etc all should be open for indoor use as well. Other counties in CA and in other states have done this- why in the world wouldn’t we? We belong to a pool in orinda and it’s been open for months. Our kids went to summer camp there. Zero issues. Real world examples that we’re choosing to ignore.

  72. what deep seated part of our national identity did you want to retain?

    as many have noted ad nauseum- mental illness/drug addiction/homeless problem has to be a federal effort, since no city has the resources to properly handle all the affected individuals that move to their city.

    you are of course entitled to react to this idea and declare it a defeatist position, but what is your more sophisticated solution?

  73. You listed a grand total of 10 people – does that mean that ALL whites are rich? And your comment really rambles. You could list some very rich non-Whites – the first one that pops into my mind is Oprah. (I don’t mean to malign her – just pointing out the fact that some non-Whites are in fact rich.) And I have known plenty of Whites who are struggling to survive – in fact I was one of them when my daughter was little. And every time I walk thorough Downtown, I see that some of the homeless are White.

  74. Yep, the easiest time to travel with newborns is before 6 mths. They sleep a lot. Feeding schedules are easy to follow. Pacifiers are great. I went to tons of movies at the UC Theatre with a newborn, never a peep. Wicks is just another grandstanding pol, not principled.

  75. I’m quicker to assume you’re being misleading about something here. Where are the pictures from every single day proving that it is routinely deserted? I also walked through that parking lot on work days, and it was almost always full.

  76. That is what the police department said BEFORE Berkeleyside sued them. Why bother suing to get access to the records when you don’t tell us what YOU, the 4th estate found?

    If you are just going to now defer to what BPD told you because you found no impropriety, let’s appreciate what that says about motives.

  77. So, the commenter’s claim was that there should be a state law requiring cities to provide housing for all the jobs they have.

    The idea is that cities in silicon valley should provide housing for all their tech workers. According to that view, iis not good enough for them to say “Our housing shortage was caused by the growth of tech companies. It is not our fault, so we won’t do anything about it.”

    Likewise, Berkeley shouldn’t be able to make this excuse for not building housing.

    ” Trying to build housing within Berkeley for this many students is an exercise in futility.”
    And refusing to build new housing for all those students is an exercise in self-destruction.

    It is quite amazing to argue that we shouldn’t build new housing for students because we have so many more students. It is like arguing that silicon valley shouldn’t build more housing for employees because they have so many more employees.

  78. I shouldn’t be condescending, but when I see commenters who are obviously unaware of all the discussion behind transit-oriented development, it is hard to avoid.

  79. Sorry, but everyone who has studied the history of the American city knows that low-density auto-oriented suburbs were the cancerous growth policy that contributed to global warming, paving of open space, and other forms of environmental destruction,

    Now, we are trying to reverse that cancerous growth policy, or at least to rein it in.

  80. Re: Uahri Taqueria: “Uarhi” means woman in Purepecha, the old language of Michoacan, Mexico.” Fun fact is that Purepecha is not an OLD language but the indigenous language spoken today by the Purepecha people in Michoacán.

  81. This is not why BPD fires their weapon. This is why a cop in Phoenix or so other gawd awful place does it. They were able to catch him later. They could of caught him later without the gunshots also.

  82. I guess that’s the profile of the Berkeley progressive. And they probably have Black Lives Matter yard signs – so they can advertise that they’re progressive.

  83. The strongest opinions about drugs during childbirth and breast feeding always seem to come from men.

  84. I’d’ve shot the tires. Then, if the thieves are proved innocent or themselves victims, she has to at least put the spare on ..

  85. I’d spent the evening of the 30th looking at the live Assembly feed, and wondering why Buffy didn’t vote on anything. I figured she was in the wings, ready to present buddy Scott Wiener’s SB 1120. While she did emerge to vote, it was too late, but that scene made her a ‘star’ ..

  86. I linked to the nine (now 15) restaurants that are offering specials in the article; the others are just open for takeout, delivery + outdoor dining.

  87. “Roaches can be either the tenants” love to watch people who have nothing better to do with their day than post inflammatory classist rants comparing poorer Berkeleyans to cockroaches. This town is so progressive!!!

  88. I see that basically anytime I go in there. Which is why I try to avoid that place. Garbage enabling garbage. Berkeley doesn’t have to be this bad. But it is.

  89. Berkeleyside- do you know if the pools will be open only for lap swimming or is free-play for the kids and lessons going to be available, too?

  90. I don’t think the perpetrator is a BLM activist.

    I’m merely referring to the fact BLM activists are either completely ignorant or hypocrites. If you really care about black lives then you would focus on the 90% of the black homicides which are perpetrated by people of the same race, or the fact 70% of the violent crimes in Berkeley are committed by the same. THOSE are the roots of the problem.

  91. You’re completely misunderstanding. We weren’t suing over the misconduct (lying + sexual assault) records, which were addressed in the first story. We were suing over use-of-force records related to critical incidents. They did turn over a bunch of homicide cases after the lawsuit but none of them had anything to do with misconduct. There were no misconduct records that were releasable under the law, period. I’m not sure how much clearer I can be.

  92. Damn good restaurant. But the rent keeps going up? Why? Terrible, the owner? Lack of community but I can see how the layout wouldnt work in a covid environment. Dang.

  93. I went to the Oakland website linked in the article and couldn’t find much information. Are there special RW offers or are we simply encouraged to eat out or take out in Oakland these two weeks? I clicked on the website’s link to Pizzaiola and found a listing of their hours, nothing else. Ditto with The Forge, The Lake Chalet, Grand Lake Kitchen and Bellanico. I simply can’t find any special RW menus, even on some of their own websites. What’s the deal here?

  94. So in your mind, no action is available to deal with drug addiction, mental illness, and the homelessness and criminality that may ensue UNLESS the federal government launches a permanent housing effort AND we abandon a deep seated part of our national identity ?

    That strikes me as hopelessly naive and therefore defeatist.

  95. That is of course complete nonsense. There are just as many houses across Liberty, Central, and Richmond from El Cerrito Plaza as there are across Sacramento, Virginia, and Acton from N. Berkeley. The only exception is ECP has shops on its south border. El Cerrito Plaza is actually closer to its neighbors, since it’s only 650 feet curb-to-curb from the houses on its east and west side, compared to 750 feet across the North Berkeley site.

  96. Is it wrong that I want to go to MudLab’s zero-waste event and just throw away, I dunno, a rubberband or something… Just because?

  97. Also could try to not take lethal doses of fentanyl and/or sexually assaulting someone you had previously victimized prior to engaging the police. #Deepthoughts

  98. That’s the position taken by the British police system. Basically, you have no right to privacy if you’re out in public places. Gets a whole lot of crooks off the streets PDQ.

  99. “State strategies”, whatever the lip-service, always give positive nods to expansive and cancerous growth policies. That issue aside, dense housing development near decimated transit complexes is laughable, when not absurd and profoundly dishonest. A cousin of “we destroyed the village in order to safe it.”

  100. Every store should have a red button system these days. Of course, the question is whether we’d have an officer to send immediately.

  101. I agree with you and also with Haystack. Miller could have been screwed either way. I imagine she made what she thought was the best decision and hoped back-up would get there quickly.

  102. The story here is about transparency. The department will investigate and reach a conclusion. We have been waiting for body cameras to make this possible and here we are. The role of the PRC will be minimal.

  103. El Cerrito’s BART stations were both already located in shopping plazas, not smack dab in the middle of neighborhoods like the ones in Berkeley.

  104. BART’s core competency is providing regional public transit. If they eliminate all parking then they are failing at their sole mission.

  105. You and petert both mention BLM and now you mention using a child. I’m baffled, since nothing in this article mentions either of those as factors.

  106. BPD ultimately found the alleged driver from the incident and identified him as 19-year-old Brandon Owens of Concord. On Aug. 7, the Alameda County district attorney’s office charged Owens with robbery. He is no longer in custody, according to court records online.

    Why in the hell is he not still in custody? He fled the scene of a crime and tried to kill a police officer with a car. He should be locked up without bail.

  107. The “model” that BPD is forced to follow is the one that makes our community a victim for crooks from other cities time and time again.

  108. The alternative should have been to make him throw the keys away from the car and lay on the ground. Allowing him to get in the car with the keys in his hand was a stupid move.

  109. The Firestone manual, page 32, says “when shooting out tires, make sure you hit the sidewall….”

  110. Ugh. Really feel for these folks. Climate change sucks … hurts the very people actually doing something to try to counteract it. Glad for those who got through relatively unscathed. Heart goes out to those with losses. Not looking forward to future rounds of this.

  111. The reason that Berkeley doesn’t provide enough housing for people who study here is that UC Berkeley has increased enrollment by around 10,000 since 2005. Enrollment supposed to increase even more in the next three years. Trying to build housing within Berkeley for this many students is an exercise in futility.

  112. Do you know that you sound very condescending? A commenter can easily be aware of a state strategy while disagreeing with it.

  113. “A new state law requires that police officers use deadly force only when they “reasonably believe,” given all the circumstances, that it’s necessary to defend a human life.” c/o SFGate article re another shooting that didn’t end so well.
    Shooting your gun = deadly force
    even shooting at tires–what training manual is that in?

  114. What Elisabeth said! It’s not hard–you get people to sign up for 45-50 minute slots, one per lane. Don’t open the locker rooms–people can shower at home. That’s it!

  115. These units will reduce competition for bedrooms in houses with roommates. If people don’t want to rent these new units, asking rent will decrease until people do want to rent them.

  116. The “affluent few” won’t live in this building. They’ll live in their 2-bedrooms or 1-bedrooms, or studios that all include full private kitchens and more square footage. You don’t hate the struggling middle class, so the market needs to add housing for them too.

  117. Berkeley has 22% of the land area of San Francisco, but only 14% of the population. SF didn’t always have tall buildings and mid-rise buildings and a large population. They’re a natural consequence of growth and people wanting to live there. Growing up is natural and necessary.

  118. The on-site manager (whose unit got doubled to 400 square feet) will likely enforce rules about minimum cleanliness.

  119. You think the pandemic will be around when this is actually finished and people are moving in? Maybe the tail end of it as people are getting vaccinated. You don’t think this project will escape months of delays from the city council, do you?

  120. Does that mean renting a bedroom in a house of strangers should be banned because some large people need more space? How about we allow people to live in compact spaces if they choose, and build compact housing according to market demand? That reduces competition for larger rooms larger people need.

  121. What percentage of crimes get reported? Half, a quarter, a tenth? You can’t ever know for sure, but the real number of crimes is way higher than the stats, if only because reporting them is such a waste of time that many don’t bother.

  122. Expert Andrew at your services. Next time you are in a situation like that likely you will be changing your underwear.

  123. When you think about it, Prop 47 was just insane. I’m sure I voted for it, too. Thinking the prisons were overcrowded with petty criminals, and the like. Not again.

  124. Too many people don’t understand the full impact of these horrific fires. It is so much more than just the loss of structures (and also the totally awful loss of life); it is the loss of livlihoods for so many who own and farm the land and those who help them harvest. Please support these local farmers and their workers.

  125. Unbelievable. The use of a child to further your crimes? Despicable.

    BLM. I just have to roll my eyes. When are we going to have a debate over the ridiculous over-the-top black crime? Please post per-capita crime statistics. This is absurd.

    I’ll also say that this is the most botched police apprehension I’ve ever seen. I could have done a better job. Mainly, I would have made that guy lay down on the ground, spead-eagle, until backup arrived.

  126. yes, many if not most PDs need drastic change, some need to be dissolved and start over, but BPD is this rare PD that may be a model. I am no expert on BPD, but by observation and interaction, they seem well educated, rational and not overly aggressive. maybe i have missed times when they have been overly hostile? BPD would be the maybe only police force that might be held as an example to usa of how to be transparent, non aggressive. Have they been aggressive toward antifa during those demonstrations when alt right show up downtown to provoke? They do seem to require more investment in adding psychological specialists to handle abundant mental health issues and alternatives to jailing mentally ill. but that is an add on. we need to find humane solutions to house/help mentally ill/homeless/susbstance abusers. and take that responsibility off the police.

  127. They didn’t put the police officer on leave or reprimand her or do anything else. No councilmembers have condemned her action–that I have heard of.

    As for the robber, the article says, “Owens is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 5.”

  128. How absurd that some folks are saying this is a political stunt, when her request to vote by proxy was denied! Some babies won’t take a bottle, and the only way they can eat is via mama’s mammaries. And anyway, if it’s a “stunt” to normalize breastfeeding, then I’m all for it!

  129. BART’s policy is: aim for 35% affordable, 65% market. (Of course, market rate is also affordable to some people who would do well to live near BART, such as many people who work in downtown SF.)

  130. Defunders take note – the criminals have figured out what we all now know, that BPD’s use-of-force ladder is calibrated so hopelessly low that’s its safe to ignore and evade an officer even at gunpoint.

    I actually sat on a jury for a wrongful death suit against Fremont Police some years ago for a situation very much like this one where a guy selling meth tried to get away in his vehicle and while there were officers on foot surrounding it (one got hit, tho not badly). They didn’t get a dime.

  131. there may be something i am missing, but since the cameras only capture public views, i don’t understand. is anyone expecting privacy when in public? i have confidence in the integrity of the BPD not to mismanage the footage. some other police depts, not so sure. this would be mostly a deterrent and would hopefully help everyone and decrease arrests etc. it would reduce any violence against perps and public alike, if it resulted in less crimes.

  132. Sounds like bpd is dangerously underfunded for her to not have a partner / backup. Probably need to up the funding substantially to help avoid situations like this

  133. El Cerrito Swim Center has been operating with strict health and safety standards for two months. Other pools in Contra Costa County have been open even longer. Berkeley Aquatics would do well to follow their example. No need to re-invent the wheel!

  134. Thanks for the update Bside, I will be crossing fingers that it happens and that much like El Cerrito, our Berkeley pools are prioritized for Berkeley residents.

  135. Looks like the officer handled the situation very professionally. She gave clear instructions to the suspects, protected herself from harm, tried to shoot the tires rather than the passengers, and didn’t fire wildly at the vehicle as it sped off.

    We are lucky to have such a professional, well-trained police force in Berkeley. I was witness to a domestic disturbance in the 1990s when a very large, belligerent man kicked a cop in the knee and probably broke his leg, and was amazed that the other five officers didn’t kill the guy right then and there. They just spun him around, cuffed his hands behind his back, pushed him into a sitting position and read him his rights. I’ve been a fan of the BPD ever since, and I consider myself pretty left of center.

    Kudos to Officer Miller, and to BPD for being so forthcoming.

    I hope the internal review is thorough and clears the officer of any wrongdoing.

  136. Finish all the current projects that are almost complete, assess the situation and then decide what scale these projects need to be, Just saying “more more more” housing isn’t realistic in this volatile economy. None of it will be affordable.

  137. There are plenty of Berkeley cop haters who will make a lot of noise. All I can say is, walk a mile in a cop’s shoes. Every day you’re dealing with lowlifes who are going to challenge/kill you because there’s no downside for them. Were the CVS robbers detained for maybe a couple of hours? If they’re punished at all, it will be remote in time and mild

  138. Likely nothing. That’s why I’m using the term “kitchenette”. It is NOT a kitchen per Berkeley Municipal Code. Kitchen: A habitable space used for preparation of food that contains at least a sink, a refrigerator of no less than 10 cubic feet, and either a cooktop and an oven, or a range.

  139. I was at a grocery store when a lady wheeled out a cart full of liquor. Staff were not even allowed to call the police. I called the cops with the license plate number and the description. As bad as the crime records are in Berkeley, they would be even worse if all stores were required to file a police report.

  140. That is the job of a cop– to put yourself in harm’s way when necessary. What’s your alternative, not respond to the call and thus stay out of harm’s way?

  141. I almost did a spit take when I saw the minimum lot size of 1,200 square feet in SB1120 for parcel splits. In the section where it occurs, however, it does say: 66411.7. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this division and any local law…. Does that mean local municipalities can set a larger minimum lot size?

  142. Kudos to the store employees who attempted to foil these criminals. Too bad one of them didn’t ram the main thief with the shopping cart while the thief was bent over collecting plundered items. The thief had already used violence against one of the store employees, and the thief deserved to be rammed with a shopping cart. Perhaps it would have rendered him more compliant for when then officer arrived. CVS should have cameras covering the exterior as well.

    The officer may have made mistakes, but she didn’t shoot any of the three thieves, which would’ve been a riot-inducing mistake and put Berkeley in the conversation with Minneapolis and Kenosha. We need to cut the officer some slack– that’s a very tough situation and unless you’ve lived it, you don’t know how you would react. I’m glad she didn’t shoot anybody, and I’m glad BPD didn’t behave like Kenosha or Minneapolis police.

  143. During most of American history, metropolitan areas did build enough housing to keep prices reasonable, even though – amazingly enough – there were no laws compelling each individual city to build housing addressing the new jobs it creates. Some cities were employment centers, and some were mostly residential, and it was no problem.

    But if we do want each city to provide housing, then Berkeley should provide more. Currently, Berkeley doesn’t provide enough housing for the people who work and study here, so we have more in-commuters than out-commuters.

  144. LOL. I didn’t all off the turnip truck yesterday. These explanations from men about nursing/ baby care are laughable.

  145. The progressives own their houses and live in the hills , as long as their taxes dont go up they could care less who gets shot in west Berkeley , could be in Oakland or Richmond for all they care.

  146. Most violent criminals come from the prison system . Prisons do not rehabilitate the educate and demoralise people. Without the huge expense that prolific gun use has on society there would be a surplus of benefits that could be used to prevent a person from being a criminal in the first place ( Except for people like Epstein or Trump , they never needed a dime and committed more crime than any in berkeley ever)

  147. the racist cops either shot their parents or put them in jail for smoking a joint in 2008. No one steals a phone or laptop because they want your phone or laptop, they want money. If gun buybacks were $1,000 i doubt anyone would use a gun to steal ur phone.

  148. Please take a look at the top 10 ; Bezos, Zuck, Gates, Buffett, Ellison , Ballmer, Scott, Musk, Koch,
    Hass, Walton . these are some of the whitest people ever. Combined worth $1 Trillion . Systemic Racism is top down , Institutional racism has existed at UC Berkeley for each of its 150 year history and the city reflects that. Poverty and crime are easy to solve but the Institution of Incarceration profits from crime ; From the Warden, to the Judge and the DA, to the coroner, to the Police, the the Red Light cameras, the Defense Lawyers it all requires crime . Preventing crime is a lot less expensive than reacting to a crime.

  149. Fast and Furious lost 22 automatic weapons from the US government in Mexico. The failure to require background checks for EVERY gun purchase in the USA by the ATF is being an accomplice to illegal gun sales. How do you think ” illegal ” guns make it to the street , usually by a legal sale to someone who is just selling it to someone who may be a felon they just dont care. Trump loves every shooting , its sadistic.

  150. Pre COVID, NBerk was full M-Th by 9:30. Fridays and particularly Fridays prior to holidays less so.

    Now it is full of rollerbladers, kids learning to ride bikes and skateboards, and chalk art.

  151. There were no serious misconduct records to release.

    It would be appropriate and significant to follow up and report that there were none, especially after filing a lawsuit, which in the eyes of the public implies that they may have something to hide.

    This lawsuit story needs to have a conclusion IMHO. Perhaps an update at the bottom of that story, after > 18 months.

  152. She wanted clarification about how NBerk was designated “urban” while other stations (El Cerrito del Norte, Daly City, everything on the Orinda line) were not.

    The response was that it was in the FAQ, which does contain some vagueness about proximities and etc but zero numeric values.

  153. Good grief. Blame the officer “‘100%’ … for the ‘calamity’ that followed .. and the chief … and you would be cutting off the hands of criminals”?
    My gosh, how excessive and medieval. You sound like some kind of “Dirty Harry”.
    No toilet paper for you!

  154. Aww yes and if she wants to end poverty she should just do that too. I mean honestly are you so tone death to not see how ridiculous you are sounding? And before you start with usual corners I can guarantee I am as far removed from those corners as anyone, I just could believe what I was reading.

  155. I am sure that at least one person lives there. Just because they are barbequing in Berkeley while Black does not mean you should call the swat team to shoot a few.

  156. If guns had fingerprint trigger-locks then felons would not be able to use guns. but since the NRA is a domestic terrorist organization it floods the streets with cheap guns like the CIA flooded the streets of LA with cheap crack in the 1990s.

  157. In case anyone missed it, the “not on Telegraph” Tempo BRT service stared up about a month ago. Has anyone ridden it?

  158. Oh my god, a Berkeley police officer fired her gun. The Police Review Commission will insist she be fired along with 5 more police officers to compensate for the horror. Can’t wait until the very woke citizens of Berkeley approve Measure II, a Charter Amendment, which puts the PRC on steroids. They’ll get a say in the hiring of the police chief and the review of the police budget. Imagine what the police budget will look like after they get done with it. These days you just can’t have enough oversight of the police. In fact, we may need a special commission to oversee the PRC just to make sure they’re cracking down enough on the police.

  159. I look forward to the results of the investigation.

    In the meantime, props to BPD for releasing the video with all the relevant segments, as well as including the witness cellphone video, the police dispatch audio, and the voiceover explaining the incident. This is what police transparency is all about when it comes to officer-initiated engagement. Police Departments elsewhere in the US take note.

  160. No…the growth in housing will just accommodate business growth. Since cities are not compelled to build housing to address the new jobs they attract, most will focus on business growth due to the tax benefits. Except for Berkeley, of course. We will try to address the problems caused by other cities even though we end up destroying Berkeley in the process. But, we can feel so righteous about it.

  161. If you get there at 9am this lot is definitely full. Not everyone goes to work at 7;30.
    Many folks are too far from Bart to walk, unable to bike there, or a not close bus route.
    Cars are never going to go away and not everyone who takes Bart is in their 20s and 30s.
    Less cars on the road is great but this auto attacks are BS.

  162. Yes – the variable within the US has been more crowding within existing units/rooms, not density of units. Even in NYC you can see that the areas with the most units (Manhattan) weren’t the area with the most cases.

    Put simply: building more housing, and lowering housing costs, would lower the risk of infection.

  163. The simple answer is that BART will structure the contracts which will provide clarity; but my belief is that the developer, not BART, bears the risk, and pays BART a fixed lease payment.

  164. The baby was born in July (i.e., less than two months ago), and needs to be fed, like, all the time. I don’t think her husband or other family members are lactating.

  165. What gives you the idea that everyone wants to throw her under the bus? That is pure fantasy.

  166. Are you serious?… Wicks cast the decisive vote on a bill expanding paid family leave, which was also almost killed by Rendon’s shenanigans.

  167. No one is recommending taking all funds or officers away. People are recommending that officers not be called out to every mental case, where a social worker might do better and get better results.

  168. I think she believed he was blocked in by her vehicle and the surrounding curb. However, there was enough room behind him to backup and maneuver over the curb. She could have asked him to throw out his keys first, before getting in, but he didn’t look like he was particularly accommodating.

  169. This post read like a tantrum from the usual corners. If Wicks wants to change the proxy voting rules to include maternity leave, do it.

  170. it only looks like a political stunt because the “ordinary situation” is dumb and stupid, and having a legislator have to come into sacramento with a one month newborn, interrupt a feeding, to vote in person on a bill in the midst of a raging pandemic, when the other legislative house has been remotely voting for a while (because there some old white guys felt personally at risk), puts the immense contradiction of this “ordinary situation”–the mind-numbingly stupid patriarchal decisions and its systems–on full display for everyone to easily see.

  171. one thing i can’t stand is people judging other parents having no iota of their situation. some mothers can’t pump sufficient amounts. maybe there are feeding/latching issues. formula is not always an option (and not recommended early on). bottle feeding may not be working. you have no idea. so you should just stay quiet.

  172. So land prices will decline? Land cost is the most flexible part of the building process. Materials, labor, etc are what they are. But land can range from $100 to $100,000,000 per acre in Berkeley.

  173. and if it is not just a stunt maybe she learned something from it and put a few bills forward helping families for a change.

  174. harry waterman (me) didnt post that video here (there was some account confusion) , but Im confused why you all hate it so much. it seems like hes an alternative to Jesse, a step in the direction of doing something. if the problem is “nothings happening” then maybe you should look to someone who has the will to make something happen. this wayne guy talks about the berkeley issues you mentioned, and while he may be an “ideologue”as least his ideals are generally in the right place. you want change, but you dont want to compromise in the slightest. is this why berkeleyside commenters are still a small minority?

  175. I think it’s fine to have a discussion about the level of force that can be applied to a person running from arrest. We give the police a monopoly on force. If we create and make public a city policy that people running from arrest can do so at no risk of injury, every suspect will do so. People will commute here to commit crime. It will be worse than now. I don’t want to see people shot in the back and killed for fleeing the police, but life would be simply untenable here if there weren’t this risk to criminals. Why wouldn’t every criminal in the area come here to commit crime if it were risk free?

  176. Ya’ll will throw anyone under the bus won’t you? This cop is a black woman who hadn’t been on the job very long but she could lose her job because of public criticism…Doesn’t her life matter? Or is it like everything else, cops are bad criminals are good?

  177. That whole situation does not happen if she didn’t plant the seed in the perp’s mind that he had the upper hand. I get it. If it was me, we’d be cutting off hands of criminals on the spot. This officer though is 100% to blame for the calamity that followed after her arrival. If you want a reason to call for a no confidence vote on the chief, this is it. I have no confidence that they have any training whatsoever after watching this video.

    [This comment has been moderated. -Eds]

  178. Thank you for saying that. This is such an ordinary situation for families that it just looks like a political stunt.

  179. Do you know that there is a state law encouraging dense housing development near transit as part of the state’s strategy to counter global warming?

  180. Invariably? Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul have had among the lowest COVID rates in the world. The usual protective measures are far more important than degree of crowding.

  181. You are right. Maintain the Existing Grid is a terrible option. It would make it impossible to have a continuous Ohlone Greenway.

  182. I like the replies to this where ppl think she handled this well. She clearly failed in every way which put her, the perps, and anyone else nearby in danger.

  183. He probably told the judge and DA that he was not doin nuthin and has no idea who his two accomplices were and Trump made him do it so he was freed.

  184. Pretty sure she messed up big time. Let them leave and follow them, block their vehicle from leaving, order suspect on the ground, many other options. She put herself in harms way then got scared.

  185. True enough, but good luck with that. Zero population growth hasn’t been considered PC for decades now. People start screaming “racist eugenics!”

  186. Not she or any other officer should fire their weapon unless necessary to protect life or serious bodily injury etc etc. So yeah, they wont shoot in Berkeley otherwise, thank goodness.

  187. What does sex or gender have to do with it? Are you saying female police officers are not as strong or brave as male officers? I’ve been told they are totally equal, and they are paid the same.

  188. At 19, I don’t think he’s very prison-hardened. Especially since he was actually pretty compliant ’til she ordered him into the car. A real hard case, like e.g. Michael Brown, would’ve tackled her and tried to grab her gun immediately.

    The Apple Store on 4th St is such a target that it does get a BPD vehicle parked in front during all open hours. CVSs and dollar stores are 2nd-class citizens and don’t rate the same treatment. Dollar stores operate on slim margins and can’t afford rent-a-cops. But they should have a red button to call 510-981-5911 (directly to the BPD’s 911 dispatchers, instead of going thru regional dispatch), and the BPD should get enough officers to respond quickly.

  189. At least 6 City Councilmembers, including the Mayor, think that CCTV cameras covering entirely public streets and sidewalks would violate the privacy rights of career felons.

  190. Where’s her husband or other family members, seriously, how do you think the rest of us managed work and motherhood.

  191. That’s what the command voice, baton, pepper spray and gun are for. He was obedient ’til he got into the car.

  192. I think the hoods all know this already. It’s been so long since one of their number was shot at here, and they give each other tips. That’s why so many commute here to pursue their chosen careers, even from Antioch, Vallejo, etc.

  193. Not just Prop 47, but a PD funded for half the officers it needs to deal with lower-level crimes like that. They’re too busy running down urgent calls and major felonies.

  194. So, all criminals need to do is threaten a cop with bodily harm when apprehended and simply walk away?

    Once that word gets out, Berkeley will be a haven for criminals.

  195. The perp or one his compatriots could have had a weapon in the car and turned it on her. She cannot observe his movements inside a car. Why not order him to get on the ground, hands behind your head? Which begs the question, if a cop cannot detain a criminal caught in the act of committing a robbery or other violent crime without fear of “getting dumped on his/herhead”, what’s the point of having cops or issuing them firearms?

    Even the perp was incredulous at being ordered back into the car!

  196. May have been a bullet fragment ricochet from the car or asphalt. She shot at very close range. But who knows?

  197. When it comes to the North Berkeley site, why should ‘maintain the existing street grid’ even be an option at all? Especially if there isn’t parking to get in and out of. Option c) all the way!

  198. “It’s critical that we think big” Absolutely ass-backward thinking. Growth should and must be discouraged. But it will not be. Human societies fail to understand their limitations. How many warning signs do Homo sapiens need? It’s critical that we think small. This, however, goes against the terrible habit of entrepreneurial thinking and behavior.

  199. Literally a sad state of affairs, Meanwhile the businesses pass the cost on to us all not just the idiots who vote for these propositions.

  200. We have heard many times before that the bubble will burst and rents will plummet. In reality, rents only decline temporarily, and then they climb back to more than their previous peak.

  201. ” the idea that a single apartment complex is going to wildly decrease housing prices in the area is laughable.”

    which is why no one ever made that claim. But many apartment complexes of this type throughout the region will put downward pressure on prices.

  202. With the parking, there will be expensive rent. Without parking, less expensive rent. Without parking and without the right to buy parking permits, least expensive rents and least impact on the neighborhood.

  203. Planners do the planning, not managers. The planners we already have don’t have spare time to take on this massive process of developing alternatives, holding meetings, and getting public input. If we lived in a dictatorship, then the “managers” could dictate the solution to the public without this process.

  204. I am a renter. We’ll never own a home in Berkeley, even with 2 decent salaries coming in. So I don’t have a backyard to call my own. What does that make me? A “N I M _ _?”

  205. “We are in the middle of a pandemic”

    And they say this housing will be built in five years. Will we still be in the middle of a pandemic then?

  206. I don’t think it’s clear from the video whether or not he ran over her foot. That said, I asked BPD about it yesterday but they said they can’t share anything else right now. BPD says it will share the rest of the documents required by law (SB 1421) by Sept. 30 so there will be much more info at that time. (Just added a note about the timeline to the bottom of the story.)

  207. Common sense tells you she wanted him in the car for her safety that way she could control the situation… In the car yes she has to worry about him having a firearm But outside of the car she has to worry about him attacking her physically which she has no control over so in the car until another officer arrives is the safest situation for her.

  208. The driver was directing the car into the officer, therefore was threatening her.// Last year, I was at Walgreens at Gilman on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for the prescription counter to reopen after lunch. A crew came through and starting taking vitamin capsules off the shelves as I stood there. One fellow wore a shirt emblazoned with the word COCAINE. I went to the front of the store, where the staff knew what was happening. They told me this happens every day, and they don’t try to stop the thieves or call the police. This is what Prop. 47 has brought us.

  209. This is what you get when the police review commission AKA Andrea prichett Takes away all of Berkeley police officers less than lethal methods. A taser would have been really nice in this scenario.

  210. Having seen the video, I am curious about one element of the original report.

    “The officer was transported to a local hospital for an injury to her
    foot, which happened during the encounter. She has subsequently been

    The text says no one was hit by gunfire. And the video does not seem to show the car hitting the officer.

  211. There were no serious misconduct records to release. There will be a use-of-force report coming before council in the next month or so. I don’t think any BPD use-of-force incidents qualified for SB1421 until this most recent incident.

  212. Dream on! There WILL be residential parking. With expensive rent, expect lots of roommates. Multiply the number of units by at least 2 and up to 3 residential parking permits per unit to get the number of new vehicles in the neighborhood. Subtract 822 existing parking spaces. The result will be parking hell in perpetuity for you, all your neighbors, and all the new residents. Say goodbye to 822 parking spaces and expect at least 1,000 to 1,500 new cars and trucks. There will be a net increase of about 2,300 vehicles fighting to park in your neighborhood. I hope you remain strong enough to carry your groceries home because you won´t be able to park near your house.

    There are 36 vehicles parked on my fully parked block today. Divide 2,300 by 36, and you will get a net increase of approximately 63 complete blocks worth (both sides of the street) of new neighborhood parking demand, and zero added supply. Can you even imagine what this will do to North Berkeley?

    Most houses have a driveway for off street parking, and the streets are already parked up. Developers want to build a cheap as possible by diverting parking costs onto everyone else. These projects WILL be parking parasites.

  213. Disaster waiting to happen! Can you imagine the fights on Cooking in night with your “date” The pungent odors of cooking wizzes who don’t want their own kitchen just reminds me of those that “never grow up.”

    Let’s see, probably more carryout meals, (since the kitchen is full), the garbage in the kitchen is overflowing with more solid, paper and plastic waste, which then leads to more cockroaches, Rats, mice and ants because most individuals attempting to live like this generally can’t take care of themselves let alone in a group setting. The name of this place should be affectionately called:
    The Roach Motel: “Roaches check in, but they don’t check out!” In this instance, the Roaches can be either the tenants or the roaches themselves…….neither will ever leave or grow up.

  214. ‘Rendon wrote on Twitter. “My intention was never to be inconsiderate to her, her role as a legislator or her role as a mother.”’

    Yes it was. Before it went viral and people were already asking about it, Rendon dug in his heels. Only a snippet of the original response is in the article, the full quote is:

    ‘In a statement to POLITCO, Rendon spokesperson Katie Talbot said, “The speaker understands that members are committed to performing their legislative duties, while still trying to minimize risk of Covid-19 exposure. The house resolution pertaining to proxy voting is very specific, in that only members at a higher risk from Covid-19 will be considered eligible for proxy voting.”

    “This bar of eligibility was always intended to be high, to ensure the protection of our legislative process,” she continued.’

    It was only after this news story went nationally viral that Rendon decided to be incrementally less of a bad person.

    There is also a bitter coincidence that Rendon almost also killed a bill expanding family leave, which passed in the last few minutes with a deciding aye vote by Wicks. I don’t pretend to know definitively what was going on in the speaker’s head to put so many bills (including police accountability bills which also died because of time constraints) at the very end of the legislative session, but something tells me if old men were the ones who gave birth to children this entire situation would never have happened.

  215. Things sure are clear in hindsight. But if you’re a cop making split second decisions in the heat of the moment dealing with multiple thugs, we should be applying a different standard of good judgment

  216. The photo is from 2019, before the pandemic. This parking lot does not regularly fill to capacity. It’s usually deserted.

  217. With today’s key fobs, you can drive away with the key fob on the roof with many cars. Ordering the driver into the car was absurd, and the captured suspect knew it. She should have ordered him to lay on the ground. I doubt the suspect thought that the officer was unlikely to shoot him, but in a few years, criminals from around the Bay Area will know that officers will absolutely not shoot in Berkeley.

  218. As sad as this is it is the reality for 99% of the working mothers.
    She should change state laws to allow mothers AND fathers to stay home WITH FULL PAY and BENEFITS for a minimum of 6 months! It is inhumane to make mothers go back after 4 weeks and give some peanuts you cant life of as a “benefit”. The current law makes people choose between getting evicted or caring for the child.

  219. Thanks for clarifying. (I wasn’t sure “shooting” had the same meaning as “discharging a firearm” in the original text). I’m honestly a little surprised at 8 years.

  220. This is not “inspirational” stuff, but don’t lose track of who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. I recommend you go to church, to a concert, or listen to the spoken word for inspiration.

  221. Good form by BPD review. Multiple suspects caught and then acting contrary to officer’s clear order to turn off car and stay in the vehicle. No confusion there … just a brazen disregard and getaway. Uncertain from the visuals, but appears that the “3” shots fired were at the car’s tires with intent to impede the getaway.

    The problem is not lack of comprehension by suspected thieves (he/they confirmed the command), but their disregard for (CVS and employee) victims of the heist, and failure to submit to apprehension with reasonable force when caught. Suspects took the chance, and for the moment got away with what looks to be a cart load of bathroom supplies, and assaulted a store employee in the process. The suspects will likely face even more severe toilet paper rationing in the near future … not a smart move.

  222. Miller ultimately ordered the man to get into his vehicle after he briefly walked away from her to get his keys.
    “Get in?” he asked, confused.
    “Yes,” Miller answered.
    “Are you sure?” he asked.

    Even the crook knew the cop didn’t have a clue what she was doing or why.

  223. We have bigger problems than protecting your I’ve-got-mine-so-screw-everybody-else-single-family-home-lifestyle….and lining NIMBY pockets by maintaining the housing shortage.

    Buzz off!

  224. They put elmwood on the map! God bless the Dalo family. I wish them the best with their future endeavors.

  225. Who is going to eat the loss when the top market rent falls to $2,400 or less? Median SF rent for a two-bedroom has already fallen below $3,000.
    When the pandemic eviction moratorium finally goes away Bay Area rents will plummet. Nothing lasts forever, and the economic assumptions behind these projects are crumbling just like the ancient EBMUD infrastructure we all depend on for survival. Construction and materials costs will continue to surge. The costs to construct these projects will be too high to be covered by the rent. Any effort to have market rate housing subsidize ¨affordable¨ housing will price the market units into the stratosphere. Expensive new units will remain vacant. Berkeley does not need more expensive and vacant market rate apartments. The new Jones building is giving away 8 weeks of free rent because the building across from ACME remains mostly empty with dozens and dozens of expensive units:

  226. Sorry to say, but this is a good use case for reducing the power of public employee unions. Not punitively but because there is no responsible counterparty at the negotiating table. It’s all take and no give.

  227. “Ashby main parking lots fill to capacity every morning during regular non-COVID operation.”…i think his premise was pretty clear, and since there’s still a pandemic going on, your argument doesn’t make absolutely any sense. The parking lot should stay there…if the city really wants to build, they should apply eminent domain on the Reza properties @ Shattuck, which look in terrible shape (like abandoned?). Plenty of space there!

  228. You know what’s faster than a fat guy coming at you? The bullet from his gun that he has stashed in the car you just ordered him into.

  229. Not everyone, no matter how good of a person, is cut out for this profession. What you just witnessed is taught at no police academy, no training program and, frankly, is embarrassing in the eyes of those that handle these situations on a regular basis. This was beyond reckless and luckily no one was hurt. This likely is the first public symptom of what happens when you cut everything. This isn’t recent, it’s been happening for a few years. Training, skill development from internal special units and collaborative task forces, any advantage against fighting crime via technological tools, and the resources to accomplish it. The department has been eviscerated on almost every facet by the city. Today, statistics for certain crimes are through the roof and others are lower only because the students are gone and there are fewer people on the streets and in the bars.

    The city may be forgetting that the vast majority of its cops are highly desirable elsewhere. Nationwide covid hiring freezes might be the only thing keeping people in Berkeley. No one wants to go through this again.

  230. Yes, yes and yes. Fill the very pricey MacArthur towers first, then somehow convince me that there will be any significant impact to diminish the housing shortage by popping up more hideous buildings with some tiny fraction of “affordable” units. 900 sq foot houses are $1m here. We have bigger problems than lining more developers pockets and calling it a solution.

  231. “Affordable” is a hustle used by out of town developers to con Berkeley into allowing them to build complexes all across town. There’s no money to be made building “affordable” houses in Berkeley. Land in Berkeley is far too valuable for a private venture to put money and resources into building something that is accessible for lower income folks.

  232. I only ate there once a long time ago. The proprietor was so awful to his staff –yelling at them constantly — that i almost walked out. It made the experience really unpleasant. i never went back.

  233. Sure, but that doesn’t change anything, like who the bad guys are. Or the fact that she was outnumbered, perhaps all patrol cars should have two cops staffed. Cops should have jumped on Blake as he headed to the car, but hey that would be police brutality under your vision. Why don’t you change your handle to Defend Criminals.

  234. CVS as well as the ‘Dollar Store’ on Gilman *both* need armed security guards on duty out front at *all* times and have the vast resources pay for it! These are very ‘soft target’ stores and as such endanger us all as these criminals know every damn trick in the book and play their hand accordingly as is what occurred here, even when blocked in hard.

    I support BPD officer Terri Miller as she tries to *stop” this wild prison hardened creature from running her and others over. I would have done the very same thing and he is very lucky he is not DOA as per the excellent video from a bystander. No time to wait for backup as these things unfold very quickly.

    In any other City this creep would be DOA and he’s out on bail now or released? WTF!

  235. Here’s a photo I took on Friday, March 15th, 2019, at 9AM. One of hundreds, because I was in the habit of snapping a picture as I walked to BART every workday. The parking lot is and always was severely underused. It is a waste of space.

    Aside from being factually inaccurate, your argument doesn’t even make sense. The parking lot is always full but it’s critical to keep it and if they get rid of it, you’ll stop using BART? Where does that start making sense? Either the lot is chronically full or it’s useful to riders. It cannot be both!

  236. She ordered him into the car because he’s a big guy. In a second, he could have grabbed her and dumped her on her head. If he did immediately turn on her, she might not have been able to get a shot off. Plus, she didn’t want to be in a position where her only option was shooting him. In the car, he’s less likely to attack her. Ordering him into the car was not unreasonable.

  237. The way you put it sounds a bit scary to me, Frances. Why do I have the feeling that physical polling places will gradually be moved out of town and to some centralized county location? Preparing for and then going to the polls on election day is a much more meaningful activity than putting a document in the mail, and might even evoke a more thoughtful approach to the whole process.

  238. So this robber and his friends skipped the maybe 12 CVS in the Concord / Walnut Creek area and came to Berkeley to commit their crime. I guess we’re a crime-friendly locale and that’s why we have a 40% higher crime rate than Concord. I still don’t understand why they didn’t just stay in Concord since there are essentially no penalties unless you shoplift more than $950.

    It’s kind of funny. Until this recent incident, Berkeley police have not had a shooting in eight years. Still, due to a police shooting incident in Minneapolis, the City Council immediately diverted $9.2 million from the police force. Mayor Arreguín called it a “down-payment” on the city’s defunding effort which he said could be 30%, 60%, or maybe 70%, per Berkeleyside. Just think of how many criminals we can attract to Berkeley when we complete the defunding. Plus we already disbanded the drug task force, so what’s not to love about Berkeley! What’s ours is yours!

  239. Good for Frances! I think having high-schoolers work on the polls is a wonderful idea, as a way of adding to their civic- consciousness resumes (no accent marks available) while earning money. I’m confused by this article stating that workers can earn as much as $400 and then later that “Student poll workers can earn “as much as $150.” Does that mean they’d be paid less than adults for doing the same work? Why? Is that even legal? I look forward to seeing some young blood when I go to the polling station, and thank them in advance for providing the service.

  240. That was horrible command of the situation. I’d have tried to drive off too if I was the perpetrator. Not good. Not inspiring. Reno 911 scene?

  241. Now that we’re thoroughly sensitized to the health concerns that invariably arise in densely populated areas, maybe the architects will be asked to include ways of minimizing contact between and among tenants in times of flu and other highly contagious diseases.

  242. Violent thug. She was 100% justified as he clearly was endagering her, fleeing and could cause immanent harm to others.

  243. There is no way in hell I’m walking several miles home from Ashby or North Berkeley BART late at night when regular service resumes.

    Ashby main parking lots fill to capacity every morning during regular non-COVID operation. That’s a lot of people who aren’t close enough to BART to walk but still need it as the viable alternative to driving for their commute. With ACTransit already having a terrible on-time record in many neighborhoods and most city residents NOT living particularly close to BART stations, this is going to be an overpriced boondoggle that inconveniences thousands of residents who use the service and thousands more who have to deal with increased residential parking loads from the loss of the station parking lots. And the idea that a single apartment complex is going to wildly decrease housing prices in the area is laughable.

  244. regarding shooting at wheels- i know an idiot who thought it might be fun to take a shot at an old wheel rim. he was a bit too close and now has a piece of lead stuck in his jaw. shooting at wheels and other ricochet prone objects is a bad idea.

  245. A non story…no big deal. She did her job. If these assholes would listen maybe they wouldn’t get slabbed

  246. Per State Law AB-2923, as long as the density is at least 75 units/acre, FAR 4.2 and 7-stories in height (with no residential parking requited and any structured parking that is provided does not diminish the FAR), Berkeley can propose whatever they want.

    Given that it is BART policy to have at least 20% affordable housing at <60% AMI, any proposed project would automatically qualify for the State Density Bonus Law and, therefore, be 35% larger, i.e. with a minimum density of 102 units/acre, a minimum FAR of 5.67 and the potential for upwards of 10-stories.

    Excellent; bring it on!

  247. What the story fails to tell is the driver of the get away car was about the drive over the police officer She fired her weapon in self defense.

  248. Part of the problem is that in California, non-violent crimes valued at under $950 have no penalties. Of course, they know that.

  249. I couldn’t do it. I admire this woman, given the circumstances, alone with these unpredictable creeps–even if she didn’t do the greatest job.

  250. I was at the meeting on Aug 31! Emilie was in my breakout group. The smaller groups plus targeted questions fostered more nuance and no one felt the need to monologue about their concerns. I liked the format a lot. After I left the meeting apparently someone went off about North Berkeley BART being “urban” but other than that it was pretty chill overall

  251. I don’t understand the logic of ordering someone into the car where there could be a gun or other weapon under the seat or in the glove box or console.
    I have often wondered why officers don’t shoot out tires more often. Can’t go very far or fast with one or two flats.
    I took the police civilian academy many years ago and completely failed the simulation. It is very easy for your brain to go blank in crisis situations

  252. Looks like this police officer chocked under pressure, Just like in a golf tournament, when you miss that three foot putt.

  253. But how will the landlord pay their taxes after November without a tenant? I’m guessing their $161k Prop 13 tax basis may be going up…

  254. BPD is the only police force I have heard of that actually seems almost completely transparent in regards to police shootings. So many other police forces cover up their shootings, LASD even confiscates all security video and destroys it, then refuses to comment on due to “ongoing investigation” into the shooting. They have zero transparency.
    Berkeley seems lucky to have such a transparent Police dept.
    It is admirable that they do not kill unarmed robbery suspects as many other police depts would do.
    To help BPD I hope they seriously consider CCTV cameras on every corner.
    This would be a deterrent to keep offenders from coming to Berkeley from Concord, Sacramento, Vacaville etc.

  255. I’m a neighbor of the North Berkeley BART and I say maximize housing, no residential car parking, parking spots only for disabled BART users.
    Max. The. Site

  256. Is this really the first time a BPD officer has discharged a firearm in 8 full years? Or did I read that incorrectly? “BPD’s first shooting in eight years” it says.

  257. Bravery. One woman, police office or not, against people who behave that way? I wouldn’t be very good at that.

  258. More like half a day of training, as I recall. I’ve had it 3 times, but it’s been several years. Those who complete the election-day shift(s) they volunteered for also get paid a modest amount for the training session.

  259. I’m not one to tell someone how to do their job but, telling someone to go into a car where you don’t know what they’re about to do seems incredibly unsafe.

  260. BPD generally does a very good job, and I have reservations about back-seat-policing.


    The dude asked “are you sure?” when the officer asked him to get in the car. Sounds like he was thinking “what is she doing? This makes it easier for me to get away.”

    Anyhow, it’s obvious from the video that she shot at the wheels/vehicle rather than the people. My take is that she shouldn’t have given them that opportunity, but once it happened, discharging her firearm was justified.

  261. Every registered voter in CA will receive a mail ballot, whether they asked for one or not. That’s a new state law from early this year, in response to COVID. But some will lose the ballot (requiring an in-person ballot to be provisional) and others will just prefer to vote in person…especially with Trump’s Post Office delays.

    The mail ballots can be mailed back as soon as you get one (starting Oct 6), dropped into any dropbox in Alameda County (there’s one off the sidewalk at Allston & Milvia, or see ), or dropped at any polling place when open with no waiting in line. Don’t forget to sign the outside of the envelope! Your ballot will be invalidated if you don’t.

    As the report says, for social distancing, polling places this time will be open an unprecedented (in CA) *four days*–Saturday thru Tuesday, Oct 31 thru Nov 3. The hours are shorter than usual the first 3 days, I *think*:
    Saturday, October 31, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Sunday, November 1, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Monday, November 2, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Tuesday, November 3, 2020 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    That’s based on 1hr inside pollworker reporting times–I can’t find the info for the public on the Registrar’s site. Should be with your mail ballot.

    I strongly encourage younger people with lower COVID risk (under 40) to become pollworkers, so us old folks don’t have to risk it. It’s kinda fun and interesting, you make some quick bucks, get to meet many of your neighbors, and you’ll learn about the multiple layers of security so you can refute trumpery.

  262. The video certainly shows how confrontations with criminals can escalate. Give Cheri a medal for not shooting the robbers who appear to drive at her. And of course they’re not in custody. It’s beyond my comprehension how someone can so brazenly disregard a police officer pointing a gun at him. Well, at the end of the day, once our CC defunds the police, we won’t need to worry about confrontations. There will be big discounts at CVS going forward — free stuff for all

  263. > He is no longer in custody, according to court records online.
    Of course. Why could we possibly want to keep robbers in jail?

    That wasn’t exactly the best procedure. Let’s have a bigger budget for the PD’s felony stop and marksmanship training.

  264. It is time to give up on landlords entirely.

    Berkeley would be better off with more outdoor food cart dining.

    No rent. No landlord. No Covid recirculating a/c system.

    Just fresh air, and good food.

  265. A car-free BART station? What a great way to discourage people from using BART, make them commute one per car instead, and piss off every resident for blocks around as their parking totally disappears.

    > … a $2.7 million planning grant…
    Competent managers can do that kind of preliminary planning by themselves, without having to hire “consultants” to do their jobs for them. Your BART sales tax $$$ at work.

    They can lose the Ashby flea market. At this point, it’s just a poorly-attended ego-boosting place for Andrea Pritchett’s favorite people, career criminals, to fence stuff.

    I’m in favor of medium-rise (like 6 stories) housing in the airspace above the existing parking, or better 2 levels of parking, at both stations. That’s the greenest possible commute–walk downstairs to your BART ride. Let the NIMBYs scream.

  266. BART can´t even run BART. BART is in a total fiscal calamity. BART should focus on transit. They have installed one single UV light bulb on one train car, and installed new filters on only 5 cars. What if people do not go back to riding BART because of Covid-19? What if BART actually goes bankrupt? There are only so many billions of dollars available to throw into BART.

    We are in the middle of a pandemic where people are trying to maintain social distance. High density living is not the safest thing. This will bring hundreds of new cars and eliminate hundreds of parking places. Parking hell will reign supreme.

    This project could end up being an albatross instead of a ¨paradise.¨ It could be a mostly market rate project for the rich, or a cheap and ugly pseudo¨affordable¨ high density project.

    Like so many other ¨visionary¨ projects, Berkeley taxpayers could get stuck with a huge bill. The Bay Area has probably passed peak housing demand. Remote tech workers are moving out. How is the occupancy at the MacArthur housing tower? 64 units remain available now!

    This was the vision for MacArthur:

    $4,000 a month apartments.

    Do people really want to spend $4k on rent in a high density building during a pandemic?
    This is NOT affordable housing!

  267. They will be greatly missed – a true neighborhood treat, and the D’Alos are a treasure of character and culture that can only improve any neighborhood they set up shop in. I hope someday they return to the Elmwood in a bigger and better way – the culinary scene here will be much the lesser until then.

  268. Good points you raise. I’ve been a bart rider to Oakland from Richmond for 25 years. Guess what? Now i”m driving. No way am I going to put myself on a train, having it perhaps stop, as it does, be stranded, and I cannot leave the car or make myself safe. At least at the grocery store I can get up, walk away, and leave. If I cannot control the environment, I’m not going on it.

  269. Don’t the recent buildings downtown count toward that station’s ‘compliance’? ..
    I attended the meeting, and thought it was well-conducted, even bouyant. Extra time was taken to accommodate most all comment ..

  270. We spoke once or twice back during his column days. He’d ‘disappeared’ but now he’s really gone. ‘Bye, John ..

  271. Berkeley is “leading the charge” to such an extent that it is the very last city in the system to develop transit-oriented housing at their BART station. There are existing developments, that you can actually live in right now, in Oakland, Castro Valley, Richmond, Pleasanton, Dublin, Hayward, and San Leandro. There are firm plans in El Cerrito and BART already called for proposals at EC Plaza. Berkeley is, in fact, dead last and had to be dragged kicking and screaming into these planning meetings.

  272. Actually, making and putting up notices at all of the stops should have taken 4-5 people with cars a couple of hours to complete. That’s how a professionally run company would do it, because not everyone owns a cell phone, especially those who ride the bus.

  273. Yeah the breakout group was really interesting. Sorry I didn’t get to get into all nuance but I’m looking forward to following this process through!

  274. I have seen them at stops near downtown Berkeley BART as well as on Telegraph in Berkeley but not on College or Bancroft. Not sure about San Pablo or University.

  275. A bathroom sink with hot and cold running water suitable for thorough hand etc. washing and oral hygiene does not take up much space; they fit tidily into corners.

  276. Fresh Crab Tonight! every day of the week, for 23 years… how does that work??? And the customers who used to be lined up on the sidewalk, waiting to get in for that crab, blocking pedestrians, were an obstacle. I ate there once, and was unimpressed. Still, I salute their perseverance, and wish them well. Elmwood rents have got to be insane.

  277. Fantastic food, and great service, sad to hear it go. My sister surprised me by flying across the country on my 40th and was seated at table there when my wife and I walked in. To the commenter below, there is a Wells Fargo ATM a block away… but I don’t blame you for not wanting to use it in Berkeley… you never know when someone around here wants to redistribute your wealth without your consent.

  278. I knew Seon years when I was young; we were family through the marriage of her grandmother, Alice Bradley, with my grandfather, Augustus Locke. Years ago, I moved to the East Coast and had not spoken or corresponded with her since maybe 2007. It was only last week that I learned, through this article, that she is gone.

    I’m proud that she is identified as “Longtime activist.”

    Is there any follow-up information on her death? Was the driver publicly identified?

    I would like to communicate with people who knew her in the Bay Area, and perhaps meet her friends in person, in Berkeley, someday when we are able once again to travel.

    Go in power, Seon.

  279. Guess you’re not a family member or friend of the person he killed: “Schwind also has a 2000 conviction for a murder in Solano County,…”

  280. Raise your hand if you never ate there since they only accepted cash. I never had enough cash on hand for dinner when in the area. Only accepting cash is a business choice…hopefully it was lucrative for the family!

  281. The days of brown shingle bungalows with gable roofs may be coming to an end. In 2050, Berkeley will have what to offer, again? Surely craft cocktails and homeless encampments will be out of style. And yes, the French really know how to make ugly when they want to…like the apartment blocks in Kieslowski’s Decalogue only without the charm. I meant that to be ironic.

  282. I get you, but given that demographic’s poor rate of mask compliance it would make me much, much happier to see their smiling MASKED faces.

  283. The cover photo was so tempting that I walked down to Mise en Place Kitchen today. Got the peas and prosciutto tartine. 10/10 food. Definitely worth a visit.

  284. I’ve gone back to riding BART the 2 or 3 days I week I go into the city, because it’s less stressful than dealing with the idiot drivers on the Bay Bridge. I go in very early, and the trains are so empty [5 to 7 people in the car] that it is easy to distance and everyone is wearing masks. My early afternoon trip home generally has a few more people in the car but is still something I’m comfortable with. I thank God for BART, and I periodically stop to thank the station agents.

  285. No, I’m sorry we didn’t get any additional information in this case. But thank you for sharing your memories here. Perhaps others will see your comment and have something to add.

  286. No, I’m sorry we didn’t get any additional information in this case. But thank you for sharing your memories here. Perhaps others will see your comment and have something to add.

  287. No, I’m sorry we didn’t get any additional information in this case. But thank you for sharing your memories here. Perhaps others will see your comment and have something to add.

  288. The training is at least a day long. It’s important that poll workers pay attention, they must check voter registrations on their lists and handle mail in ballots that voters want to turn in for an election day ballot instead. That can be complicated to manage. Hopefully, some older mentors will be working as well at each polling location.

  289. I served as a poll worker in SF for years and then in Berkeley for years. I gave it up a couple of years ago because it was always a horribly long day, and it paid very little – in fact below the minimum wage. I wasn’t that desperate for money any more. The last time I worked, I was stuck with a very nasty Inspector who belittled me all day, and that was the last straw.

  290. I remember reading somewhere that this upcoming election was going to be entirely by mail – I don’t remember whether it said Alameda County or the whole state of California.

  291. Many were born here? Really? Whenever a transient is arrested they seem to be from elsewhere, usually another state. My guess is that the people who actually became homeless while living in Berkeley are among the approx. 300 or more people that the City has placed into permanent housing.

  292. This virus is actually quite fragile outside the body and quickly killed by UV light, or mild solutions of bleach or hydrogen peroxide, or 60+% alcohol (any kind), or having its fatty protective layer stripped off by ordinary detergent or hand soap. That’s why handwashing and surface cleaning are so important.

  293. Good for Manish. This is typical of the Third World level of municipal services we get. I’ll never do Twitter–it’s for those with 20sec attention spans. When I worked for the feds and we had a major communications failure like this (often), we called it “management by telepathy.” That’s apparently how riders were supposed to know they needed to check ACT’s Web site. They would’ve reached far more people just by telling local TV and radio stations and Google Maps.

  294. When Cal builds their own dorms, we cede that land to UC. The city no longer collects property taxes on it and has no control over the zoning.

    When students live in privately owned housing, the city collects property tax and controls the zoning.

  295. Great Job! The messenger was very needed. I stood at the 88 bus line on Sacramento for close to an hour before someone passing by let me know that AC was not running. SHAME, SHAME AC TRANSIT! Bad job informing your customers…

  296. @somegummybears – AC Transit doesn’t have very many of those. (I used to program the LED signs for them downtown, and the LCD signs they have at a few select BART stations.)

  297. @Ariel – Clipper Cards don’t pay for the bike, but they are used as a unique identification card for the bike. You will need to have already paid for the bike with a credit card or something that is linked to the Clipper Card.

  298. No, it’s not a dorm room because it has individual kitchen facilities. Here’s the zoning code description of a dormitory:
    “A building providing Group Living Accommodations, occupied by individuals not sharing a common household, characterized by separate sleeping rooms without individual kitchen facilities and containing congregate bath and/or dining facilities or rooms.”
    This rendering of a “micro unit” does not show the bathroom which does not have a sink. The resident is supposed to use the single sink for personal hygiene as well as food prep and clean-up, which is not sanitary. A bathroom sink is full of germs from hand and teeth cleaning and should not be combined with food related tasks. This is especially true in a situation where food will be carried between the main kitchen and the rooms, multiplying the potential for disease transmission. Teresa Clarke’s solution to the single sink was to suggest a mirror. ZAB never discussed COVID and acted like it is going to disappear, despite the fact that two neighbors sent them the CDC guidance on shared and congregate housing:

  299. If you figure on the cost of square feet of private space ($10/sf) the micro-unit is not affordable. Check out rentals in Berkeley right now on Craigslist by the cost/square foot of private space. “Affordable by design” is a scam.

  300. You must not have kids there. Go, observe, and get back to me. It would be impossible, IMPOSSIBLE, to design a program more destructive to the futures of impoverished Berkeley residents than what we do at BUSD.

  301. I’m longing for someone to open a restaurant in Berkeley serving African meals. My experience with dishes from Cameroon years ago got me wanting more.

  302. Manish is a great person! I wonder how many of the people waiting for the bus use Twitter or a computer to check ACTransit’s website before heading out to do their business. I don’t. What forms of communication did AC Transit use before Twitter took over as its mass information system? And what evidence does AC Transit have that “deep cleaning” will do anything at all to kill the Covid-19 virus?

  303. Not to beat a dead horse but is a “Mental Health Services Center” something that the Alameda county health department funds for every other city in Alameda county?

  304. Do we really need to ceede more of our city to students? Cal needs to build their own dorms.

  305. I’ll sidestep your feeble attempt to twist my words against me and get straight to the point. NIMBYs are already here, well established, and own property in Berkeley. We’ve got roots, we’re not going anywhere, and we’ll be resisting every effort by out of town big-money developers and their hapless pawns in the Berkeleyside comments section to turn Berkeley into an overpopulated, overbuilt, and perpetually gridlocked nightmare. You are sadly misguided if you think anything being built these days will be affordable to anyone but the children of foreign dignitaries going to Cal and Google engineers. Do you really think the waiters, janitors, and elementary school who commute here could afford these places? Smh.

  306. Why do you choose to teach in a private school setting versus in the public school? Per your post, “Public school school teaching is always challenging”? Why – what challenges are you referencing?

  307. The social justice school board members who are so entrenched they have caused this destruction. Smart adults like myself had tried to fix broken systems. Have recommended solutions and were actually willing to oversee the implementation for free!. Systems they know are broken. But they are afraid to make one small fix for fear it will actually work for some and not all. If they actually bothered we might actually save a few folks and make progress. But no. While they pretend to want your input, they really just want you to keep your mouth shut, volunteer and keep donating money. And then they throw it all down the drain. BLEH! So glad I’m out!!

  308. Well, if you can make do with a sponge bath from the sink, I’m guessing that shower stall could hold as much as a station wagon. I’m not going to make the claim that this place is spacious, but plenty of folks (well, students) live with 4 people (2 per bedroom) in an 800 sq.ft. 2 bedroom apartment. BTW, I posted a 3d view of the kitchenette a couple of threads down from here.

  309. I thought the goal here in Berkeley is “affordable” housing. $2,000 a month is not affordable and not for this situation the size of a cage.

  310. Apparently, one of the BLM organizers has said in a video that she is a trained Marxist: “We do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers; we are trained Marxists. We are superversed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think what we really try to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many Black folks.” But, who knows what Marxism means these days. My guess is that Marx would not recognize it.

  311. Lots of cities now have digital e-ink signs at bus stops that can display real-time service information and arrival times.

  312. Schools are free and they usually do a good job of letting people know the days they’ll be closed.

  313. I lived in a few rooming houses ( as they were formerly known), when I first got to town in the early 1970’s. In those days rooms were $60. Even then, they tested my tolerance and patience for folks with alternative lifestyles or habits.Sharing kitchens and bathrooms with strangers is never easy.
    Even with hyper-inflation,a 200 square foot room should not cost more than $1000 per month.
    All I can say is, with rents and accommodations like this, most sane people should be leaving this area and moving anywhere that can still provide at least 500 square feet and your own kitchen and bathroom at an affordable price.
    I have been here nearly 50 years, and I moved here because this area provided great amenities at a reasonable price.the opposite is now true.
    In today’s market, I hope that most of the techies will choose to work remotely from states like Idaho or Montana, and the only people who will tolerate these inhumane conditions are desperate service workers who have no other choice.
    ZAB is accelerating the race to the bottom with this decision. As several commenters have pointed out, these voluntary jail cells are not affordable, and the only beneficiaries are sleezy real estate developers and the city, which will be so happy to collect property taxes and parcel taxes on these pathetic excuses for housing. Sad.

  314. Where is that bus plaza, the one in the opening photo? Readers in the Emeryville area may remember a similar place on 40th at San Pablo, for Trans-Bay buses ..

  315. “We all have to make some sacrifice or another.”

    Absolutely true, which is why NIMBYs have to make the sacrifice of allowing more housing.
    Or the NIMBYs could move to some low density place like Antioch and have that long commute themselves that they want to force on others.

  316. Thats a hella good point wasnt there already a fire at a residence that had massive junk i cant remember but i think it was by 99cent store.

  317. Looks like a cheap housing project in the Banlieues of Paris…like REAL CHEAP. Sad color design…modular caca

  318. Oh, I beg to differ. I suggest you put some more effort into tracing the intellectual lineage of today’s “revolutionary”/revisionist movements. A cursory glance will show you there’s a straight line connecting Marxism and every anti-Western culture, anti-capitalist, anti-straight white male intellectual tradition plaguing our society today. All their critiques of property relations, gender relations, social relations, etc. are derived from their training in Marxist and neo-Marxist intellectual traditions. To argue otherwise is pretty obtuse on your part. They are today’s Bolsheviks, just as the Bolsheviks where their era’s Jacobins. To be sure, there are some very fair and accurate critiques coming out of these intellectual traditions, just as many of Marx’s observations on the ills of industrial society were spot-on; it is their prescriptions to these problems where these folks go off the deep-end and become impossible to take seriously.

  319. Valid question but I do not know the answer. There has been a lot of process around all of these prioritization decisions and so many factors go into coming up with that list. Happy to try to get a better sense of that next time around.

  320. And how different would case fatility rates look if they were similarly derived from near term data rather than including the 50% of deaths that occurred while we were all still asleep at the wheel. As one example, the state and Alameda County and one of its HAMlets did not adopt orders to protect elders from Covid until May. The folks thT died would not have been saved by lockdowns. It is just silly and misleading to lump those deaths in with rest. In the last month or two of data how much has our marginal CFR declined? I suspect far far fewer people are dying now than in March, April and May. When you compare the marginal CFR, which is far more steady state and representative, with overall CFR, how much lower is it? 0.2% 0.05%? Less? What does that more informed rate tell us about the reasonableness of arguments to keep everything shut down until we get to zero and regardless of economic cost?

    However cowardly, regressive, and divisive our covid response has been, it is time to look forward and ask the important question: given the facts, how best shall we embrace our shared future?

  321. Check out most recent deaths per day per million population. On that basis we are currently 10 times worse than the European Union, even with their recent increases (updated today). But, we’re doing better than some of the undeveloped countries! New York has achieved the same low level as the European Union and is doing 10 times better than California. So, we have a governor who talks a lot about Covid, but actually does very little (not unlike Trump). Deaths per day per million is likely a better way of tracking Covid because it is not influenced by the amount of testing. See:

  322. Supposedly this article was updated today 8/21. So why haven’t any of our comments from a month ago being addressed?
    Why aren’t people going to get these free tests? Why are test results taking so long that make them fairly worthless? Where is the compliance to meet the testing numbers? 187 vs 245? We can’t stay cooped up forever.

  323. It’s similar to Trump’s logic on COVID testing. If we stop testing our cases will go down.

  324. Our neighbors’ gardener uses one every time he comes. But who to call? Who will come out to check? Maybe the social workers could do that.

  325. Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. NO MORE TREE REMOVALS! (Coastal live oaks were removed without permission from 1915 Berryman and they want to remove more!)

  326. A long walk would be lovely, but between the smoke and the heat, I think I’ll pass for now and content myself with a nap or two.

  327. I have no idea, and don’t wish to presuppose that they were, simply because they had respiratory issues.

  328. Photograph and report them when you see this. SeeClickFix is a phone app that works like calling 311, but better.

  329. Why are all of these testing locations so temporary? They should stay there until there is a vaccine.

  330. I know I’m late to comment, but yes, you are correct… regarding Lilly’s restaurant, there was an owner named Lilly! She is my grandmother 🙂

  331. You’re right, I didn’t read the whole thing. It should have said “virtual” in the first sentence and then I would have.

  332. i would say sophie has compassion which shows itself periodically like now.give her credit when credit is due cuz gosh knows she and i disagree on much but her heart is not of stone.

  333. That’s what I was saying though – the job doesn’t end when the zoom meeting does. I can easily see teachers putting in a full week of work outside of class instruction. It sucks that we have lost childcare with the campus closures and everything has transformed, but I still think teachers are putting in the work and should be getting paid for it.

  334. Can you give me the cite to the AP? I think, in this case, it is clearly about color, and not race or ethnicity. The observer observed their color, they could not know anything about the perp’s race or ethnicity.

  335. We now capitalize it any time it is in relation to race/ethnicity (as opposed to the color), which is in line with national best practices, aka AP Style.

  336. BUSD always dismisses the concerns of the parents if they don’t line up with the agenda.

  337. Do you think the kids are going to get more engagement a week from now from the teachers? No it will still only be 3 freeking hours a day!

  338. NO one else in the real world is getting paid full time to work a half day other than teachers!

  339. > When asked whether they want the police to spend more time, the same amount of time or less time than they currently do in their area, most Black Americans — 61% — want the police presence to remain the same. This is similar to the 67% of all U.S. adults preferring the status quo, including 71% of White Americans.

    > Meanwhile, nearly equal proportions of Black Americans say they would like the police to spend more time in their area (20%) as say they’d like them to spend less time there (19%).

  340. I don’t think you should be capitalizing black in a sentence like, “One of the men was described as Black, in his 20s…” This has nothing to do with the person’s identity, it is solely an adjective. The use of the word black in these sentences is just like “The man, who wore black clothing,” for which a lower case black is correct.

  341. But when all of the mug shots are of people of the same race it brings attention to the elephant in the room and folks with Liberal guilt don’t want to know the truth.

  342. Exactly! All of the cities with the highest crime rates have been controlled by democrats for decades some as many as 50 years. But somehow it’s Orange man bad…Problems that have been stewing for 50 years are somehow the republicans fault.

  343. It’s like many words lately these days are taking on new meanings, Progressive actually means aggressive stance for ones agenda.

  344. Teachers will be pretty busy once they log off zoom for a big part of each day. A lot of time goes into creating lesson plans & materials, coming up with creative ways to engage students on Zoom, uploading material, reviewing, editing and commenting on work students have submitted, working out all the technical difficulties, communicating with students and parents, attending meetings and a lot more. I think they deserve a raise!

    And they’re juggling stuff outside of their job at the same time they’re working. My 2nd grader’s teacher doesn’t have childcare either, so she’s teaching with her kids there and she’s been great. It’s a hard, stressful time for everyone and teachers really do so, so much.

    I personally think the hours of 8:30 to 3 would be a terrible idea for distance learning. Nearly 30 hours a week sitting on a computer for children is crazy to me. I don’t even think it’s possible to engage a child for over 6 hours a day through distance learning, unless the child is a droid. I don’t even want my children to have the capacity to be that engaged by being on a screen for such a long period of time.

  345. Civic Center Park has had at least five tents within Park Limits for months!

    Now take a walk up the street and you got more tents on Harold Way/Allston. At least three tents with trash al around.

    Now head over to Dwight Way…Someone literally decided the sidewalk was home and hasn’t moved or been removed in over a year!! He’s decided to plant a garden…

    Let’s not forget to mention all the crazy mentally ill people roaming the streets..

    People’s Park had at least 15 tents… How hard is it to put up razor wire fence and or lethal electric fence?

    The City Of Berkeley is a shithole.

  346. Probably because the DA has more time to file the charges when people are out of custody — and way more people have been out of custody this year because of zero bail with COVID.

  347. Thank you to the council for withholding the annual crime report that might not support your political objectives. You deserve a raise.

  348. Maybe they’re taking so long because Berkeley took 9 million dollars away from BPD? And now were all paying the price

  349. Having been a victim of catalytic converter theft this year I would like to know why no charges have been filed against the suspects. Also now they’re free to keep doing it again. At least put an ankle bracelet on them or something smh

  350. You didn’t read it:

    “After the virtual tour, suit up and go for a walk yourself while wearing a mask and socially distancing.”

  351. Covid masks are not supposed to protect you from the virus, they’re to protect others from you. Many people are asymptomatic yet still can shed the virus through breathing out, so yes you do have to block the valve to prevent others from catching it from you.

  352. It is not an non-issue for the kids that have elevated lead in their blood. “A 2012 study by the California Department of Health tested children under six years old for elevated lead levels and found that areas of Oakland had some of the highest rates in the country. The Fruitvale district led the city: 7.57 percent of children were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood. But West Oakland wasn’t far behind with 7.11 percent.”

    It is appalling that this is not a major issue. You would think that the poisoning of kids would get people actively involved in trying to fix the problem.

  353. They do not release the names of people wounded in shootings, ever. It’s a privacy issue. Often, if there’s no arrest in a shooting case, they won’t ever say anything after the initial incident because they are protecting the investigation / leads / case for when and if it develops.

    We will definitely share news in both cases when/if it’s available. We ask BPD about those cases regularly (multiple times a week).

    I think it’s important to remember that sometimes/often they aren’t sharing info because they are working on things. This isn’t like CSI where cases are solved in 60 minutes or week a few weeks.

  354. So people are coming here from Stockton, Vacaville, Richmond, San Pablo, etc. to commit crimes because our police are so aggressive? Maybe if our police were more aggressive, or if we had enough police, these criminals would stay home and commit their crimes in their own towns.

  355. Adding to your keen rebuttal of the “climate-change accepters” is the fact – and yes, it’s a fact – that the inside of my refrigerator has been in the mid-30s for days now, in spite of the 85 degree weather we are having. If ever Al Gore got it wrong, surely this is the Final Nail in the Cough’in. ( sp )

  356. We won’t even be told who was shot in the head three weeks ago at Solano and Fresno. Not a single word about the Seth Smith case in which he was shot in the head and killed three months ago.

    Is this all about an unresponsive and careless police department? Are the editors and funders of Berkeleyside pleased with such an imposition of ignorance about the community we share?


  357. And that is precisely the problem – the news media is afraid of the mob, or more precisely afraid to confront the dominant narrative.

  358. I heard that you don’t have to block the valve to use them against COVID. It is an exhaust valve, which means that it lets your breath out but it doesn’t let air in.

  359. “The [community noise] program is driven by requests for service from the public.”
    That link also has a poster saying leaf blowers are illegal, which people can print out and give to those who are using gas powered leaf blowers.

    I encourage everyone to submit service requests about this at It is best to take pictures of violators, including pictures of their trucks with identifying information about their business names.

  360. I always take a photo and report them via SeeClickFix when I see them. And usually see the same landowner having one used again next time. The Valero station at University and MLK is the worst offender.

  361. Contrary to the above (more bad advice from the Alleged Public Health Dept), N95 masks *are* very good protection for the vast majority of adults and teens against both smoke particles and viruses in droplets. They’re far better vs smoke than surgical or cloth masks. I still have some ’cause I ordered 2 dozen during last fall’s smoke…and got them 2 months later. Those with an exhaust valve are more comfortable and cooler to wear in your own house and yard. To use them in public vs COVID, just put opaque flexible tape (like ductape) over the outside of the valve. They’re hard to find now ’cause Amazon and most other suppliers restrict them to medical and first responder organizations.

  362. Ditto. Any Mayor who wantonly turns a one beautiful part of his city(marina) into an active dump does not embrace Democratic principals. The Mayor routinely makes decisions based on the opinions of the lunatic fringe. Does he know what the end game is with the encampments and the crime that accompanies them? Is there one? Guess we are stuck with them forever now. Citizens of the Flatlands: actively protect yourselves and your property. Jessie does not and will not ever care. Nor does Cheryl (the abstainer) Davila.

  363. Least Enforced City of Berkeley Ordinance…Why Mr. Manuel Ramirez Supervisor Department of Environmental Health? (510) 981-5310 …Since 1982 it has been illegal under the City’s Noise Ordinance (Berkeley per Berkeley Municipal Code Section 13.40. 070) to use these devices within Berkeley City limits. … Berkeley and many progressive communities have banned gas-powered leaf blowers to protect health and the environment. (Ordinance No. 5500-N.S.,Section 13.40.070)”… it shall be unlawful for any person, including any city employee, to operate any portable machine powered with a gasoline engine used to blow leaves, dirt, and other debris off sidewalks, driveways, lawns, or other surfaces within the City limits.”
    Mission Statement
    “Our mission, as the Division of Environmental Health, is to promote and protect the health and well being of all persons in the City of Berkeley by administering state and local regulations. We believe in the importance of disease prevention through education and enforcement as a means of safeguarding public health.”

  364. It is not cherry picking to say that global warming has affected the jet stream and caused more extreme weather. It explains massive amounts of data.

  365. They might be in Slovakia, but they effectively scared the Mayor and City Council into defunding the police.

  366. Have you been to Anza lately? There is so much pond scum, I wouldn’t put my foot in it. No one is swimming there. Beach is closed. No rec use to speak of.

  367. We would love to know. But the City Council postponed the annual crime report so it’s unclear when we will have that info. I’ll see what BPD can share though.

  368. 8.20.20 Due to the fires and smoke around the Bay Area, the remaining two “Songs While You Wait” musical pop-ups have been postponed until the local air quality sufficiently improves. We will provide updated information as soon as we can. Please be careful out there.

  369. Ideally use one rated Merv 13 or higher. A standard box fan is 20″ x 20″ and 1″ thick filters of that size are easy enough to source, but I like to use 2″ thick ones.

  370. But you are a news outlet which is supposed to stick to the facts and not hide them no matter how ugly they are. You are not supposed to make politics.

    If you are not showing them and not reporting that the fast majority of crimes are committed by a minority group the issue cannot be addressed.

    The boundary conditions must change but so does the culture of the crime riddled areas as well.

  371. One good reason for publishing photos is that violent criminals are often repeat criminals. Some victim of some other crime or some witness might recognize them.

  372. As long as our police department isn’t needlessly harassing people (especially profiling), murdering the unarmed, etc. then there is NO case to be made about taking actions against them or defunding.

    There are issues and they need to be dealt with and some community oversight given, but otherwise, they are a crucial defense against these acts of lawlessness that would escalate tenfold otherwise.

  373. It may be true that Berkeley is seen by some as a “rich suburb.” But it might also have something to do with Berkeley’s reputation as a place where laws are not enforced.

  374. I don’t understand how this is a race or equity issue.

    A criminal is a criminal is a criminal no matter the color.

    If you want to create a more equal portfolio of colors on mug shots the state needs to change zoning laws, schooling, fund distribution, county borders, psych facilities, infrastructure investments, and many other things that cost $ for the state.

    But simply not showing them is not a solution that is putting the head in the sand and makes problems worse and the victims feel powerless.

  375. Yeah, it’s almost certain to just be that same person…they just don’t have as good a lead for that second incident.

  376. I agree this seems like a stretch.
    It is far more likely to that the person who did the exact same crime across the street would have done that.
    But of course that would mean it has nothing to do with race and the pastor would be wrong and it was simply another crazy person.
    Seems to me a classic “what must not be can not be” issue.

  377. Nothing unique about him. If a politician doesn’t move with the herd, he/she is toast in the media

  378. And global warming, also known as climate change, means that the average temperature throughout the world is changing over an extended period of time. Today’s weather is not evidence about the changes that are happening over many years, unless it is compared with past weather.

  379. After reading the article, it seems that all of Berkeley below the hills is subject to crime 24/7, but particularly for people with smartphones.

    Short of police on every corner, perhaps Berkeley needs well-placed cameras all over the flatlands to at least catch criminals after they have committed crimes.

  380. How do this year’s crime statistics compare to last year? It feels like crime has been going up?

  381. The landlord down the street here had the leaking pipes under my neighbors house replaced, since they were leaking quite badly.

    The new pipes are galvanized.

  382. Which browswer? Firefox has a little ‘page’ icon in the right end of the URL line, for “simiplified view”. That often gets rid of those ‘push boxes’.

  383. The majority of the Black people who alledgedly commit crimes in Berkeley do not live in Berkeley. The poor from the surrounding Oakland, Richmond, Stockton, Vacaville etc see Berkeley as the rich suburb that it wants to be. Berkeley has more phones to take, more laptops to grab and more car parts to steal as well as more cashiers with actual money in their registers. UC has helped create homeless and poverty in California yet does nothing to address it. with all these people without jobs due to Trumps incompetence I am surprised there is not even more theft.

  384. More reliably predictable that there will be Prii in Berkeley. Like shooting fish in a barrel. And even after the converters are replaced, they steal them again. Gotta get that CatCon plate put on.

  385. No normal person says that they’re “from” the city that they were born in. They say they are “from” the city they grew up in. Kamala Harris grew up in Berkeley. Kamala Harris is from Berkeley. But Kamala Harris does not want to admit this because she is concerned about the public perception of Berkeley. Instead she says she is from Oakland in the hopes that it will appeal to black voters since she performed terribly among that group.

  386. Google Maps says that the shortest driving distance between the current Berkeley International Montessori School (was a duplex when Kamala Harris lived there) and Thousand Oaks School is a minimum of 2.3 miles and 9 minutes. Most of Berkeley is 25 MPH speed limits, although major thoroughfares like Sacramento Ave are maybe 30. There haven’t really been any new roads in that part of Berkeley since she was living there so this would have been the likely route. But the buses would have had to pick up several kids.,+1227+Bancroft+Way,+Berkeley,+CA+94702/Thousand+Oaks+Primary+School,+Colusa+Avenue,+Berkeley,+CA/@37.8787484,-122.3028395,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80857e94a6235373:0xa6865146800be3ba!2m2!1d-122.2873201!2d37.8652444!1m5!1m1!1s0x8085794cf59c571f:0x75f760929e00470a!2m2!1d-122.2806571!2d37.8925462

  387. I was not referring to the presence, or lack thereof, of the “comments” section. Nor am I making a comparison of Berkeleyside vs. The Rest of the World. I’m speaking in absolute terms.

    Right now, in the USA, there is a deliberate attempt at providing “context” to stories under the guise of “equity” / “inclusion” / “structural racism” / etc., such that the main point of the story is subsumed by propaganda.

    What ever happened to “just the facts, ma’am”?

  388. I’m confused. When did journalists–real journalists–even begin to consider the switch from real journalism (i.e. the reporting of facts) to being the “judge and jury” of information’s validity and then to censorship? Isn’t that something that was deplored in every repressive and totalitarian state? Doesn’t lying by omission lead to shading the truth or, eventually, outright lying?

  389. Just an FYI to journalism orgs around the country, over playing race and equity issues has lead BUSD to the largest achievement gap in the United States. I am 100% certain that the policy “news” orgs adopt around this issue will backfire just as it has here in our school district. But please, move forward with more BS.

  390. Excellent point. If we need our police, if we want our police, the only decent thing is to help our police do their job. Censoring the information of who the criminals are is just another “no snitching” rule we deplore in other communities.

  391. EBParks won’t release water to Jewel Lake claiming that recreational use of Lake Anza is a priority. The wildlife in the Nature Area at Jewel Lake are in need of a water release. Matt Graul, the Park District Chief of Stewardship “ Lake Anza is another potential source of water to Wildcat Creek and Jewel Lake. The District uses flashboards in the Lake Anza spillway during the spring to raise the lake 2 feet to improve swimming at the beach. These boards are removed in the fall and some water will spill downstream into the creek.”

    Why can’t Lake Anza wait for the rainy season?

    Do you need to be reminded there is no recreational activity at Lake Anza due to Covid-19 since March?

    Why does Lake Anza continue to be a priority?

    The sediment issue at Jewel Lake is an old and tired excuse not to release water.

  392. Wow, someone who owns three properties (in Berkeley, Sonoma and France) has the audacity to placate us with her views on society’s indifference to the homeless?

    Hey, Sophie, maybe it’s time to dial down on that rhetoric. A lifestyle of wealthy upper-class elite clashes with the faux empathy you show for the weakest members of society.

  393. We sort of have, but she’s too busy tweeting about her political agenda to serve the public.

    Lots of disfunction in that office now.

  394. How exactly are you ignoring equity issues? Are you reporting all the facts or selectively reporting facts based on some alternative definition of what is factual (remind you of something)? There are really no other questions here that could be asked.

    Also who are you trying to satisfy and.who do you not want to be “seen” by? Your select group of customers or people who just want honest uncensored news reporting?

  395. Berkeleyside will not be able to respond to this in a logical manner. Nothing about suppression of the truth is logical. “Equity” means nothing in this situation…news is the news. Are you at all surprised?

  396. I find it odd that the smallest represented group of people in Berkeley commit the highest disproportional amount of crime. Yet no one addresses it and yet there is a call to defund the police.

  397. The cruelty is in the permissiveness of letting people sink without being accountable for their actions. Tough love is love.

  398. Where’s the evidence that the issue is diminishing?
    SF Chron had an interest profile of a homeless mother and son living in Berkeley Sunday. Berkeley Agencies and citizens have done so much yet this woman & son seem no closer to a permanent housing/stable life.
    I didn’t find the Chron link but these are the people.
    It is time to require responsible, measurable behavior to getting off the streets. If that is not demanded by the city then clearly the city wants homeless.

  399. Thats not the problem. Jesse is a radical progressive and normal sane Democrats wouldn’t allow for this much lawlessness. You don’t need a Republican to solve the problem so maybe please stop trying to polarize the issue

  400. I feel like every gun recovered by the cops in Berkeley this year has had a high capacity magazine also known as an extended mag. No one seems to care about getting caught with one even though California has special laws against it. It’s almost like those laws dont work lol

  401. If 9% of the population doesn’t like appearing in 88% of the mug shots, they should try committing only 9% of the felonies.

  402. So interesting that Berkeleyside failed to mention that the trafficker of underage girls was Berkeley’s wealthiest property owner LAKIREDDY BALI REDDY. According to wikipedia:

    Reddy exploited the Indian caste system to bring young Indian women and girls to Berkeley, California.[3] From 1986 to 1999, he and his family members and associates forced them into servitude and sexual slavery.

    On June 21, 2001, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California
    announced that Reddy pled guilty to one count of conspiring to commit
    immigration fraud, two counts of transportation of minors for illegal
    sexual activity, and one count of subscribing to a false tax return for
    which he was fined US$2 million and sentenced to serve a prison term of 97 months (8 years 1 month) in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    More on how Reddy got caught –

  403. Welcome back from vacation Emilie!

    Jesse was right in 2018 when he said, the following about Berkeley Police:
    ¨ I support the Department’s ongoing efforts to increase recruitment and will provide whatever resources are necessary to increase our staffing to the authorized level of 181 officers (which was increased from 176 in the 2016 budget by 5 additional officers). ¨ -Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

    ¨There has been great progress made in the past year and I look forward to supporting the Department with whatever it needs to continue to create a safer community.¨ -Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

    Our mayor is always ready to pander to the whims of the latest political trends. Jesse and the council apparently want more Berkeley residents to be victimized by criminals.

  404. Check out some other media. Berkeleyside is the most open and non-biased media source on either the local or national stage (even though they delete some of my comments). Most media do not tolerate comments, except maybe on a few stories. I wish other media measured up to Berkeleyside standards.

  405. A large part of the reason fires are so much worse now is the massive tree die-off caused by the 2012-2015 drought. Yes, the weather is warmer, but the real culprit is the huge numbers of drought-stricken trees that are littering our forests waiting to provide fuel to the next wildfire that comes along.

  406. I was wondering if there was something I was missing. They don’t seem to be acting suspicious in the video at all so I am not sure why they are being sought as a potential arsonist.

  407. Yes, this was a lovely obituary and brought back many childhood memories. He was my pediatrician too, And when I had kids of my own, I bought and referenced his pediatric book often!

  408. “I” don’t care if “I” am “taken seriously”. It’s not a personal thing. It’s the strength of my argument that matters. And my argument is this; either Berkeleyside reports all available facts, or they censor. I’m completely shocked that in 2020 – an era that I would have considered modern – I am having to stand up for “don’t censor the news”.

    My nom-de-Net is Big-Brothers-Big-Brother, which is a play on the ridiculous totalitarianism of the Commies (and Nazis, although I don’t call that out explicitly). Stalin and his crowd, the Nazis and their ridiculous crowd, all those guys SPECIALIZED in censoring, lying, manipulating, basically treating their citizens as sheep to be controlled.

    Seeing elements of Data Suppression in 2020 is just too weird. At this point, it’s truly a cultural value war. And I’m on the side of truth, not censoring, not cleaning up facts, not tailoring a story to achieve an agenda.

  409. If I were mayor, my platform would be to end meetings after 90 minutes. No extensions. If people want to pleasure themselves during public comment for the full 90, fine by me. We will wrap it up and let the CM do her job.

    Oh and I would run a chainsaw in budget sessions. Health department? Transferred to the county. Pathways? Last one out, turn off the lights. Commissions? Eliminate or leave vacant.

    Street repair? All in!

  410. Would that be the same mayor who blogs about his support for the police and then revises the record as if it never happened?

    To be clear, I understand that people change their minds. But erasing the previous position is some shady sh—.

  411. Jesse’s friends! So sad and pathetic to see what’s happened to this city.

    Keep voting for Democrats.

  412. A very thought-provoking response, Emilie. I’m curious to see how the field pursues that concern, as I doubt you want to just insert a CYA addendum into each report. Maybe schools of journalism will have to include a course on the subject from now on?

  413. I think I understand why journalists have come to be in that position. Since “equity issues” are now a meta-topic in the field of journalism, the public should be advised on how journalists define those issues as well as the criteria and decision-making protocol they use to assess and impose judgments in general as well as specific cases. Otherwise, how are we to know the facts that we need to determine how to address the problems reflected in the “newsworthy” event?

  414. If I’m not mistaken, the last time one of our courageous residents wrote an op-Ed about the rise in violence, our mayor tweeted out that he’d be replying to it. That’s, what, 2 years or so ago now? Not that anyone cares about rapes and murders etc.

  415. I haven’t heard about those things happening. Why not contact Berkeleyside’s “tips” with what you know for them to follow up.

  416. Emilie, “equity issues” are currently the subject of a DEBATE. There is NO consensus. This type of Data Suppression will play well to the PC-Crowd, but it does a massive disservice to people who are really wrestling with the issues.

    I have to say, this whole thing is weird. You guys (and I love Berkeleyside, I contribute money and wish you all the very best) should be dispassionately reporting the news, in an unbiased way.

    Let the facts tell their own story. You should not be cleaning up the facts.

  417. I don’t think any journalism org in the nation right now wants to be seen as ignoring equity issues or failing to do everything it can to address them in all aspects of coverage.

  418. Klacik is getting a whole lot of attention with this very skillful ad. I wonder if anyone running against her can put a dent in her argument. It will be interesting to see how she does in the election.

  419. Best would be to inspire officers to return by providing them with the support they need and deserve to do the job for us. As I recall, that was what led so many to leave and for BPD to have so much trouble with recruiting.

  420. Publishing the photos of people arrested or wanted allows others who may have been victimized, interacted, or have information about the person or crime to come forward.

  421. Weather reflects short-term conditions of the atmosphere while climate is the average daily weather for an extended period of time at a certain location.

  422. By the way, many of the apartment buildings are themselves toxic, in the horrid ways they were designed ..

  423. i just don’t understand about this claim of extraordinary power usage…with everyone working from home and businesses shuttered and highrise office buildings powered down or closed, the current demand claims by PG&E seem rather fishy. Do you remember when California’s energy system was held hostage by energy speculators with a blind eye turned by the Bush/Cheney Department of Energy…that smelled bad too when it was going on. Worth investigating…

  424. I’m curious as to what “equity” has to do with crime reporting. Why not just stick with the facts rather than contemplate massaging them? After all, we need to deal with what is rather than what we wish were going on.

  425. Emilie, I did not know what the policy was. I thought – based on Tracey’s comments of a couple of weeks ago – a policy change had been enacted.

    Regarding “race and equity”, these photos go to the heart of that discussion. It’s hardly my fault that when you (Emilie) tabulated Berkeleyside’s racial breakdown of crime photos a while back, 88% (do I have that right?) of the criminals were black. 88%, when the city has a black population of 8.1%. So far, the national discussion does not include that very important piece; the high crime rates of black people.

    So, far from encouraging “race and equity”, this decision to (largely) stop publicizing mug shots seems to be a way of just denying facts. Believe me, I wish that – per capita – black people didn’t commit so many crimes, but they do.

  426. I suppose it’s worth checking, but the person walking on University at 12:45 a.m. after the trash-can fire at The Way seems to me to be a long shot as a suspect. People are constantly walking up and down that part of University, day and night. It makes much more sense to me that someone who’d just set a fire at the back of the church would proceed to get away on Berkeley Way rather than walk down the block and and then around Chestnut to University. Maybe some of the properties in that area have surveillance equipment that could be checked. [Update: In retrospect, the person could quickly have gone through the easement next to The Way to get onto University.]

  427. I heard Oakland City Council member Noel Gallo on KTVU morning news recently speak of the current crime wave/situation and fact that Oakland’s crime increase was connected, in part, to convicted and previously jailed criminals being given “compassionate release” due to Covid. These folks are coming back to their communities and there are no jobs for them for sure and perhaps old territories to reclaim! Murders seem to be happening every weekend now, in addition to other crimes cited in this report. We need our local police more than ever, Thanks for the summary, Emilie. Is there any way to tell if those recently released are perpetrators here?

  428. This brought a tear to my eye. He was my pediatrician, and a memorably wonderful guy. I saw him well into my twenties in keeping with his policy that you could “keep coming until you are married or have a master’s degree.” A mensch of the first order.

  429. I’d be smiling big in my mugshot too knowing I would suffer zero consequences for my actions from O’Malley and the State.

  430. Good job Berkeley Police! Those that want to defund police must feel a twinge of sadness that these people were caught.

  431. Wow! 24 robberies, three rapes and five aggravated assaults in the last three weeks. And, this is just the beginning. The Mayor and City Council cut “9.2 million from the police budget as part of the Mayor’s “down payment in reimagining public safety in Berkeley.” The real cuts are coming. The criminals are making the trip here from Stockton, Vacaville, Richmond, San Pablo, and Oakland. Easy pickins now, much better later when our mayor and City Council get done with the Police Department.

    I wonder, those 300 people that called in during the City Council meeting, mostly asking for partial or full defunding of the police department, what do they think about our elevated crime rate? Maybe the robberies are just the righteous redistributing of wealth. But, the rapes and assaults. Are they OK with that? Or maybe eliminating the police is just the first step in the revolution.

  432. If you could find a way to be less of a jerk in your comments, perhaps you’d be taken seriously. I’m sure the response you’ll receive from Berkeleyside will be respectful and professional. Try it sometime, you might just learn something.

  433. lol i wonder if i am a “liberal” or a “conservative” or some other meaningless, one-dimensional, cartoonish identity forming a clouded haze everywhere all the time yet escapes my awareness entirely … having confused it for underlying reality.

    so i guess this does not meet your history/architecture bar (probably a scholar of both, yes? also politics, public health, economics, race/gender, whatever pops across the old propaganda terminal next … just a guess.

    how about this – it is worth saving because it has history and value to people that wish to save it. make sense? why do immigrants, poor folks, minorities, oppressed, victims, etc always need to be right in the mix of the ignorant, faux-liberal, haughty, problem causers? weird, right. racism is so terrible yet people line up and enter US en masse (though who knows how much longer). why must “new people” be in the hippocratic/oppressive (evil doer?) part of town. yeah they occupied from native americans, etc … but whole damn coast is open. go start another berkeley but “real” liberal/progressive with massive housing projects everywhere and no historical preservation.

    maybe it is the commitment and love for the place where they live that turns neighborhood into community? it is pretty easy to tear down other people’s work, criticize, etc. how easy is it to build something of lasting value? will it be these condos that just coincidentally maximize short term economic returns to developer? yay money (for one person, not you) and idiotic performative “woke” ideology – that will make a vibrant community that will draw inhabitants far/wide and keep them in place, tight for over a century … or is that more like any shit town in us where nobody has any pride, sense of preservation, or interest in anything not on tv/twitter right this second – no thats old, racism is the thing now; no wait cv19; no “trump”; no sports; no gender; no tear all that down … we will invent a new utopia instantly with ease if we can just destroy anything of value to anyone else and channel that incoherent faux-superiority-mania into … ah we lost it, never mind.

    tearing down this beloved fixture not only enriches the developer from sunnyvale (moreso) … it will solve (impact whatsoever?) all the unspecific housing and race/class/blah equity/oppression/blah, right? and finally give those “new people” a bite at the apple. oh wait, 40k people – students i.e. not wealthy – move in and out of berkeley every year for decades .. with ease. nothing stopping them, no need to bus up to segregated school districts (which never existed in berkeley at any time ever). just take bart, ride bike or walk. here is a place for 1k/month all utilities included. just down the street.

    not the same though unless you can crush the values/structures dear to others and kill the performative woke routine-bird with same stone. too clever by half. when i lived in berkeley i had no problem renting a room for 600 and was “new.” enjoyed it quite a bit and never even felt oppressed once ever. nor felt need to oppose beliefs/plans important to others but marginally relevant to my own life. guess i have more to learn.

  434. ” Your equating protecting trees in Berkeley to expanding into farmland needs clarification.” This is literally the entire story of CA housing over the last 50 years. When we stopped building in the coast, the inevitable, predictable, and actual outcome was building inland on farmland and true open space. The trend continues today. If we let Berkeley trees get in the way, the pattern will continue.
    > Wrong. The entire story of CA housing over the last 50 years has had little or nothing to do with protecting trees. The story of suburbia is far more complex than prohibitions on building at the coast or protection of trees. Do your homework, Dave. This makes you look really ignorant.

    “Killing the global economy overnight not worthy of future discussion? Why not?” because it’s not a realistic political possibility.
    > If “because it’s not a realistic political possibility” negates my suggestion, it surely also negates all of yours – except for your demand that we cut down trees to accommodate greedy developers. The current “realistic political possibilities” will doom us, period. If the only things we can discuss are “realistic political possibilities” then there’s no reason to have a discussion at all. A political or actual revolution could sweep away current “realistic political possibilities” pretty quickly, as can a pandemic, as can a massive natural disaster. We need to discuss alternatives so that they can be deployed when the opportunity arises. Otherwise, you’re part of the problem.

    “What’s so beneficial about a global economy that’s driving planetary extinction for intelligent life?” – you don’t understand. I’m not defending the global economy. I’m saying that just *wishing the economy went away* isn’t realistic.
    > Fine. I’m not sitting around wishing it away. I’m challenging it in forums like this, and everywhere else I can. You’re defending with an argument of inevitability. I want to see it destroyed because it is parasitic and will not allow any real solutions – yours or mine. They’ll continue to build in suburbia, for example, even as they cut down trees in Berkeley.

    “Isn’t the survival of all humanity worth a bit more effort than that?” – yes, I think the survival of humanity is more important than the economy. I also think it’s more important than trees within Berkeley. And the science shows housing in Berkeley is better than forests in Berkeley.
    > You really seem obsessed with proving that trees must go from Berkeley. Really, do you want to pretend that the trees on this lot must go in order to save humanity? Have you checked on how much land is already cleared in Berkeley, where entire strips like San Pablo Avenue have huge amounts of surface parking and low density trash buildings? I totally support the idea of densification. I also think it’s legitimate to talk about particular pieces of land and neighborhoods where it makes a lot less sense than others.

    “Moving forward with projects like this on a presumption of unending growth.” I’ve made no such presumption. Even if the economy were to start shrinking, adding density to Berkeley would help reduce our emissions. Urban living is just that much less harmful than suburban living.
    > Good point. I agree. Doesn’t mean it makes sense to let greedy land owner develop this particular parcel.

  435. Other than the inconsiderates, those not wearing masks, Berkeley is great without all the students. Unfortunately businesses and landlords will be affected but the mayor and city council will take care of the homeless with ridiculous band aids.

  436. Perhaps instead of enforcing parking meters the parking meter folks could hand out tickets for no masks or would that be too conservative for berkeley?

  437. Please don’t make me repeat myself…. As you know, we have always published them when the crimes are serious, when folks have serious criminal histories, when BPD makes them available, if charges are filed, or some combination of the above, etc.

    But it does continue to be something we are discussing as a team because the entire practice has been called into question amid all the discussions underway nationally and locally about race and equity. When our new policy is in place we will absolutely share that with readers. It’s something we’re aiming to do in the next month or two (right now various members of our team are traveling, and have been, so we need to get everyone together once all that comes to an end).

  438. Please don’t make me repeat myself…. As you know, we have always published them when the crimes are serious, when folks have serious criminal histories, when BPD makes them available, if charges are filed, or some combination of the above, etc.

    But it does continue to be something we are discussing as a team because the entire practice has been called into question amid all the discussions underway nationally and locally about race and equity. When our new policy is in place we will absolutely share that with readers. It’s something we’re aiming to do in the next month or two (right now various members of our team are traveling, and have been, so we need to get everyone together once all that comes to an end).

  439. New York would have never adopted a policy that increased their % infected to such high levels in such a short amount of time. They’d have adopted a bounceathon strategy like all other western countries believing in the fantasy of zero.

    Deaths per million since January can be, and often is, a misleading statistic. Here is an alternative way to view covid risk that supports deaths per million over shorter periods of time. For comparison purposes, I am taking the much maligned Sweden.

    Covid Deaths in last 7 days: 878
    Population: 40 million

    Covid Deaths in last 7 days: 1
    Population: 10 million

    So we have 4 times the population but 878 times as many deaths over the past week. Our per capita death rate over the past week is about 220 times higher than in Sweden.

    Also FYI, every Western European nation, with one or two exceptions has seen 300% to 1000% increases in their daily case counts over the last 4 weeks. Sweden has seen a 4% rise. So, while it is still too early to know, it appears that something distinctly different is happening in Sweden. Sorry for the bad news for lockdown lovers.

  440. Hi there, we’re waiting on the county to get back to us with their new data format. We don’t know exactly when, but the Berkeley numbers in the chart are up to date in the meantime.

  441. One key metric is deaths per day per million population. On that basis, we’re better than Texas but much much worse than New York. See the Financial Times covid page. I wonder why we can’t do what New York is doing.

  442. Is it thought that the daily numbers are correct just not the totals? I cannot tell if the disclaimer on New Cases refers just to the total or to both numbers. Thank you!

  443. That’s overkill, when one layer of ductape outside provides an airtight seal. If you’re using inferior tape it’d make sense.

  444. Average daily COVID-19 tests of Berkeley residents = 203. Far lower than the minimum goal. Berkeley testing rates are getting worse.

  445. Way to Go City of Berkeley! We are now officially below the weekly target of 245 tests per day!
    The majority of the tests being done are so slow on providing results that they are worthless for isolating and tracing contacts. Thanks to our City officials and Health Department, and the irresponsible minority of residents of Berkeley, we are now failing 4 out of 5 indicators. The only single indicator we are meeting is the one we have zero control over: the number of available hospital beds in Alameda County.

    Berkeley is STILL not using all the 650 free weekly tests (with rapid and accurate results!) offered by UC Berkeley´s IGI. The Berkeley Health Department is winning! I hope the city council enjoys their vacation though September.

  446. 6/19 Alameda County entered “late stage two” of reopening. That’s when the rate goes dramatically UP for Berkeley.

  447. That is a very significant item that seems to have escaped the attention of the editors who determine what is considered “news” on the channels with the widest distributions. The extraordinary efforts to turn anything Covid-related to political advantage are disturbing and may actually be interfering with efforts to minimize the risks to the public.

    One thing I have noticed doing simple web searches in the zeal with which sites push raw numbers while appearing to hide the most relevant statistics about rates of illness or deaths. Worst of all looks to be the unwillingness to distinguish between “cases” of actual illness and “positive” tests; the radio network hourly news update items never seem to acknowledge this distinction in their rush to promote the most panic-stricken atmosphere possible.

  448. Number of fines issued in the City of Berkeley for failure to comply with health orders: 0.

  449. I just made an appointment yesterday (July 15) at the state-paid LHI lab at 1730 Oregon for an elderly neighbor to be tested. The 1st available appointment was July 31, and it’ll take at least a week after that to get results. This is uselessly slow–by the time she got a positive result, she’d be dead and anyone around her during those 3wk would be infected. And the city’s setup in W Berkeley isn’t even accepting requests from housed civilians now, despite vast unused capacity, lest they have to work hard. I don’t know how long Lifelong is taking now. I suggest that anyone who thinks they might have been exposed go to one of the labs in Oakland for a probably earlier appointment and quicker result, since Berkeley isn’t involved. Note new locations–no longer at the Kaiser Auditorium:

  450. It’s easier to tape over the valve (on the outside where others can see it) than find an unvented N95 mask. Amazon isn’t selling either kind to civilians, reserving the limited supply for agencies serving 1st responders and essential employees.

  451. Please tell your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers, that vented masks do not stop the spread of Covid-19.

    Vented masks should NOT be worn during the pandemic. It is a NO, NO! Unless, you cover it with an unvented mask.

    Any mask that incorporates a one-way valve (typically containing a raised plastic
    cylinder about the size of a quarter on the front or side of the mask) that is designed to
    facilitate easy exhaling is not allowed as these masks allow droplets to be released from
    the mask, thereby putting others nearby at risk. As a result, these masks are not Face
    Coverings under this Order and must not be used to comply with this Order’s

  452. The uptick in cases in Berkeley over the last few weeks is really concerning. And it is especially frustrating how little information is being provided about where the outbreaks are occurring. It’s difficult to imagine how this problem will be solved now, if proper contact tracing is not being performed and clusters are not identified and studied. Today a relevant article was published by Science magazine about the issue in California:

    “California officials whose COVID-19 responses were once hailed as enlightened are now receiving criticism—and some of the sharpest is coming from scientists seeking to help guide the state’s fight against the virus. Since April, epidemiologists from Stanford University and several University of California campuses have sought detailed COVID-19 case and contact-tracing data from state and county health authorities for research they hope will point to more effective approaches to slowing the pandemic. “It’s a basic mantra of epidemiology and public health: Follow the data” to learn where and how the disease spreads, says Rajiv Bhatia, a physician and epidemiologist who teaches at Stanford and is among those seeking the California data.

    But the agencies have refused requests filed from April through late June, Science has learned. They cited multiple reasons including workload constraints and privacy concerns—even though records can be deidentified, and federal health privacy rules have been relaxed for research during the pandemic. As a result, Bhatia says, “In 4 months of the epidemic, collecting millions of records, no one in California or at the CDC [U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] has don